How to Advertise on Instagram

Instagram Advertising allow businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products through the use of images. This is particularly true in the United States. Using Instagram for Business, you can target ads using visual content. Instagram photo ads gives you the platform to share it with even more people.

On a platform dominated by photos and videos, there are many opportunities to advertise in unique and engaging ways. Your Instagram campaign can include informational videos or photos that showcase your product, influencer marketing, or unique content creation. These ads campaigns can fit naturally into the layout of Instagram while providing awareness and clarity to your product or service.

Instagram Advertising is fully integrated with Facebook Ads. You get the benefits of Facebook’s superior campaign customization options, diverse formatting, and assorted targeting capabilities combined with Instagram’s high engagement. If you already use Facebook advertising, you should consider advertising on Instagram.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram Advertising allows you to use 6 different types of ads:

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Story Ads
  • Ads in the Explore Section

It’s a great idea to use A/B Testing with Instagram Ads to see what works better for your specific niche. We like to use multiple different combinations to discover what deliver the highest ROI and the greatest reach.

These 6 types of advertising allow for different users to be reached in different ways. A good Instagram marketing company will help you find out how your target demographic uses Instagram in order to focus efforts in the right direction.

Is Instagram Advertising A Good Option For Your Business?

Instagram is a massive player in the grand scheme of social media platforms. Considering Instagram is based around only posting pictures and videos, so many subcultures and topics of interests have found a way to express themselves and connect.

For a platform with such a precise social method, Instagram has found the key to engagement and connectivity. On a platform where 4 billion likes are generated per day, its clear that Instagram users are passionate and dedicated to the content they see. Meticulous social media management is key to attracting these users. When it comes to advertising, we know that we can reach those audiences with our expert marketing services.

Instagram Ads Strategy

The first place to start when advertising on Instagram is to build an advertising strategy. Knowing what to do, whether you have a current digital advertising strategy or you are completely new, SEO Design Chicago is an Instagram advertising agency that can help you create a strategy or adapt a strategy that will work for you. We can discuss what your needs and expectations are for advertising and start outlining your objectives.

Woman using cell phone at home to connect to social media network
SEO Design Chicago Advertising Objective

Instagram Advertising Objectives

Before starting an Instagram advertising strategy we need to establish what you want to get out of these ads. Are you looking to generate new business? Are you looking to expand into a new demographic? Do you have an upcoming event or product release that you would like to promote? Are you looking to start a new social media channel on Facebook and Instagram, or are you just looking to update an existing marketing campaign?

Knowing your end goal expectations is a great place to start for any social media marketing agency. Whether you already have a clear goal in mind or have just started thinking about digital advertising in general, we can help actualize these objectives.

What Instagram Advertising Method is Best For You?

With so many options available for Instagram advertising its important to know which method best fits your needs. Depending on your objectives, you may find different strategies more fitting than others. When we take a look at the demographics of who you would like to reach we can better focus our efforts. By taking into account all of the different ways to advertise on Instagram we can create an array of ads that will target the right kinds of people. There isn’t just one basic method that works for everyone but applying different strategies and avenues of advertising we can find the perfect match.

SEO Design Chicago Advertising Methods
SEO Design Chicago Digitial Marketing

Cost of Advertising on Instagram

Instagram ads are managed through Facebook Ads Manager and operate on a similar payment system. There are a lot of different elements that factor into the cost of an Instagram ad. These factors include: The location in which you want to advertise, the length of the campaign, and the demographic reach you of your target audience. At SEO Design Chicago we will help answers these questions so you aren’t paying more than you need to.

 Instagram PPC

Just like any major digital advertising platform, including Facebook advertising, Instagram ads run on a PPC (Pay Per Click) system. PPC, also referred to as CPC (Cost Per Click) is a method of digital advertising where advertisers pay when one of their ads is clicked on. This method is popular with advertising on high traction sites because it ensures your ads are actually being seen by your target audience.

With all of the different types of trackable data collected through major websites like Facebook and Instagram, it would be irresponsible not to put a little more assurance into your advertisements. These types of sites create profile types for each user and can predict which kinds of products will appeal to them. As a result, only people in the demographic you are trying to reach will be shown your advertisements, insuring a higher conversion rate for your business.

instagram advertising ppc

Instagram Ads Examples

As stated above, there are many different ways to advertise on Instagram. Even with all of these different avenues, there are even more ways to advertise within each type of Instagram ad. Below are a few examples that show case what some Instagram ads look like and what the platform is capable of.

Instagram Timeline Ads

One of the most popular methods of advertising on Instagram is a timeline ad. This ad is one that is placed on the timeline between organic posts from accounts that the user follows. Because Instagram places ads based on what the user’s profile says, this means that your ad should fit naturally with organic posts on the timeline.

What makes this ad work it uses a clear, high quality image, with bright colors and a easy to pinpoint focus on the product. It’s explicit that the windbreaker on display is what is being sold here.

The description of the ad is a great use of the space provided. The copy describes the product with a text based description to further categorize the product. This copy also plays into the promotion Cotopaxi as an outdoors hiking appeal brand.

The description finishes off with a call to action to buy the windbreaker. This is also backed up by the shop now option listed at the bottom of the image. If you are an online retailer you can have your ad link to your store directly.

Instagram Stories Ads

Another method of advertising on Instagram is via stories. Stories are a subset of the posting options available on Instagram. It is a form of content creation. Users post images or short videos that stay public for 24 hours. A user can click through all of these stories moving from account to account with ease. Between these stories there is an opportunity for advertisers to place ads that fit into this format.

This Starburst ad is a short ad that keeps it simple. Once again it is eye catching, colorful, and clearly shows the product. In fact, aside from the tagline and call to action there isn’t anything else aside from the product. The ad is kept simple, your eye moves from top to bottom. The bold, large font of the tagline catches your eye first, than the product, and then the call to action to buy. Story ads also allow for you to have a link that users can directly click on.

instagram ad starburst
Instagram ad example 1

Timeline Ads

This is another example of a timeline ad and showcases a lot of the same successful tactics that the Cotopaxi ad did. It’s colorful, clear, and concise. Sometimes your product isn’t one that can be sold through a direct link. In a case like the one shown here you can opt for an ad that works to increase brand awareness. If you are a smaller company or promoting a new product line, brand awareness is one of the most important things you can push for.

The copy in the description is another example of what can be done to draw attention. Using colorful emojis can break up the formality of a no nonsense copy can stand out to users, especially if it fits into the demographic that you are trying to reach.

Once again Instagram is a photo based platform and a strong visually appealing image is really where you can succeed as an advertiser and content creator.

Alternative Timeline Ads

This is another timeline ad but one that you might notice is a little different. A black and white ad might seem counterproductive, as all of the previous examples have show a trend of eye catching color, but color it isn’t the answer. If you are a company with a specific image you uphold there no reason to change that just to advertise on Instagram.

Instagram, as the platform of photos, is home to many artistic minds. Sometimes its good to get creative and try to stand out among the mass of posts that appear on Instagram daily. A good Instagram marketing agency will know how to create ads that stand out.

Aside from the color change, this ad is relatively similar to those other timeline ads shown above. The main difference is that the call to action is to sign up for a newsletter rather than buying a product. These direct links can be used in many ways and should be taken advantage of. Whether it be promoting a product, event, newsletter, or website, you can boost interest and expand your reach.

instagram ad rva
instagram ad drink

Instagram Ad Sizes

Sizing ads for Instagram is important to achieve clear and effective messaging without any resolution or cropping issues. Look over our guide below to some sizing options.

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