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SEO Design Chicago worked with this client to transform an older non-responsive website into a faster, newer, and more brilliant site. We added ecommerce functionality. The client was able to sell their products to both an existing customer base and also sell nationally to new customers.

Increase in organic Web traffic


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Increase in overall sales through ecommerce


A manufacturing company that specializes in pizza gear needed to create a website that highlighted the items that they sell to franchises, national pizza chains, and restaurants.

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Website Redesign

Many times companies have websites that show their age. The internet is always changing and a website that is not properly maintained can fall behind modern expectations. A website redesign is more than just updating the visual appearance, it is also making sure that website is appealing to search engine algorithms. Without this level of care, attracting new visitors is near impossible.

Application Development

SEO Design Chicago can provide mobile applications that fit your specific needs. These apps can be a great way to draw in new audiences who might not visit your website otherwise. Especially for those looking to increase their ecommerce, a mobile app can be a great way to drive sales in new markets.


  • 100% operational website, that is contemporary and offers a robust ecommerce system
  • 78% increase in web traffic from potential customers outside of their original, regional market
  • Provided a new mobile application that supplements the online ecommerce site by listing product information and sales
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