One of the most important parts of great content creation is the usage of photography with optimized text.

In-House Photography

Great Photography makes your brand look its best and can be crucial for product photography or ecommerce. We do all photography and videography in house and do not rely on outside vendors that we don’t know. This allows there to be a seamless transition between website or content builds and moving assets to where they need to be efficiently. Our ability to integrate photography with our other services generates outstanding results which marry fantastic art and design with top notch SEO and web development.

Website photography

Photography Options.

SEO Design Chicago does Photography and Videography for our clients in Chicago and across the country. Some of the work we do for our clients includes:

Photography Specialties

  • On-Location Shoots
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Macro Photography
  • Custom Website Photography
  • Headshots/Portrait Photography
  • Small Business Photography
  • Company Profile Photography


Professional Photography Creation for Websites

Our in-house Photography team can help you with all of your website photo needs. Our professional team of photographers can assist you with all of your website photo needs. Not only are they skilled in photography, but all of them are also trained in web design, web development, programming languages, and SEO. These cross-training practices help them to create the best photos for your website or ecommerce store.

Web Design Custom Photos

Do you really need professional photography for your website. After all, aren’t there stock photos available or even free image sites? Or, perhaps you can do them yourself, right? 

What we have found, when working with our clients is that:

Having your own photos changes everything

There are a few reasons that you will love having custom photography:

            • Simplicity of the photo shoot
            • You can define your own branding
            • Improved SEO
Professional photographer

Simplicity of the Photo Shoot

After you have come to realize that you will need custom photography for your website, you will soon realize that a professional photographer will be your best friend. Any stress that you may have had about having photos that are a perfect fit for your site will soon be gone. The professional can do the photo shoot, editing, sizing, and editing for you. 

In fact, as you add the need for more photos, he will be able to know exactly what you like and he can work with your web developer to deliver perfect images.

Define Your Own Brand

This will allow you to demonstrate to your visitors who you are, who your brand is, and why they should buy from you. 

This is going to provide you with the opportunity to create your own branded photography. 

You will have a consistent theme to all of your images on your site. Perhaps you want a black and white photography section, or you need landscape photography.

Vidal sassoon honkong beauty photography
Photographic SEO

Photographic SEO

Great photos draw people to your website. The first impression that people have of your business is often your website. Making sure that the photos on the site are perfectly crafted will keep people engaged. 

A high resolution photo with the proper images, focus, and editing will make the difference between someone clicking and someone scrolling by. Studies have proven that articles with images for every 100 words have double the share rate on social media.

Benefits of Professional Photographers

You already know that images are one of the most important aspects of your website. Traffic will increase, visitors will go to more pages, and they will convert much more often with great photography. 

Hiring a professional photographer will turn your mediocre images into amazing ones. SEO Design Chicago has a top tiered photography department that can create stunning photographs for any occasion. 

Here are the top reasons to hire a professional photographer

Professional Photographer

Photo equipment

Top of the Line Equipment

A professional will arrive with the equipment far better than anything you have ever used. They will have whatever is needed for your specific shoot. Perhaps you will need wide angle or macro lenses.

Top Quality Photos

To go along with top of the line equipment, you will get top of the line quality photos. While iPhones take fairly good photos now, you simply don’t have all of the capabilities and the file sizes just cannot compare. A professional can look at their surroundings and immediately know what adjustments to make in order to take advantage of them.

Hi-res photos
Professional editing

Professional Editing

There is much more to it when hiring a photographer. You are also buying editing. Every worthwhile photographer has spent a long time cutting their teeth on editing and should be very skilled at it. 

While minor editing is possible on smartphones these days, it does not compare to the capabilities that a professional will have. Good editors will take your ideas and bring your photos to life with their talents.

Learn about photo editing

Professional Knowledge

A photographer is going to know what is going to work and what will not. You may think that you have a great idea of what you want them to shoot. However, it may not work out. 

Perhaps there are much better ideas that you have not considered yet. A professional is going to immediately be able to recognize if something is going to work or not.

Professional knowledge
Professional creativity

Professional Creativity

To piggyback off of the knowledge, a great photographer is going to be able to make recommendations and give you ideas. The reason they get paid is because they have a special eye and will see things that you will not. Perhaps a different angle or a different perspective will make worlds of difference to your photo shoot. Without the benefit of the professional photographer’s creativity, you may never know.

Product Photography for Ecommerce

There is no doubt that your ecommerce store needs professional photos. However, you are most likely not a professional photographer, nor do you have the time to become one. Chances are good that you are devoting a vast majority of your time to being a full time entrepreneur. 

You are in luck because the SEO Design Chicago photography team has the experience and the skills to make your products stand out.

Learn about product page creation
Web design seo

Website Design

Perhaps you are looking to make a website and are not sure what the best website builder is. Perhaps you have heard of Squarespace a wix website, but are not sure of the Squarespace pricing and have never done website design. Wix pricing can vary depending on a number of factors. Chances are good that a free website creator will not provide you with a professional looking site, especially if you have an online store.

Learn about Web design

Photographer Selection

Selecting a professional photographer is not as simple as simply googling “photo studios near me” or looking at blog sites. Good photographers will have portfolios for you to review. You will be able to speak with the professional in order to make sure that everyone is on the same page as to the scope and idea of what you are trying to accomplish. 

SEO Design Chicago will provide you with an expert photographer who can help you with any project that you have.

Hiring a photographer
Niche photography

Photography Niches

Each photographer will have his or her own specialty. When looking for photos in order to create a website, you would not likely select a wedding photographer. You need someone that focuses on web hosting, web pages, or product photography. 

SEO Design Chicago has a professional photo team that has years of experience in several different niches and can work on a vast amount of projects. 

What is Next?

Now that you are ready to hire a professional, reach out to our professional photography team at SEO Design Chicago. We will put you in touch directly with one of our photographers. 

Together, you will come up with a plan of what your photographic needs are. Perhaps you need custom website photos for your Squarespace website or other web application. Perhaps you are looking for real estate or small business photos. 

SEO Design Chicago can assist you with nearly any photo needs that you may have. Contact us today to get started.

Where do I Start?

Tell us about your project and we will come up with a detailed plan of how we can create your vision at an affordable cost.

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