Creating the Highest Converting SaaS Landing Page

So, you want to create the highest converting landing page for your SaaS website? It won’t be difficult. All it will take is motivation, and finding the right tools online. But, you want to amaze the visitors, don’t you? In order to score more conversions, visitors need to be truly mystified by your landing page! Don’t worry, this whole blog will discuss how to create the highest converting landing page. Just keep reading!

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What is SaaS? 

Before we begin creating the highest converting landing page, we should define SaaS. SaaS is an acronym. It stands for software as a service. SaaS works by using an application to run the proper cloud based software for your site. This way, nothing is downloaded to your desktop. Now, there is a small catch for using SaaS. You need to have an internet connection. If you are on the road looking to work without internet, you won’t be able to use the applications. Examples of SaaS include office software, communications, and something as simple as Google Drive. In fact, this blog uses SaaS, since the draft is written on Google Drive. SaaS has its advantages, and disadvantages. More on those will be discussed later in the blog. 

Best Saas Landing Pages

Yes, you want to have the highest converting landing page. One way to begin working towards that goal is to see the successes of the best SaaS landing pages. Landing pages exist for one reason: to convert. It does not need to be your home page, but it could be. Also, landing pages are a bit confusing for some. Visitors may not be sure which page they are viewing, or if they can find it again. Landing pages are usually found through organic results. The best SaaS landing pages have different methods that all work. But, some methods only work for specific topics. 

Consider the following topics: 

  • A chef’s cooking website
  • Ski trips in Switzerland
  • Shopping for phone accessories

Do you think that these topics would have strategies that work on each other? Of course not. They implement their own strategy, and it just happens to work. Your strategy will have to be based on your topic. But, while they have different strategies, they still have similarities. Your SaaS landing page will also have some similarities with these unrelated topics. Let’s go over some of these elements that make the best SaaS landing pages.

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What Makes a Good SaaS Website

A good SaaS website requires a lot of different aspects to be looked at. In order to make any website good, it must also be optimized for search engines, and for user experiences. There are formulas out on the internet for creating the ultimate site. These formulas provide great information on how to improve your site. Good SaaS companies such as Moz have great landing pages. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Moz is one of the best SaaS websites in the world. Here is why Moz, and some others, are able to do what they have done so far. 

First, these sites ask the right questions. They create the landing pages. And then they ask questions such as: 

  • Does this page look trustworthy? 
  • Am I learning about the product? 
  • What is their product? 

These are simple questions that run through a user’s head when they arrive to a landing page. For me, it takes a few moments to make that decision of whether or not the site is right for me.

Second, these sites have their reviews on display. If a visitor is unsure about their feelings for the site, they see other visitors’ insights. Having ratings on display somewhere on the landing page, or heading page will increase trust. These could be any types of reviews. Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, and more. The fact that your site has a social media presence alone increases credibility even more. 

Thirdly, these pages simply look good. Simple, aesthetic looks are what modern websites look like. This is one of the essentials of creating a high ranking landing page. We will go over some more of the essentials next.

best SaaS landing pages

The Essentials of Creating the Highest Converting Landing Page

The essentials to creating the highest converting landing page are simple. Remember, you only need to create one good page to bring in visitors. After that, it does the work by itself. First, your page should have a headline that catches people’s attention. A good headline always brings attention. And what would that headline be accompanied by?

Pictures, of course! Pictures give visitors a visual on what they should expect. In fact, sources say that it takes around 2.6 seconds for the eye to settle on a key area of a website. The researches said that the better the impression, the longer the users stayed on the page. Having good headlines and pictures will increase this possibility. Not everyone has the time to market their landing pages. SaaS marketing can be done by professional firms such as SEO Design Chicago, and can save you time. 

If you want to market everything by yourself, that is also possible. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing tactic where users pay a one time fee each time their ad is clicked. This allows advertisers to bid for ad placement on the results page. It is one of the most profitable marketing practices in relation to return on investment. PPC also gives you the ability to choose where to place your advertisements. Managing your PPC is simple if you have developed a good plan and stick to it. Pay per click advertising is a way to create the highest converting landing page. It will attract more visitors with its high ranking on a search engine. 

How Does Your High Conversion Landing Page Look?

As we have been discussing the best strategies for a high conversion landing page, it’s best now to reflect on your own. How does your high conversion landing page look? Does it have a catchy headline, or a picture to catch the attention of potential users? Again, every page has a different type of strategy, so comparing yours to similar ones is best. A hair stylist and a web blogger should not have a similar looking conversion landing page. Next, we will discuss what exactly is a conversion. 

What is a Conversion?

A conversion has a varied definition. You can define conversion in SEO terms as when a user buys a product off of your site. Of course, not every site sells products. For blogs, it could mean when someone subscribes to your blog. Either way, conversions are important for websites. If you want a high converting landing page, you will need to make it attractive. You can also implement conversion rate optimization. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is when you have a user take action when they visit your website. This action could include clicking a subscribe button, or buying something. The point of conversion rate optimization is to take advantage of existing traffic and do more with that traffic. Conversions can be measured with tools such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics works by tracking the visitors that come to your site. It then gives you key metrics, including a metric about conversions. Many factors attribute to conversions. They include page loading speeds, having a call to action, and the content marketing itself. In order to create a high converting landing page, you must work on getting the conversions.   

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Your High Converting Landing Page’s Checklist

Wow, we have made it this far in the journey to the highest converting landing page. Well, finishing it off is the best part. Before finishing out your high converting landing page, you should make sure the following criteria is satisfied. 

  • The page contains no grammatical errors. 
  • The page has a short HTML that is easy to read. 
  • There is a call to action that is instantly visible to the reader.
  • Your SaaS product should be mentioned in some way. 

With these factors ticked off, your page should be starting to look good. Having a quick description of what your SaaS product does would be great, too. Having a high converting landing page is not a one and done process either. As time goes by, your page will have to be updated. So keep that in mind. 

What’s Next For Your Page? 

After you have applied everything that can make your page better, you should give it some time. In reality, no strategy will work 100% of the time. Giving your newly implemented strategy will tell you if your page will be the highest converting landing page out there. Saas is also a growing sector in the online world. There will be plenty of competition, and consistent improvement will be required to your whole site, not just your landing page. With that being said, your Saas landing page will be successful if you followed the tips provided.

how to increase conversions on your SaaS landing page

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