According to Sandvine’s 2020 Mobile Internet Report, over 65% of all mobile traffic is due to video streaming, with Youtube making up 25% of the total worldwide traffic. While video streaming refers to big sites like Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu, this statistic shows how conditioned internet users are to seeking out and viewing video content. With the increase of download speeds, more and more people are able to easily access video content. Likewise an increase in upload speeds have opened up the possibilities to the average person getting a chance to upload as much video content as they desire.

This update in infrastructure has opened up the possibility for businesses, large and small, to expand into video content. Video for your business allows existing customers and potential clients to get a closer look at your business. Video content can be applied to a multitude of industries in unique and relevant ways. Videos showcasing subjects such as: product videos, explanatory videos, testimonial videos, and even a store walkthrough video are just some of the options.

Event Videography

While there are many different uses for videography in your business one of the biggest uses is for events. Event videography allows for customers and potential customers to get a look at one of your events that they might not have had the chance to attend. Do you hold an annual convention? Festival? Company outing? Even something like team building exercises can be beneficial in showcasing your company at a closer look. By filming your events you are able to hold a detailed record of past experiences to reflect on for future events. Having video content of something like an annual event you traditionally host is a great way to generate interest for upcoming years.

When you have video content of a previous year’s event, it’s easier to convince new sponsors or attendees in coming next year. Sponsors can be a tough sell, the one thing that speaks to them more than attendance numbers is video evidence of what they can expect. When a potential sponsor sees what last year’s sponsors were provided they can feel confident in committing to next year. Likewise, new customers who are considering attending next year can get an idea of what to expect if they choose to visit.

Videography for Social Media

Social Media is most easily applicable to social media. All major social media sites have a video hosting option offered to their users. This is much easier to take advantage of than hosting videos on your own site, especially since your social media accounts already have an attentive audience to watch them. When considering a social media content creation strategy, you should be focusing on video just as much as writing and photos.

Different social media platforms are useful for different types of videography. A platform like lends itself to be more useful posting long form videos. Maybe you want to catalog a full discussion or interview from one of your events so that others can view and reflect on it. Shorter form content works better on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. People are clicking through so fast that its hard to maintain their attention for long periods of time. If you are looking to reach out to others outside of your immediate follower base, a platform like Facebook might be where you want to post. Realistically you’ll want to post on all platforms but this can give you an idea of what to post where.

videography social media
videography livestreaming

Livestream Videography

Playing into the social media aspect once again, Live streaming has taken off as a major medium for content creation. It is found that one in five Facebook videos is live and has a watch time triple that of a prerecorded video. Live video is more engaging. The sheer fact that it is happening right then and there makes it, in itself, an event. Most streaming platforms have a chat option that allows the audience to participate in the event. Asking questions and making comments, the audience can get more out of watching than just seeing what was initially planned.

Nearly all social media platform has a livestreaming option. Some are more robust than others and can offer different uses for different purposes. Something like Facebook or Instagram can be great for “on the go” livestreaming. If you have a large event and want to show off as much as you can, having a handheld option is great because it allows one or a few people take control of the operation. They can be on the ground and really show what is going on, interviewing attendees and showing everything going on.

If you are looking to livestream a more formal setting, such as an auditorium where the present audience is attentive to what is happening on stage, a platform like Youtube or Twitch could be a better fit. These platforms have dedicated livestream options that are built for a more sit down environment. Livestreaming from the office or one stationary position can be beneficial for more informative or demonstrative videos.

Videography for Your Industry

Every industry can benefit from videography. As the demand for video content on the internet increases, more people will be looking for videos pertaining to you and your industry. Having videos informing viewers of your product line, latest event, or new updates can be a great way to reach new customers, convey information in a more engaging way, and have your name listed in another avenue on the internet. All companies can benefit from this added boost. Videos can help potential customers better visualize your products or services and make a more informed decision about their purchase.

Video streaming has become more and more accessible over the last decade. With this, video content has become the norm for nearly every subject. While written content will always be good for reaching those searching for solutions to their queries, video content has shown to inform and engage viewers to an even more significant degree.

Even with this popularity in video content there still is an underrepresented amount of those creating video content in specific industries. People are always searching for unique niches and this can be an opportunity for your name to be the one to show up. Even if others are making videos in your industry, you can be the one to make the most professional or most interesting.

videography advertising

Videography for Advertising

One of the greatest benefits of having good quality videography at your disposal is being able to use it for digital advertising. Having top tier video footage of your office, events, team, or anything else that represents your business is great because it can be used for promotion. With so much online content being video, there is also an influx in opportunities to advertising via video.

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have dedicated video advertising option. Both of these platforms use the same business account, making it easy to transfer ads between the two. There are a multitude of advertising options such as advertising on stories, in timeline, or as a pre-roll before videos. With so many different options for video advertising on every major platform it would be good to have a supply of quality, representative videos that you can use when the time is right.

Being able to exercise the options to create and promote video ads online is great opportunity. More than likely your competitors aren’t placing their efforts into video advertising and if they are you know its time to catch up and surpass them. Video ads can be made in so many different ways that you’re bound to find a unique and interesting way to promote your business.This is also a great time to promote or figure out your brand persona. With video content being as popular as it is, its likely that it is the first thing customers see when the first find your business. This can be intimidating but also fun. It is a time when creativity really meets business objectives to figure out what truly is the best option for your company.

When it comes to placing these ads you can count on SEO Design Chicago to place them in the most opportune locations, capturing your key demographic and expanding to those who, otherwise, wouldn’t have the opportunity to become familiar with you.

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