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 We created and designed a responsive website to showcase multiple bands, orchestras, DJs, artists, and other musicians. The website needed to highlight their bios, as well as able to play their music with an online audio player. We created a SoundCloud account, setup their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and other social media channels.

Increase in new interest via website


Responsive website for desktop and mobile

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music streaming player embedded in the website


A band needed a new website that could engage better with their listeners. They wanted to have the ability for their fans to be able to hear their new music online. They also wanted to be able to sell their merchandise through their website.

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musician web development


Website Updates

SEO Design Chicago was able to help this client by providing them with a new custom website. By building their website we were able to provide them with a unique site that fit their needs of an online store with music streaming capabilities.

Google Analytics

We were able to initial a Google Analytics report to give the group a better idea of who their online demographic was. Showing them where interest was coming from and how they used the new website allowed them to know what areas needed their attention.

Content Creation

Our team of writers provided this client with many web pages detailing their group. Providing bios, descriptions of previous performances, as well listings for their merchandise. This influx of content was able to better inform their website viewers while also optimizing their website to show up in more search results.

Local Search

For a group like this client they found most of their performance opportunities in their local vicinity. We helped them by targeting search efforts to those in their area. By focusing search results to just this demographic we were able to maximize results in areas that were useful to the group’s future endeavors.


  • Developed a new website that was more tailored to their needs of the group
  • Provided the group with an effective way to showcase their music and previous performances on their new website
  • Strengthened the client’s online presence with an increase in social media efforts including Facebook, SoundCloud, and LinkedIn
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