LinkedIn Advertising

There are over 560 million professionals on the LinkedIn platform. Adding LinkedIn ads to your marketing campaign allows you to start targeting professionals looking for your products and services. They may not even know they are looking for your brand, but we can target that specific professional demographic.

When you advertise on LinkedIn, you are reaching out to a very different audience than other social media platforms. When using LinkedIn there is a level of professionalism that sets the tone for what is shared and commented. Most people are not using LinkedIn as a casual social media but as a place they go to specifically look for connections, job opportunities, and industry headlines. 

LinkedIn Ad Campaign

You might be thinking “how can I place ads that fit naturally in LinkedIn’s landscape?” Luckily, as a business, you are already one step in the right direction. LinkedIn users are already frequenting the site because they are looking for connections or opportunities that can enhance themselves or their business.

This is the perfect place to reach out to new clients. If you are a consultant or another B2B service provider, this is the place for you as your services are highly sought after through LinkedIn but that doesn’t mean other businesses can’t benefit from LinkedIn ads. We can make sure you are advertising to others in your industry, making sure you are seen as a relevant and insightful candidate throughout the platform.


LinkedIn Advertising Options:

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

  • LinkedIn Video Ads

  • LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

  • LinkedIn Sponsored inMail

  • LinkedIn Retargeting

LinkedIn Ads for Business Decision Makers

Since LinkedIn is strictly for professionals, networking, and professional development, you are twice as likely to connect with a decision maker. Staying active and up to date with LinkedIn drives the highest return for its users. This is most visible when you serve ads. SEO Design Chicago will:

Create your campaign

Create your ads

Build a targeted audience

Expand your reach

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising Costs

Like many digital advertising options, LinkedIn Ads don’t have a single flat rate or specific cost. LinkedIn allows for you to invest as much or little as you would like into an ad campaign. There are three main ways that price factors into a LinkedIn Ad.

  • Total Budget
  • Daily Budget
  • Bid Pricing

Total budget refers to a flat rate you would pay to push your ads. This is a quick way to get your ads out there but doesn’t necessarily promise longevity. Daily Budget refers to a set price you want to spend per day on any specific ad. If you are more conscious of your budget and would like to commit to a longer campaign this is a great option. Bid Pricing refers to setting a maximum amount you are willing to pay for clicks and impressions. Digital advertising works on a system of bidding where everyone’s campaigns are competing to be seen. This way you can set a boundary in case you are competing with larger advertisers. 

The best plan is to utilize all of these options and we here at SEO Design Chicago can help you figure out what ratio is right for you.

LinkedIn Ads Pricing

LinkedIn also allows for you to decide what kind of advertising you would like pay for. Considering there are so many different methods of advertising on LinkedIn, they allow you to decide if you would rather pay by clicks, impressions, or InMail messages sent.

By paying in a cost per click (CPC) method you are ensuring that you are only paying for ads that actively draw customers. Likewise paying per 1,000 impressions allows you to know your money is going towards people actually seeing your ads. Messaging is a huge part of LinkedIn and sending specific messages out might be the right method for you. All of these options have their values and using them together can lead to a wider reach.

Linkedin Ads Pricing


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