Digital Marketing Options for Solar Energy Companies

Solar energy businesses are booming right now. There are more solar energy businesses than ever competing for attention. That’s why our company offers solar energy marketing services. Set your solar company apart with a custom digital marketing campaign from SEO Design Chicago.

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Solar Companies

PPC ads are effective because you pay a small fee to get in front of customers who are searching for solar energy businesses just like yours. SEO Design Chicago can get you to the top of the search results right away with a pay-per-click ad campaign.

Google Ads for Solar Companies

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet. When someone searches for “solar installer near me,” they are actively looking for your services. Our digital advertising team creates Google Ads campaigns for solar companies that convert.

LinkedIn Marketing for Solar Companies

If your solar energy business generally targets other businesses as clients, LinkedIn is an excellent advertising platform to use. Our team curates LinkedIn marketing campaigns for solar energy companies.

SEO Design Chicago can help you choose with social media platform is right for your ads and help you create a campaign!

Content Creation for Solar Energy Companies

Content creation is one of the top services we recommend for solar energy companies. Our content marketing team creates content educating your potential customers on the benefits of solar energy and why they need photovoltaic panels. An excellent content creation strategy not only gives consumers valuable information about solar energy, but will also organically attract more search engine traffic.

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Social Media Content Creation for Solar Energy Companies

Our team also can create a social media marketing strategy for your solar company to help you generate leads. Sustainability, renewable energy, and solar energy are popular topics on social media. We help you capitalize on that to help you connect with more potential customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Content Creation for Solar Energy Websites

Solar energy companies sometimes have a tendency to have complicated websites that are not always the most user-friendly. It’s important to have an approachable website with lots of content that is understandable for your site’s visitors. SEO Design Chicago’s professional writers have experience writing content for solar companies to help them learn more about the industry. We can regularly update your website’s blog with new articles on your company, industry trends, and more.

Web Developers for Solar Energy Websites

Our web design team specializes in creating websites for solar companies. Your website should be working hard for your solar energy company to convert leads into customers, 24/7. Whether you need a new website, or you need an update or new pages added to your existing solar website, our team can create web pages on any website.

Local SEO for Solar Energy Company Websites

Many residents and companies will need to use a For example, if a potential client searches for “solar installer in Illinois” or “best residential solar installers near me,” our Local SEO strategy can help your business show up close to the top of the search results.

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Local SEO Strategies for Solar Energy Companies

Local SEO is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy for solar companies. Our SEO experts will optimize your website for local keywords to help customers searching for a solar company like yours in your area find you.

Online Business Listings for Solar Energy Companies

One of the ways to help residents and businesses find you is to make sure you are listed on all local directories. Our team will make sure your listings are complete and updated on directories in your area.

Google My Business Pages for Solar Energy Companies

Another way to make sure potential clients find your solar energy company online is with a Google My Business page. A Google My Business page also adds your solar company automatically to Google Maps, which is another way for people to find you. An updated and complete Google My Business page also helps your solar search ranking.

Bing and Yahoo Listings for Solar Energy Companies

Some people searching for solar companies will search on Bing and Yahoo. Our team will make sure your solar energy company is listed on all major search engines, not just Google.

SEO for Solar Energy Companies

SEO is the process of improving your website so it will appear more often in the search results. The most important components of solar SEO are:

  • On-site Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Content Creation
  • Off-site Authority Building
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SEO Analysis for Solar Energy Companies

The first step of any successful SEO service is a complete SEO analysis of your solar company’s online presence. SEO Design Chicago will complete a thorough analysis of your SEO, and identify any areas that could use improvement. Our SEO analysis has helped several of our other solar clients improve their search ranking.

SEO Services for Solar Energy Companies

Every day, there are thousands of searches on Google for keywords like “solar providers near me” and “solar energy company residential installation.” Our team will optimize your website for search engines to ensure that your site shows up in those searches.

Link Building for Solar Energy Companies

An integral part of SEO for solar companies is link building. If you have broken links on your solar website, they could be hurting your search ranking. Our team will build links to your website from other websites, which are seen as votes of confidence in the eyes of search engines.

Digital Consulting for Solar Energy Companies

At SEO Design Chicago, we know the solar industry well. The industry is growing in our area and we have worked with other solar clients in the past. We will help you connect with residential and corporate customers who are looking for solar energy panels to be installed at their homes and facilities. Our team will provide your solar energy company with a full-blown digital marketing strategy or digital marketing consulting services to help you grow.

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Reputation Management for Solar Companies

Our team offers reputation management services to improve your company’s image online and on search engines. Our team will work to get out information about the solar industry and your company in particular.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Solar Companies

Conversion rate optimization is a service dedicated to turning site visitors into paying customers. Our team will test different versions of website elements to determine which works best to convert.

SEO Design Chicago is the Best Marketing Agency for Solar Energy Companies

Our team helps your solar company appeal to more customers than ever with our expert digital marketing strategies for solar energy companies. Whether your goal is to help homeowners become more self-sufficient or businesses cut their energy costs in half, our company is ready to help. Contact us today to begin customizing your own digital marketing strategy with us!

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