Digital Marketing Options for Daycares

SEO Design Chicago provides daycare marketing services to attract parents to your child care center. Our team is trusted by daycares across the United States to help connect them with families looking for their care. There are several different digital marketing options we offer for daycares.

digital marketing options for daycares

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Daycares

PPC marketing for day cares ensures that your center is getting the right visibility for search terms related to the child care industry. Our team creates PPC campaigns for daycare centers and landing pages to drive high volumes of traffic and leads to your website.

Facebook Advertising for Daycares

Facebook is a powerful and affordable advertising option for daycares because of the ability to target your exact audience. Many parents these days are on Facebook. It is also important to post regularly on your Facebook page to help you connect with both current and prospective parents.

Reputation Management for Daycares

A negative review can damage your daycare business greatly. That is why we offer reputation management services for day cares. It is best to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to Google reviews and control the narrative about what people are saying about your daycare online.

Content Creation for Daycares

Content is the key to increasing organic search results for your day care. But we know how hard it can be to continually create high-quality content, especially while taking care of children all day. SEO Design Chicago has a team of professional writers who create fully optimized content for your website. Daycare content typically consists of blog posts answering frequently asked questions regarding child care and parenting.

content creation for day cares

Social Media Content Creation for Daycares

Today’s word of mouth is social media. Parents gather on Facebook and Instagram and share resources with one another. We make sure that you are part of the conversation by creating content for your social media pages and updating them on a regular basis. Save time and get better results for your social media marketing when you work with SEO Design Chicago.

Website Content Creation for Daycares

Your website is an essential tool for being discoverable online and for parents to learn more about your business. Our content creation team also specializes in creating website content for daycare centers. In order to choose your daycare center, parents need to trust you. We write content for your website that will help parents want to learn more about your childcare services.

Web Developers for Daycares

In this day and age, parents are looking at daycare center’s websites before they make an in-person visit. A website is a trust signal between day cares and parents looking for their services. Your website needs to look good, run well, and be easy to navigate. Our web design team specializes in creating custom websites and redesigning existing websites.

Local SEO for Daycares

It is important to have a great website for your daycare, but even a great website won’t work if no one can find it. That’s where Local SEO services come in. Since daycares are local businesses, we recommend our Local SEO services for all of our child care clients.

daycare seo services

Local SEO Strategies for Daycares

If you want more parents to check out your daycare, you need Local SEO. Our Local SEO Services help you boost your local search ranking to help you connect with more families in your geographic area. It’s important to ensure that local parents find your daycare facility first.

Online Business Listings for Daycares

Our team of daycare SEO experts will make sure that your daycare is listed on all relevant local business directories so that more potential families will find you online.

Google My Business Pages for Daycares

A critical aspect of Local Daycare SEO is your Google Business Profile. Your daycare needs a Google Business Profile so that your childcare center appears when users search a term like “daycare near me” or “daycare in Chicago.” SEO Design Chicago will claim and optimize your GMB page to help you show up in more local searches.

Bing and Yahoo Listings for Daycares

Not all parents search on Google for a daycare. Some use other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. That is why SEO Design Chicago also ensures that your day care is listed on every relevant search engine.

SEO for Daycares

The most important components of daycare SEO are:

  • On-site Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Content Creation
  • Off-site Authority Building
seo for daycares

SEO Analysis for Daycares

The first step of our SEO service for childcare companies is completing an SEO analysis of your current website and ranking. Then, we identify areas that could use improvement and create a strategy specifically for your company.

SEO Services for Daycares

SEO Design Chicago provides several different search engine optimization services to help your daycare achieve the highest possible search ranking. From on-site optimization to technical SEO, we have SEO experts ready to help improve your site’s search ranking today. We can help improve your daycare’s brand, visibility, and search ranking, resulting in more leads and more business for you!

Link Building for Daycares

Finally, we add high-quality links to your website and obtain links to your website from other high-ranking, relevant websites, which gives your site more credibility from Google.

Digital Consulting for Daycares

SEO Design Chicago provides consulting services for daycares and other childcare companies. Whether you need assistance with your digital marketing strategy, advertising, SEO, or web development, we can help. Our experts have experience identifying areas of improvement online for other daycares, and can help yours, too.

digital marketing services for daycares

Social Media Analytics for Daycares

Maybe your daycare is already using Facebook or Google ad, but they aren’t really working. SEO Design Chicago can help you answer those questions with our social media analytics experts.

Web Analytics for Daycares

Just like you closely monitor the children in your care, SEO Design Chicago monitors your website 24/7 to fix any problems that may arise and update problems accordingly.

Marketing Analytics for Daycares

Just like there are many daycares on Google and in real life, there are many marketing agencies out there. But SEO Design Chicago is the best marketing agency for your daycare because we have the necessary skills and expertise to help you accumulate more clients.

Contact SEO Design Chicago today to learn how we can help your daycare increase its search ranking!

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