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Digital Marketing for Healthcare has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Doctors and medical practices are looking for new ways to reach patients that are acceptable under HIPAA standards. With thousands of SEO agencies that claim to specialize in healthcare, it is important to have a plan and work as a team. We have found that many healthcare practices do not have a current SEO strategy that they understand.

All Healthcare SEO strategies need to include keyword ranking factors and quality content to acquire long term potential patients and grow organic site traffic. Healthcare marketing needs to be an all inclusive approach that combines optimizing your website, paid search and quality content creation for your team.

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Healthcare PPC Advertising

Google Ads for Healthcare and doctors is a great way to boost opportunities for high profit services and procedures. When Google Ads accounts are properly setup, your healthcare organization has the opportunity to send prospects for medical services to the right content in the right geographic area.

Healthcare Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a great strategy for promoting special events and educating potential patients about services and offerings. With a wealth of user data, a Facebook Ads marketing campaign can be tailored to reach your target audience. It can be It is also a great way to share content that will get picked up by other organizations.

Healthcare LinkedIn Advertising

SEO Design Chicago is finding that doctors and hospitals are using LinkedIn more than ever to identify partnerships in sports medicine and workers comp areas of treatment.

Healthcare Content Creation & Healthcare Content Marketing

Many healthcare websites built in the last 20 years contain duplicate content created by so called specialists in the healthcare industry. SEO Design Chicago has a team of writers that work with your staff to create original and powerful healthcare content marketing pieces and blog posts. We prioritize articles based on research of what patients are searching for. These web pages will be tailored directly to your specialties and rank highly in search resulting in a better user experience.

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Healthcare Social Media Content Creation

Great articles, medical content, and personal stories are great for social media channels like Facebook. In Healthcare, every doctor has a chance to tell a story and help those in the community.

Healthcare Website Content Creation

Many doctors that we work with identify additional areas of service that may not be covered on their website. Our writers can identify the conditions and the keywords that patients use in order to engage them and get a new client to contact your healthcare organization.

Healthcare Web Developer

Healthcare websites can look very dated if they have not been redesigned in the last 10 years and have incorrect title tags and meta descriptions. The importance of mobile first, should be an important factor in any healthcare professional’s website choice. Often, we find healthcare clients that do not need to start from scratch, but rather redesign their current medical practice website.

Healthcare Local SEO Services

Are local patients finding you? If not, your long term healthcare organization will be in trouble. Patients are not using a phone book anymore, they are using Google.

Consumers are using Google for shopping, learning and even choosing a healthcare provider based on content and reviews. Our local SEO campaign will help your potential clients find you more easily.

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Healthcare Local Search Rankings

Local search rankings for healthcare professionals can be impacted by a number of things.

    • New office location without a complete update of all online listings
    • New doctors added or removed from the team that often have duplicate websites or GMB pages

New healthcare industry organizations that have not submitted all business details across the web

Healthcare Online Business Listings

Business Listings are incorrect frequently for healthcare businesses due to the rapid changes in personnel, mergers, and location changes. Lets talk about 2 of the most important ways you can be found locally.

Google My Business for the Healthcare Industry

GMB is vital for Healthcare. With so many users searching on Google, you need to be able to dazzle them with why your healthcare organization is better than all of the others. This can be accomplished by using videos, pictures and other web page content to educate consumers about your healthcare business.

Bing Local for Healthcare

Yahoo and Bing also get a large amount of online traffic, especially with seniors. According to Userzoom, Users aged between 25 and 34 were least likely to be caught using Bing, while users aged 65+ were the age group least fond of Google

local search for healthcareWith Seniors and older adults using other search engines, bing local needs to be considered for Healthcare

Healthcare or Medical SEO

Good healthcare content marketing should be a no-brainer for healthcare professionals. SEO Design Chicago will help you identify medical SEO opportunities after you build a new site with us. If you are not on the first page of Google search engine results, potential patients will never find you. Even if you have an existing healthcare website, we can help with your SEO campaign and SEO strategy.

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Healthcare SEO Analysis

SEO Design Chicago starts with all Healthcare clients by doing an SEO analysis of your website. We do not offer pre-made packages, instead we address the specific online issues that your healthcare organization has.

Healthcare SEO Services

The Healthcare SEO services that we most often tackle include

    • Updating tags on pages for healthcare websites
    • Updating meta descriptions
    • Updating navigation issues with medical websites
    • Organic medical link building achieved through personalized reach out
    • Searching for powerful links from other organizations for healthcare to increase ranking factor
    • New, fresh, healthcare content marketing that is written directly for your website and your healthcare services

Healthcare Consulting Chicago

Our team works with surgeons, doctors and consultants all over the Chicago area and also with other groups across the country. There are many new technologies that your medical team can use that you may not be aware of. We provide full scaled healthcare consulting to all medical professionals in the Chicagoland area.

We would love to start with a free SEO audit of your business to show you why we rank at the top for Healthcare Consulting in Chicago.

Healthcare Consulting

SEO Design Chicago works with Healthcare clients across the country to create better content, be found locally and to advertise digitally to their selected audience.

HIPAA Compliance

At SEO Design Chicago we have worked with clients in many different industries and we have experience with HIPAA’s standards. We have helped many clients with their sites to become HIPAA compliant.

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Reputation Management for Healthcare

Do you know how to respond to good and bad reviews? Are you short staffed and need someone to help you with this? SEO Design Chicago, can implement, train and make you successful at handing online reviews.

Web Analytics for Healthcare

Any online service purchased from SEO Design Chicago comes with enhanced reporting so you understand our SEO strategies and the results we achieve. We will show you the data that dictates advertising strategy and how current advertising is performing.

Marketing Analytics for Healthcare

Market with data. By using data, we can choose where to start from and work on the most important items first. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Free SEO Analysis

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