Tax Preparer Marketing Services

SEO Design Chicago provides advertising and marketing services for tax preparers across the United States. Gone are the days of mailing out postcards ahead of tax season to prospective clients. We help you find more clients with our expert PPC, Social Media, SEO, Content Creation, and Web Development services for tax preparers. We have valuable experience helping accountants and tax preparers market their businesses. Our team is ready to help you grow!

Marketing Strategies for Tax Preparers

Many of our tax preparation clients want to know how to grow a tax preparation business.  SEO Design Chicago has a digital marketing team that has many tax preparation marketing ideas.

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Tax Preparers

Leverage the power of online advertising with SEO Design Chicago’s pay-per-click advertising services for tax preparers. We can create Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn ads to help you promote your tax services.

Facebook Marketing for Tax Preparers

Facebook ads allow us to target your audience specifically and get your ads in front of the clients you want to reach, in your area. Advertising on Facebook is a cost-effective way to promote your tax preparation services.

LinkedIn Marketing for Tax Preparers

An underrated advertising platform for tax preparers is LinkedIn. SEO Design Chicago specializes in creating LinkedIn advertising campaigns for tax preparers to reach more people, increase your brand awareness, and tailor your ads to target your audience.

Content Creation for Tax Preparers

SEO Design Chicago’s content creation experts can create a catalog of valuable content on your website to answer all of your potential clients’ questions about tax season. Our SEO content writers create unique content optimized for relevant keywords specific to your business in order to attract search engine traffic.

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Social Media Marketing for Tax Preparers

Since tax season only lasts for a short period of time, you need a way to stay connected with your clients throughout the rest of the year. Social media is also a great way to add authority and personality to your brand. SEO Design Chicago can help you use social media to accomplish your goals. We can create attention-grabbing graphics with fun facts about taxes and more for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

Website Content Creation for Tax Preparers

Especially around tax season, people start Googling all their tax-related questions. Our team creates content for your website answering these questions to attract search engine traffic and also help establish your brand as an authority in the tax business.

Web Developers for Tax Preparers

Potential clients need to trust you in order to divulge their financial information to you. That’s why you need a great tax preparation website. SEO Design Chicago’s web developers can build your tax prep company a brand-new custom website, or add new pages of content for your existing website. Our developers utilize custom HTML, Javascript, and CSS, but can create on any platform.

Local SEO Services for Tax Preparers

If you are a local tax preparer primarily serving clients in your area, you need our Local SEO Services. Our services ensure that if someone searches “tax preparer near me,” they find your website, and not the other tax preparer down the block from you.

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Local Search Rankings for Tax Preparers

Your local search ranking as a tax preparer is important because local searches usually have high purchase intent. When someone searches for a tax preparer on Google, they are typically ready to pay for your services. We help you achieve a high local search ranking.

Online Business Listings for Tax Preparers

Is your tax preparer business listed on local websites and relevant websites? SEO Design Chicago’s Local SEO team creates listings for you to help build your search ranking and makes sure your information is consistent across the web.

Google Business Profile for Tax Preparers

A tax preparation business needs to look credible and professional online. SEO Design Chicago will claim your Google Business Profile and fill it out with all the necessary information.

Bing Places and Yahoo Local for Tax Preparers

Your tax preparation company needs to also be listed on Bing Places and Yahoo Local in order to reach the most amount of potential clients.

SEO for Tax Preparers

Every accountant and tax preparer needs SEO Services to reach more clients. The most important components of Tax SEO are:

  • On-site Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Content Creation
  • Off-site Authority Building
  • Backlink Strategy for Tax Preparation Businesses
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SEO Analysis for Your Tax Preparer Website

Our first step is to conduct a comprehensive SEO Analysis to determine how you rank on search engines. When referrals and prospective clients search for you online, what do they find?

SEO Services for Tax Preparers

Most people don’t click past the first page of search results. Our goal is to help your tax prep business appear on Page 1 of the Google search results. Our team makes it easier for clients to find your business online and helps you garner more clients.

Link Building for Tax Preparers

One of our secrets to SEO for tax preparation companies is link building. We create high-quality links to and from your website in order to build a higher domain authority with Google.

Tax Preparer Digital Marketing and Consulting Services

You know taxes, but we know marketing. SEO Design Chicago’s digital marketing consulting team can help you decide which of our services will help you the most and create a plan for you to increase lead generation and maximize your ROI. Our services are customizable and we offer a variety of options to suit your needs.

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Social Media Analytics for Tax Preparers

We know that as a tax preparer, you love numbers. We use analytics and data to provide you with updated reports on the success of our social media efforts for your business.

Web Analytics for Tax Preparers

We also provide updated reports on a regular basis on the status of your tax preparation website. Our team uses the latest tools to monitor your site and fix any problems as they arise.

SEO Design Chicago is the Best Marketing Agency for Tax Preparers

SEO Design Chicago offers expert, professional digital marketing services for tax and accounting professionals. We help you meet your clients where they already are – online – and use modern tactics to help you build your client base. We can help you cultivate a consistent and authoritative online presence. Contact us today!

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