Digital Marketing Options for Parking Services

SEO Design Chicago offers parking services marketing services to help parking lots fill their spots with customers. We use the latest digital marketing strategies to drive visitors to your parking lot and help you increase parking revenue.

digital marketing options for parking companies

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Parking Services

SEO Design Chicago offers the latest digital advertising platforms and strategies for parking services. For example, if you run a parking lot in the heart of a big city, we can run a PPC campaign with keywords targeting drivers in your area.

Google Ads for Parking Services

If you want to skip straight to the top of the Google search results, our team can create a Google Ads campaign for your parking service. This is an excellent short-term solution to help you find drivers, quick.

Application Development for Parking Services

Every parking service needs its own app. Our team offers application development services to allow drivers to find your spots and even book a spot right from their phone.

SEO Design Chicago offers all the digital marketing services you need to advertise and promote your parking service!

Content Creation for Parking Services

Many parking services have websites with a bare minimum of content. Our content creation team can change that. We will answer all the questions that a potential customer might have about your parking services. We will create a page with clear directions to your location, recognizable photos of your entrances, a map with nearby attractions, and your safety protocols. This will help boost your SEO and attract more drivers to your parking lot.

content creation for parking company

Social Media Content Creation for Parking Services

You might not have considered using social media to market your parking service, but you should. Our social media content creation team handles all the hard work for you of creating content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more. Social media is an ideal way to connect with drivers looking for parking.

Website Content Creation for Parking Services

In order to attract search engine traffic to your website, you need to have content on your website. Our content creation team creates optimized blogs, service pages, homepages, landing pages, and more for parking websites to give your potential parkers all the relevant information they need and make it easier to find you online.

Web Developers for Parking Service Websites

In the past, you might have relied on signage to advertise your parking lot, but these days you need a modern, user-friendly website. Our web designers create brand-new websites and update older websites to make them easy to use for your clients. For example, we can add a booking extension to your website to allow drivers to purchase spots in advance. Whatever you need for your website, our team of web developers can help.

Local SEO for Parking Services

Local SEO is the process of ensuring that the physical location of your parking lot is visible in the top results of Google and other search engines for queries relevant to its location. Even if your parking lot caters to tourists, when they are in your geographical area, they will search by location. For example, you need to rank high for “Chicago parking garage” or “parking lot near me.” Our team ensures that your parking service ranks high locally for relevant geographical keywords.

web design for parking business

Local SEO Strategies for Parking Services

Before drivers search for parking spaces in your lot or garage, they might go online to try to find a spot. That is why we recommend our local SEO services for parking companies. We make sure your parking lots rank locally for important keywords.

Online Business Listings for Parking Services

Many travelers look at local directories and travel websites when planning a trip in their vehicle. That is why we ensure that your parking lots are listed on all local directories and other relevant websites and in-car navigation maps, like Waze and Apple. This helps boost your SEO and ensure that you are found by drivers looking for parking in your location.

Google Business Profile for Parking Services

Many drivers rely on Google Search and Google Maps to plan their driving trips ahead of time and request directions to their direction. This may begin or end with parking their vehicle. That is why your parking lot needs to appear on Google Maps, which we will ensure by claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile.

Bing and Yahoo Listings for Parking Services

However, not all drivers use Google. Some use other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing. Our local SEO professionals will ensure that your parking lots are listed on all widely used search engines like Bing Places, so you don’t miss out on any valuable traffic.

SEO for Parking Services

The most important components of parking service SEO are:

  • On-site Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Content Creation
  • Off-site Authority Building
parking service seo

SEO Analysis for Parking Services

Our expert SEO services always begin with an SEO analysis for your parking business. We will determine where you currently rank in the market so we can create a customized SEO strategy for your parking service to rank higher on search engines.

SEO Services for Parking Services

We offer professional SEO services for parking companies across the U.S. SEO Design Chicago will create an online presence for your parking facility that organically ranks at the top of the Google Search results. We use a combination of on-site optimization, off-site optimization, and link building to improve your search ranking, connect with more drivers, and increase your revenue.

Link Building for Parking Services

Link building is an important part of your parking service SEO strategy. We will create high-quality links to and from your website, which tells Google that your website is trustworthy, so it will appear in more searches.

Digital Consulting for Parking Services

SEO Design Chicago offers digital marketing consulting services for parking service companies. Our team of marketing experts will work with you to determine the ideal strategy for your business to see results.

digital marketing consulting for parking services

Email Marketing for Parking Services

In our experience working with parking services, we have found that email marketing is a highly effective strategy. Email marketing allows you to communicate offers for drivers who have previously visited your parking lot. Our team executes effective email marketing campaigns.

Marketing Analytics for Parking Services

Our digital marketing services include regularly updated reports on the progress of your parking service marketing campaigns. SEO Design Chicago uses tools like Google Analytics to help monitor your website’s success, and quickly fix any problems that might arise.

SEO Design Chicago is the Best Parking Service Marketing Agency

There are literally millions of parking spaces out there. That’s why you need an expert digital marketing agency like SEO Design Chicago to help you market your parking lot, parking garage, valet company, or any type of parking company you own. Trust SEO Design Chicago for all of your parking service marketing needs!

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