Shopify Website Design

Shopify Web Development involves building and optimizing your ecommerce store for success. Shopify websites offer a web platform that can get your online store up in no time. Though there are some limitations, it is an easy to manage online store that can integrate across multiple platforms.

Billing, inventory, and even your newsletter subscriptions are available to you. Our team offers many different Shopify Design packages and programs based on your website needs.

Shopify can be more difficult to work with versus a traditional CMS like WordPress. Our web designers and developers have a decade of experience creating some of the top Shopify custom coding applications. We have created custom react coding for tools that allow real time adjustments for clients’ point of sale needs.

Custom Shopify Sites

Shopify e-commerce websites are just one of the many practical website solutions available and a very effective way today to have a store on the internet. At SEO Design Chicago we are experienced Shopify website developers and can create custom Shopify websites, templates or other coding for you. Using custom Shopify Web Development we can build custom react code among other ideas to make your Shopify website shine. We can even assist to find the best Shopify apps and the best Shopify themes for your business.

Most social media and email marketing for Shopify sites are integrated into the platform easily, however many times you may need custom Shopify coding to take your website to the next level. After reviewing your needs, we will put together a custom solution for your website.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an inclusive online platform for selling anything. With a monthly fee, you can have a website up that can sell any of your products online in a short period of time. May people use it because it is simple and quick to create a website.

Here are some of the benefits of Shopify:

  • Ease of use– Shopify was built for anyone and everyone. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to build a Shopify site.
  • Inexpensive to start– Plans begin at $29.00 per month for a basic site. Medium level plans are $79.00 per month.
  • Good themes– There are a huge number of nice themes that you can choose from to make the site more personalized.
  • Good support- 24/7 support is available for anyone that needs assistance.

Here are some of the drawbacks of Shopify:

  • Limited functionality- Shopify comes with a bunch of features out of the box. However, all businesses are different and will need something unique. Shopify does not offer a great deal of extra options.
  • Expensive Add-Ons– Those extra features that you will need will be pricey. Add-Ons for Shopify do not come cheap.
  • Transaction Fees– While many other platforms have stopped charging transaction fees, Shopify continues to do so.

Shopify Apps

Were you aware that there is a specific site to get Shopify apps? There are thousands of Shopify apps available to do all sorts of things on your website. These are apps that let your ecommerce website expand its capabilities. Let SEO Design Chicago help you navigate through the Shopify themes and the Shopify apps to find the best ones that will allow you to maximize your site’s potential.

Shopify experts have learned to master Shopify by experimenting with the Shopify app store. The store gives you multiple different plugins to optimize your ecommerce platform to help you sell more online.

Shopify SEO

Everyone wants the largest number of shoppers to come to their ecommerce store as possible. However, that is not as easy as it sounds. You need a professional SEO company that is experienced in Shopify web development.

Let SEO Design Chicago help you to generate more traffic on your Shopify site to increase your search engine ranking, which will turn into more sales. We have years of experience perfecting our SEO and we will use those skills for your Shopify store.

Shopify SEO

Shopify Plus

There is a more robust version of Shopify that boasts an average growth rate of 126% year over year. Shopify Plus is designed for a higher volume store that needs scalability. It also offers additional features and additional Shopify apps which can help your business even more. SEO Design Chicago can help guide you through the setup and the activation of a Shopify Plus website so that you can spend your time selling your products.

Shopify Plus Stores

Shopify Marketing

SEO Design Chicago is a marketing agency that has years of experience optimizing Shopify websites. We do custom web development for Shopify websites and we are ecommerce optimization experts.

Regardless if you have a small or large store, we can help you to create it, or help you expand it. We have partnered with people across the country who have been looking to get their ecommerce store started. With our assistance, they have turned their ideas of small businesses into a thriving reality.

Our content management team can help you to create the best Shopify product pages to help your products sell fast. We can also help to create content for your site to drive more customers to your website with our content creation possibilities. In addition to content about your products, we offer custom written content for your website that will help increase your traffic and engagement.

We have one of the best ecommerce marketing teams. Our team can work with you to develop the best strategy to reach your goals for your store. Our team can use organic, paid, or a combination of both to find the right advertising for you and your business.

Last year, Shopify made over $1.5 billion in sales during Black Friday. This meant 10,978 orders per minute and peak sales volume per minute of $870,000. (Shopifyandyou)

Running a Successful Ecommerce Business With Shopify

Shopify offers a lot of great benefits for an online retailer looking to expand their ecommerce business. The layout and operation of Shopify is created specifically for you to offer a web experience crafted specifically to shopping online. This means that the experience is streamlined both on the customer’s end and the retailer. Shopify offers an experience that is clear and familiar for customers looking to find your products, learn more about them, and make a purchase with ease.

When it comes to offering benefits to retailers, Shopify provides an all encompassing experience when it comes to creating a website for all of your needs. Listing products and managing their inventory has never been easier. There is no need for coding or programming skills and most updates can be done with relative ease. Keeping track of sales and seeing which products attract the most attention can offer your business with a better insight into where efforts should be focused and how to forecast more accurately.

Working with a Shopify Developer

75% of people’s first interaction with a brand today is via their website. This is true even if a store has a brick and mortar location. Just as people will walk out of stores that do not look organized and attractive, the same is true for a website. The average person will leave an unprofessional website within three seconds upon arriving if it is cluttered and unappealing.

Custom Shopify web development can make your customers navigate and feel more comfortable when you have a professional and attractive website that is optimized. Combining a Shopify Ecommerce website with paid search, will give you the ability to retarget shopping cart abandoners and increase sales.

Shopify makes it possible for you to create a functioning website in a matter of hours. On the other hand, an experienced Shopify web developer will customize your website and make it much more attractive and professional. A developer is also going to be able to solve any technical hurdle quickly while you spend your time when you thrive. At SEO Design Chicago, we have created a great number of Shopify pages for clients who thought they could do it alone.

Let SEO Design Chicago help you with your Shopify store. We a marketing agency that has the experience that you are looking for along with the design knowledge to not only have a fully functional site, but one with a great user experience as well. We are Shopify experts in Chicago who have assisted clients throughout the country that have looked for help with their ecommerce store.

Whether you are brand new to Shopify, have created your own store and need help making it better, or even need to scale up to increase business, we can help you with your project with our Shopify web design services.

Shopify has had 218 million buyers, from 175 countries, in the last 12 months (Shopify)

Shopify Web Design

Shopify websites can be the perfect solution for a small or growing business to scale with you. Shopify Development Services by SEO Design Chicago deliver a complete, custom Shopify solution for your business. Our years of experience with Shopify apps, Shopify themes, and Shopify bugs makes us the perfect solution to your Shopify needs. Reach out to us today to get started!

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