Is Shopify Plus for You?

Shopify plus for your business

How to Get Your Business on Shopify Plus

Many businesses have recently been shifting their ecommerce to Shopify Plus to make the most of their online sales. This article will explain Shopify Plus as a platform and show you how you can start using it to your business’s advantage.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: What Is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a powerful new ecommerce platform that businesses can use to expand their markets and promote their brand. For a monthly fee, you gain access to an easy-to-use platform that requires no special technical skill or knowledge. Shopify Plus was designed for business owners everywhere to easily manage their online sales without the hassle of any specific expertise.

Shopify Plus is a cost-effective, efficient way for businesses to get the most out of their ecommerce transactions. The platform offers a wide variety of creative themes for business owners to tailor to their own business’s image and aesthetic. While the standard Shopify versions are best suited for small to medium-sized businesses, large businesses are turning to Shopify Plus for their ecommerce sales.

A variety of major brands, including Unilever, Pepsico, and Mozilla, are already using Shopify Plus to streamline their online business. Overall, over one million different businesses have used Shopify to earn over $155 billion in sales all over the world. Businesses in 175 different countries representing 20 different languages have taken to Shopify Plus to boost their online effectiveness. Online merchants can qualify for a free evaluation by Shopify Plus to determine if their business is a good fit to transition to their platform.

One of the best features of sites using Shopify Plus is a customized checkout page. Instead of a standard Shopify checkout page, your business can create a personalized one with your original URL in place of the usual Shopify checkout URL. You can customize the entire checkout page for your customers, including text, buttons, layout design, customized pricing, custom error messages, shipping rates, and special offers.

Tax software is automatically included in Shopify, meaning you won’t have to worry about calculating tax rates or programming them into transactions. Shopify Plus takes care of calculations with sophisticated tax software to make sure your business is always compliant with tax law.

Since Shopify is a fully hosted site, you eliminate much of the overhead costs associated with obtaining licenses and maintaining expensive servers. You can also easily accept credit cards or use a third-party payment gateway. Shopify Plus will take care of server maintenance and security for you, meaning you’ll have more time to dedicate back to your business and your sales goals.

Shopify Plus can also manage large spikes in customers if, for example, you have a particularly attractive sale or it’s a time of year that brings higher traffic. When maintaining your own servers, it can be difficult to handle exceptionally high traffic, but the experts of Shopify Plus know how to scale your store and can ensure that you’re well-equipped for all types of online sales and payment processing. With the capacity to manage over 10,000 transactions in a single minute, you can trust Shopify Plus to be a reliable platform for your business’s online needs.

Digital marketing professionals can also help you craft the perfect Shopify website for your business while you concentrate on building your monthly sales and promoting your brand. You can work with digital experts to create the exact online look and style you want for your business, minus the headache of conventional enterprise software.

Migrating to Shopify Plus

Migrating Your Business to Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus merchants benefit from the added support of Shopify launch engineers who can help your business migrate smoothly from a different ecommerce platform to Shopify. Other ecommerce platforms can be expensive, requiring steep monthly maintenance costs and technical staff ready to help you launch and maintain your online store.

Shopify Plus bypasses that for a simpler, more cost-effective alternative. Many business owners are already making the shift away from self-hosted platforms to Shopify’s fully hosted ones. You want to focus on your business and improving sales, not designing and maintaining a time-consuming digital presence. Migrating to Shopify Plus from another ecommerce platform not only gives your business a better chance of success but also relieves you from the burden of having to monitor your online store constantly.

You also don’t have to worry about losing your data during the migration process. Consumer and transaction history data, along with your own inventory data, can all be transferred seamlessly with the help of Shopify’s launch engineers. While you will have to set up some features and customize your new Shopify site, you won’t have to start from scratch.

Before you start the migration process, however, be sure to thoroughly analyze your current data before transferring all of it to Shopify. Carefully determine what you need to keep to minimize the time your online store needs to be down. Information such as customers, products, and transaction history should likely be transferred, as these contribute to the future of your business. Shopify Plus merchants have the added advantage of using Shopify’s transporter app and command-line tool, both of which simplify the data-importing process.

The staff of Shopify offers round-the-clock technical support if you find yourself in need of help while using their platform. Launch engineers will help you along every step of the way, ensuring that you’re aware of your industry’s unique challenges, can easily transition your business’s data to Shopify, can customize your tax options, and can personalize your online store theme.

To make sure your online store keeps up with sales, Shopify Plus rapidly executes the entire migration process. While other platforms may require a slower transfer, Shopify Plus speeds up the process while ensuring all your brand’s data is still safely transferred. In fact, the average business launches 50% faster with Shopify Plus than with traditional ecommerce platforms.

If you want to streamline your business’s online sales without losing time in the transition, Shopify Plus launch engineers will walk you through the whole process, and digital marketing experts can help you get the most out of their services.

Shopify plus pricing

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus store is designed for larger businesses that likely already have their own websites and online stores. The standard Shopify versions can better accommodate smaller businesses looking to keep costs low and services minimal. Shopify Plus plans better suit businesses seeking advanced settings and large transaction volumes.

Although specific cost estimates vary significantly based on your individual online store’s needs and size, you can get a general sense of what to expect from the different expense categories associated with a Shopify-based store. Luckily, pricing with Shopify Plus is much more straightforward than that of traditional ecommerce software. No more excessive long-term maintenance costs.

When creating your Shopify budget, you’ll want to account for the cost of building and designing your business’s site. Other important factors include your Shopify Plus license fee, which allows you to use Shopify Plus’s diverse settings and host your site on their server, and standard transaction fees to process customer payments.

As your business grows or if you’re seeking more advanced services like subscription services or shipping software, you may incur additional monthly costs. Still, these are more flexible and dependent on your business’s goals.

Many Shopify merchants also choose to have apps built that can be integrated into their online store to improve connectivity with potential and returning customers. Since many business owners look to outside app developers to help them, you might want to also account for app fees in your Shopify budget.

Shopify doesn’t list any pricing on its site since each business has such unique needs and goals. The initial flat fees associated with Shopify Plus can make it difficult to compare with other ecommerce platforms. Still, most businesses end up saving money from the elimination of regular and considerable maintenance costs. Business owners can always contact Shopify itself for more precise and detailed cost estimates.

Professional Digital Marketing Services for Shopify Plus

If you are still in the process of designing and launching your online store, consider enlisting the help of digital marketing experts who have extensive experience with web development and design and who are prepared to take your online store to the next level on Shopify Plus. Many customers interact with businesses for the first time by checking out their websites. Experts can make sure yours is in top shape.

Professional services also include content management which can help you create the best Shopify product page for your business. Customers are constantly viewing your products through your site, meaning an organized, easily navigable product page is essential for online success.

Professionals can also help you develop Shopify apps that can make your ecommerce site mobile or drive more traffic to your site using their search engine optimization expertise. Getting your business to top search engine results requires considerable experience and can start rapidly more potential customers to your online store.

As a business owner, it may seem overwhelming to transition your online store to Shopify Plus or to launch a brand new online store on their platform. Still, with the help of Shopify’s launch engineers and web design experts, you can get back to doing the work you care about while watching your online sales grow.

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