Should I Upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Over 5300 businesses use Shopify Plus to manage their operations. If you are currently using a Shopify starter, basic, regular, or advanced plan, you may be wondering, “Should I upgrade to Shopify Plus?”

It’s a big investment, so it’s a decision you want to make carefully. Here is some of our best advice.

Consider the Size and Scope of Other Brands That Use Shopify Plus

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “Should I upgrade to Shopify Plus?” If only it were that easy!

In general, most businesses that upgrade to Shopify Plus are reaping profits in the thousands, if not tens of thousands, every month.

You can compare the sales of your business to the profits of other brands that have upgraded to Shopify Plus. Some of them include Steve Madden, Staples, Bombas, Olly, and Heinz. If you are in the same industry as these other companies, but are nowhere near their sales, it may be best to wait to upgrade to Shopify Plus. 

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Factor in What You’ll Pay for Shopify Plus and ROI

If you are wondering what it costs to upgrade to Shopify Plus, you’ll pay a minimum of $2000 per month. That is just the starting point.

Shopify Plus allows you to customize everything about the selling experience. You can also customize the business management tools, like the reports you get that help you understand conversion rates and ROI. 

The good news is that if you are using another e-commerce platform, Shopify won’t charge you to migrate to their platform. You may be tempted to stop reading right now if $2000 seems like way too much. However, that cost may help you earn more. For example, many companies believe that the tools offered by Shopify Plus have saved them thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in payroll costs.

Simon Rodrigue, the CIO of Staples Canada, told Shopify Plus, “What used to take 200+ people in my past life, now we can do with 20. That’s a huge operational benefit.” 

Shopify says the Plus plan can increase your bottom line in other ways because the system can:

  • Accept multiple currencies for payment
  • Increase the speed of the checkout process by 60% so you have less abandoned carts
  • Provide you with steep shipping discounts
  • Manage multiple stores, employees, and workflows from one centralized platform
  • Give customers advanced product visualization tools like AR, video, and 3D
  • Manage small time wasters that when added together, eat up your whole day
  • Potentially lower transaction fees for credit card purchases 
  • Help you target and sell to high-intent customers

should I upgrade to shopify plus

Still Thinking About It?

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