Top 10 Must Have Shopify Apps

Best Shopify Apps to Amplify Your Revenue

This article will go over the Top 10 Must Have Shopify Apps you can use for your Shopify site and how they can benefit your business without putting a dent in your wallet. They all have different uses, and depending on what you need, there are some excellent choices here for everyone.

Shopify Apps

Beginning with the Basics: What is Shopify?

This spunky word embodies an ecommerce software that advances the development of your online presence and ecommerce business. The Shopify ecommerce platform allows you to create an online store to start selling, promoting, and shipping your products.

You can also sell on Shopify using Shopify payments or one of many third-party payment options. With the monthly paid plan you are given access to the admin panel, which gives you access to the all-inclusive and paid-for features to help you manage and process online orders in real time. To learn more about the numerous features of Shopify, check out the guide What Is Shopify & How Does Shopify Work?.

In order to grasp the importance of Shopify to your online store, let’s compare the software to the importance of a toaster when making toast. Having the bread is the first step, but finding the right tools can be a tricky and elongated process if not done right.

Let’s travel back 200 years to the dark times before the invention of the toaster. Bread was toasted by skewing a metal fork into a single piece of bread and then roasting said piece over a fire until crunchy and possessing a light brown hue tint. Now, through the creation of an electronic toaster, the process of toasting bread is one of the simpler tasks in life.

Similarly, Shopify apps can quickly and automatically transform your ecommerce store for you. Both tasks involve pushing a button and waiting for the final products to take place, in our cases, toasted bread and an overall more effective website. Though this metaphor may seem over-simplified, it perfectly describes the vital functionality of Shopify to your company. If you want to find out more about how Shopify will advance your online presence, dive into the post about How to Drive Traffic to Your Shopify Store.

How to Use the Shopify App Store

Using the Shopify app store doesn’t need to be over-complicated. In fact, think of it like buying apps for your iPhone, a simple and fast process. Apps on Shopify are organized into many different subgroups, including but not limited to: ‘trending apps’, ’new and noteworthy’, and apps to ‘sell more online’.

These categories make finding the best apps for Shopify to cater to your needs effortless and painless. To learn more about how Shopify apps can propel your store, look into the post on Shopify Web Development. For first time users, when using the Shopify app store follow the simple steps below to reach the end goal of finding the perfect app for you.

  1. Type into your search bar.
  2. Upon entering the app store, either browse the home page or type the app you’re interested in into the ‘search apps’ bar.
  3. After finding that “just right” app, you can learn more about each app by reading the ‘about’ section at the bottom of the page. 
  4. If this is the right app for you, then click the big purple button that reads “Add App”.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the many different benefits that’ll come from each app.

Great Shopify Apps

Top 10 Shopify Apps That’ll Give You A Bang For Your Buck

What’s better than an app for Shopify that will expand your online store? A completely FREE app that will expand your online store. Pulling directly from the Shopify website, the top ten best apps that will cost you absolutely nothing are listed below. If you want to discover more of the best apps for Shopify that are free, look into this Shopify Blog.

1. Oberlo

What is it? Oberlo is a dropship app, which allows your dropship supplier to directly ship your products to customers without going through you.

How will it help you? This app eliminates the need to buy bulk inventory, self-package and ship. Through the click of a button, Oberlo will do all that hard work for you and ultimately ensure your products end up in the hands of your consumers. The app is perfect for small business owners or new entrepreneurs, as Oberlo helps source you with a supplier so you can devote the majority of your attention to growing your business. For more information, you can read about the numerous benefits of Oberlo through the Best 14 Free Shopify Apps You Need to Install.

How much will it cost you? Oberlo offers a free basic plan through the Shopify store, but there are more additional plans available that range from $29.90-$79.90.

2. Kit

What is it? A digital marketing tool that’ll drive traffic to your website for you.

How will it help you? Kit will take care of all your digital marketing efforts for you, including but not limited to; running social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, targeting your audience with direct messages, and configuring sales reports. This artificial intelligence tool will drive your sales while you remain hands-off. To scan through what customers have to say about this Shopify app, check out the article Marketing Apps Worth Downloading.

How much will it cost you? Kit is completely free, as long as you have the $29/month Shopify Store Channel feature.

3. Order Printer

What is it? A template generator.

How will it help you? Order Printer enables you to rapidly print labels, invoices, receipts and packing slips from pre-saved templates. This will save you the time, money, and hassle of an unnecessarily slow shipping process.

How much will it cost you? The app is free to install and allows you to try the customizable features before purchasing the template. The first template has a one-time fee of $29 and each template after that is sold at a 50% discounted rate.

4. Product Reviews

What is it? An app that adds customer reviews to your products for you.

How will it help you? By allowing reviews to be viewed on your products, you are showing the value of customer service and customer feedback to your company. Product reviews are powerful to your brand image and encourage future customers to purchase your products. Visit the analysis Why Getting Product Reviews on Shopify Is Important, to recognize the significance of this app.

How much will it cost you? Completely free with the $29/month Shopify Store Channel feature.

5. Free Shipping Bar

What is it? This app displays your free shipping offer on your products.

How will it help you? Free shipping is almost expected from retail stores nowadays. By displaying your free shipping option, customers are drawn in and more attracted to your products. In order to really understand the importance of free shipping, read into the article Why Free Shipping Is a Must.

How much will it cost you? The basic plan is 100% free.

Using Shopify on smartphone

6. Seo Site Audit, Benchmark Hero

What is it? An SEO tool to increase your site visibility.

How will it help you? Not only will this app help increase traffic to your website, but will give you an in-depth analysis as to why certain tactics are working and/or not working. The app provides detailed reasons as to why some pages aren’t converting potential customers or improving your sales conversions. This is one of the best apps for Shopify.

How much will it cost you? Zero, zilch, nothing.

7. Printful

What is it? Enables you to sell print-on-demand products.

How will it help you? Printful allows customers to order customizable products like shirts, coffee mugs, and phone cases and select changeable prints. After an order is placed on your Shopify store, the order is automatically sent to Printful which further eliminates your need to hold inventory on your behalf.

How much will it cost you? Absolutely free.

8. Improved Contact Form

What is it? An app that creates a pop-up contact form on your Shopify store.

How will it help you? Unlike your typical contact form, the ‘Improved Contact Form’ app pops up on any page on your Shopify store, similar to a push notification, inviting them to ask questions and provide feedback on the site. This app creates a more interactive form of contact and different way to hear from your customers.

How much will it cost you? Similar to some of the apps listed above, the Improved Contact Form app offers a free plan while superior plans are available for purchase as well.

9. Klaviyo

What is it? A marketing software tool that automatically links to your Shopify store.

How will it help you? Klaviyo creates email chains, targets consumers with Shopify offers based on the buying behavior and collects consumer data for your marketing strategies. The best part? Klaviyo does all the work for you. This app is best for stores that are just getting started that need help compiling their email lists.

How much will it cost you? This app is free to install but after 200 subscribers and 500 email sequences, additional charges will apply.

10. Digital Downloads

What is it? An app that enables your Shopify store to sell digital products.

How will it help you? By giving customers access to digital content instantly, consumers are able to download digital attachments with ease and effectiveness. Not only does Digital Downloads allow consumers to purchase digital content, but also a mix of tangible and intangible products, such as a paper book along with the recording of the e-book version.

How much will it cost you? A whopping zero dollars.

Many of these apps will be helpful to get your Shopify store performing at a higher level. Whether you are looking to increase sales, increase visits, or increase your brand awareness, you will find apps that will help you here.

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