Advertising Your Shopify Store

Whether your Shopify store is already up and running or if you have just now decided to open a Shopify store, the best time to learn how to advertise your Shopify store is right now. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that comes with a variety of tools that makes advertising your online store easier. In this article, you will learn how does Shopify advertises for you, and how to advertise your Shopify store using a variety of marketing techniques to accumulate as many customers as possible. 

how to advertise your shopify store

Does Shopify Advertise For You?

It would be amazing if all you had to do was set up shop and let Shopify handle the advertising, but that’s just not how it works. While Shopify does not advertise for you, they do help you advertise for yourself. They have several built-in marketing tools to help you build campaigns, but at the end of the day, it is your responsibility as the shop owner to learn how to advertise your Shopify store using these tools.

So, does Shopify advertise for you? The answer is no. They offer resources for you to create an advertising campaign specific to your business needs. Instead of relying on what Shopify chooses to advertise, you are in complete control. They offer help along the way, but it is ultimately up to you to decide what works, what does not work, what you need to invest more time and money in, and what is a waste of resources. 

Shopify Learn

While Shopify doesn’t advertise for you, they do give you the tools to learn how to advertise your Shopify store effectively. Take advantage of Shopify Learn. This platform is Shopify’s free learning tool for shop owners who want to learn how to advertise their Shopify store better. Lessons come in the form of articles, videos, workshops, and guides to different marketing techniques and strategies. 

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to be discovered on search engines like Google, you need your Shopify store to be search engine optimized. Shopify offers built-in search engine optimization features. They auto-generate canonical tags to prevent duplicate content from appearing in search engine search results. Themes also automatically create title tags and require social media linking. You will need to find what keywords to use, choose what other sites you want to link for greater search engine optimization, and organize your website logically and descriptively to make your store more searchable.


Every Shopify store comes with blogging capabilities. Blogs are an excellent way to built trust between the store and their potential customers and establish you as an expert in your field. Blog articles should not seem like an ad. They should contain helpful and sought-after information. How-to articles, current events related to your field, exciting developments for your store, and many other ideas make engaging blog articles that can draw people to your website.

how to promote shopify store

Marketing in Shopify

Marketing in Shopify is a program to help store owners create, launch, manage and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. Within this program, you can start a Facebook ad campaign or a Google smart shopping campaign. Both Facebook and Google attract billions of users a day, many of which would enjoy your products and services. Use Marketing in Shopify to reach these customers.

When creating campaigns, Shopify will populate your ads with product images, titles, and descriptions from your store. This makes creating campaigns fast and easy.

Tracking the results of your advertising campaigns is extremely important. Shopify comes with tracking capabilities so you will not need to find another program to track the results of your campaign. Once you collect enough data, Shopify will even give you suggestions about what to do next. Did your Facebook ads have a high conversion rate while your Google ad results were lackluster? Perhaps you should spend more on Facebook ads. This takes a lot of the guesswork that comes with learning how to advertise your Shopify store.

How to Promote a Shopify Store

Now that you have learned how to advertise your Shopify store using Shopify’s built-in marketing tools, you need to know what you can do beyond that to draw in the most customers, by learning how to promote a Shopify store.

Understand Your Audience and Goals

Before you begin learning how to promote your Shopify store, it is important to understand who and why you are promoting. Throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks rarely ever works. You will just waste time and money that could have been saved if you had just planned accordingly in the beginning. 

Your advertising should be targeted at a specific group of people, the people most likely to want or need your product, and should be created to reach goals. Find out the things they like that you fulfill. You will want to emphasize and incorporate these things into your campaign. Do you want to increase email list subscribers by 10% by the end of the quarter or do you want to increase brand awareness by 25% by the end of the year? The advertising campaigns for these two goals should look very different.

does shopify advertise for you

Content Marketing

As mentioned above, blogs are an excellent way to build trust and credibility when learning how to promote Shopify store. But they are not the only content you should be generating to promote your Shopify store. You can also create eye-catching photos and infographics for Instagram and your website, write articles on LinkedIn, and write engaging updates on Facebook. You should be posting as much quality content as you can across several platforms to best advertise your Shopify store. Each post should also be search engine optimized to yield the best results. A quality content marketing strategy will help create loyal customers.

Social Media Advertising

You need to advertise on more social media sites than Facebook to effectively advertise your Shopify store. Use Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or lesser-known social media platforms that cater to the audience you are targeting.  Use a combination of platforms, posting different content for each, for greater effectiveness.

Email Marketing

A great way to learn how to promote Shopify store is to create an email marketing campaign. Stay connected with your customers. When learning how to advertise your Shopify store, email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to advertise. Email marketing allows you to hyper-target specific groups of customers to maximize the chances that they make a purchase. Offer discounts to nudge customers on the fence into making a purchase. Remind customers when new products launch or just remind them about products that will interest them. 


Stay in contact with customers. Communication is pertinent to creating good customer relationships. Reply to comments on your blog and social media posts. Create a way for customers to get in contact with you if they have an issue. Reply to both good and bad reviews and try to quickly fix the problem if you can. Good customer service goes a long way. Things are bound to go wrong once in a while, but if you are on top of it, people are more likely to be understanding. A good reputation and good products will bring in customers while a bad reputation even if you have good products will drive them away. 

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertisements appear at the top of search results before the organic results. Your shop will be front and center for potential customers to find. Just as with other ads, search engine optimization is critical. If you want the pay-per-click ad to show up for the correct audience, you need to use the correct keywords. 

Offer Free Shipping

High Shopify shipping costs are a big sales deterrent. If you can offer free shipping, people will feel like they are getting a better deal. You can offer free shipping if they buy over a certain amount. Customers are likely to buy and spend more just to get the free shipping that they would have paid with shipping included. 


Set up a campaign where customers can get a reward when a friend makes a purchase. The reward can be a discount code, a free item, points, or any number of incentives. Learning how to advertise your Shopify store in a way that encourages new people to try your product for the first time is the hardest part. Potential customers can be hesitant to try new things, but with referrals, the current customer will spread the word about your Shopify store to get the reward and you get the new person to try your products. If they like them, you very well could have just created a lifelong customer. 

Advertise Your Shopify Store

Now that you know how to advertise your Shopify store, it is time to start implementing the Shopify advertising techniques that will work best for your business. It is best to use a combination of different marketing techniques to drive traffic to your Shopify store. Remember to track your campaign. If something is not working, divert resources elsewhere. After learning how to advertise your Shopify store, how to promote Shopify store, and putting those lessons into practice, in no time you will see sales increase and your business grow.


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