How to Maximize Your Local Advertising With Google

You have a local business, but hardly anyone ever contacts you about it. Before you shut down operations for good, ask yourself: how could more customers find you? They probably don’t know you exist. There’s great news for you though: most people find themselves in your shoes and do not have a clear way to change their situation, but you took the first step out by reaching this page. This article will help you to understand aspects of local advertising and help you get started with Google. With SEO Design Chicago’s help, local advertising will have your business booming in no time at all. 

Rescuing your local visibility with Google is more promising than you may realize. As an example of what is possible, SEO Design Chicago helped a hair salon see a 145% increase in phone calls from Google Maps. Another success story includes a bar that experienced a 288% increase in inquiries from its Google Business Page. Now that you are convinced of the potential for local inquiries to boost your business, let’s get into the details of how to use local advertising and Google services to drive your business’ numbers to the stars.

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Why You Should Use a Google Business Page

Before you consider local advertising and other services involving Google, you want to make sure you have the basics done right. If you have no website, no Google Business presence, and so on, it will be more difficult to get anything out of advertising. So, always start by making sure you have these fundamental parts done first.

First and foremost, a Google Business page is a must-have. Setting up a profile is important if you want to be able to use the rest of this guide to the max. Google Business profiles are essentially a dashboard for business users to manage their information. Business owners are able to use these pages to help Google connect search queries to the information users might be looking for. A Google search from a smartphone with local intent will pull up a list of business names nearby, including their address, hours of operation, websites, and more. This tool is the first step towards being able to be discovered more easily on Google. However, it can also show data that compares your business to others like it. Access to simple and relevant analytics regarding web traffic and more makes Google Business profiles even more useful!

How Does Local SEO for Google Work?

About a third of all searches on Google are looking for something local. And roughly three-fourths of people making a local search on their mobile device visit a store within one day. More than one-quarter of those people make a purchase. Local searches are a huge part of being found on the web, and addressing that through the most used search engine is an absolute necessity.

Starting off, you want to make sure that your business can be found organically before you start using advertising to try to boost traffic. If you jumped straight to advertising and did not bother with basic local SEO principles, you would be missing a step and wasting an avenue for growth! Whether or not your business is easy to find by people making searches on Google comes down to local SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which basically means how easily your page can be found by search engines for queries with intent related to your page. As an example, if a local coffee shop does not pop up in Google when I search “coffee shops near me,” then they are not very search engine optimized. 

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Distance, Relevance, and Prominence

Rankings for local searches on Google are determined by distance, relevance, and prominence. Distance is simple. The location of your business compared to where the search originated from (or where the search is about), with closer locations being given a boost.

Relevance is based on standard SEO principles, which primarily involves content (words and image descriptions) that matches with phrases used in a search.

Prominence is the most complicated of the three. Famous and historic locations are prioritized, as well as well-known, longstanding businesses. Having more information online influences prominence, as well as Google reviews. Higher quantities and more positive reviews improve a company’s ranking for prominence.

Now that we have addressed the fundamentals for Google and local SEO, we can look at additional ways to advertise your business locally and make your company’s name really pop!

How to Use Google Ads

When it comes to search results on Google, the number one result receives a third of all traffic. This makes the first result so valuable that paying for Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is key to successful local advertising.

There is quite a lot that goes into using Google Ads. Many different ways to bid for ad space and multiple kinds of advertising campaigns (search, video, shopping, etc.) make the process difficult. Add that to establishing a budget, assessing the best strategies and effectiveness, and you end up with a big puzzle to solve. Thankfully, there are resources that go into more detail regarding how Google Ads works to help you get the most out of local advertising.

For a brief explanation, Google Ads prioritizes higher quality ads, which largely rely on similar principles as local SEO. Ultimately, the goal is to get your ad to appear for searches that are the most relevant so that your target demographic goes to your page. Keywords are the primary factor here. You also have to consider where the ad directs people to. Will it link back to a specific service or product page? Or will it link to the homepage? These are part of the decisions you have to make when building a Google Ads campaign to advertise locally.

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How to Use Google Local Services

One interesting factor of Google Local Services Ads is that you never pay for something useless. The bidding aspect makes it so that you only pay for leads: clicks, impressions, calls, etc. What you bid for each lead can be set manually, limited to a maximum per day, or managed by Google to optimize results. Google Local Services Ads are so manageable that you can get exactly what you want out of it. If you have driven enough business that you can’t handle any more appointments, it is very easy to pause your advertising.

Google also verifies aspects of your business to provide a badge of trust. It also allows you to highlight other approvals or verifications such as from the Better Business Bureau. These improve the character and standing of your business in the eyes of consumers. If people feel like they can trust your business, they are far more likely to pay you.

How to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used on more than half of websites on the internet today. Among websites that choose some form of web analytics, Google Analytics consists of 86% of the market share.

But why use it? Google Analytics provides positive feedback on your local advertising campaigns and their success. Using Google Analytics allows a business to get a better understanding of their demographic and how to reach them, what piques their interest most, and so on. After assessing these trends, you can put the information back into action. You can do so by adapting your marketing to improve the effectiveness of every ad you pay for. 

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Services To Help Any Business Succeed

Long story short, Google Analytics helps you ensure you are getting the most out of your budget. This data will refine your strategies and maximize your efforts. Not sure how to actually interpret and work with that data? That is why SEO Design Chicago offers Google Analytics Services.

If you are a business owner looking for help with local advertising and Google Ad services, chances are there are a myriad of other potential avenues to explore for maximizing your incoming customers. Whether you simply want to learn more by checking out our blogs or you might be in need of other services related to all things web presence and marketing, check out SEO Design Chicago today.


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