Conversion Rate Calculator

Our conversion rate calculator can help you to determine how well your site is converting.

Conversion Rate Calculator

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Conversion Rate Calculator

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Conversion rate calculators are important for any business that needs to keep track of its successes. Use our free conversion rate calculator to see how well your company is doing. If you see that it is underperforming, reach out to SEO Design Chicago for help today.

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What is a conversion rate?

Conversion rate is a formula which is calculated by taking the number of visitors to your website and dividing it by the number of those visitors that execute on a specific goal. That goal is often making a purchase. However, it could be signing up for a newsletter or downloading a document. That goal is determined by you and what you want from your website.
It goes without saying that a higher conversion rate means more success. A low conversion rate may be cause for alarm.
If you are doing things right with your marketing and web design, you will have a high conversion rate. A low conversion rate means there is at least one area that is not doing well which needs to be addressed.
Conversion rate


Advantages of using our conversion rate calculator:

When you use our conversion rate calculator for marketing, you will always get an accurate and true calculation. Also, the information gathered from this free calculator could change your marketing strategy and save you a great deal of money.

It does the math for you!

There is no need to worry about the math when you use our conversion rate calculator. It does the math for you, and does it right every time!

Your free conversion rate calculator from SEO Design Chicago can give you immediate results that can help your marketing campaign improve right away.

Why is conversion rate important?

Conversion rate is one of the more accurate and reliable methods of measuring the success of your marketing campaign.
A high conversion rate is indicative of you doing a lot of things right. Most likely you have:
  • Great ads which lead people to click on them and convert
  • A great targeting method and calculation for your PPC campaign
  • Quality Search Engine Optimization content on your website
  • Great landing pages that help to sell your product or service
  • CTAs that are unique and grab people’s attention
  • A great purchasing funnel without any backups
  • Good communication with clients that drive traffic to your site
  • A great retargeting campaign
While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the characteristics of great marketing campaigns with high conversion rates.
A low conversion rate is indicative that some things may not have been done correctly. Some of these issues may be occurring:
Ads that are not targeted to the ideal audience
  • Poor or no CTAs
  • Poor client communication
  • A backup in your purchasing funnel
  • Poor landing pages that may not display or feature the correct products and services
The end result? If your conversion rate is poor, you are most likely dumping money into a problem that will eventually end unsuccessfully.
Increasing your conversion rate is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. You should take every action that you can in order to raise it. Continue reading to understand more about what affects your conversion rate and what you can do to influence it!
Conversion Rate


What are some items that effect your conversion rate?

We already went over a number of items that may have a direct influence on your conversion rate. Here are some smaller details that may be simpler fixes.
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Be Clear

Everything on your website needs to be clear. This refers to landing pages, content on your site, PPC ads, and so forth. It is important that every item be as clear as possible when you are referring to your products or services.
One common mistake is to have a landing page that does not 100% match your ad. You may want to have an ad that showcases a few items and then use your homepage as the landing page. Customers may not find what they thought they were finding that way. Your landing page needs to mirror the products or services from the ad.
Users need to understand exactly what they are seeing or they will not convert.
The solution:
Make sure that you are clear about the purpose and the product when you are creating landing pages or creating content.

Poor CTAs

Your CTA is your opportunity to tell your user that it is time to take the next step. This is most often a button or a link that they need to click. If a CTA is not exciting and enticing, users will not click.
The solution:
Create exciting CTAs! Never use words like “Click me”. Use something more dramatic or appealing such as, “look at our free trial”.

Poor Targeting

Who are the people that are most likely to convert? The ones who are interested in your products and services.
It seems to be a simple solution to put your products in front of people that want them. Successful targeting means that you are doing just that. Without targeting, you are throwing money out the window.
The solution:
If you have never set your targets when creating ads, you need to go back to square one. There are tons of options that allow you to serve ads to people who are in the right demographic that is most likely to be interested in your products. There is no benefit to blindly putting your ads in front of everyone.
You can apply the same logic to your content. You should be using vernacular and vocabulary that will not only reach the most users, but will speak to your target audience.


In this day in age, everyone wants to be treated the same. Only, they also want to be treated a little bit better than everyone else too. You need to use that to cater to your buyers. Personalizing your marketing to the user will make them feel as if they are a top priority. The vast majority of customers are more apt to make a purchase from a brand that offers personalization.
The solution:
Change up your marketing to reach different audiences. Use different CTAs and different messages depending on that particular audience. You can customize those CTAs for the people you know will be coming to your site.


A/B testing is one of the best methods to make certain that you are getting the most amount of clicks. A/B testing of your ads lets you make minor changes to small elements in order to test how well they work.
When you A/B test your campaigns, it allows you to tweak and test small elements in order to draw conclusions about what elements perform best. A/B testing could involve wording changes or color tweaks. Perhaps you may use different designs or fonts. The options are practically limitless.
The solution:
A/B test each significant element of your landing pages and your ads. Make sure that you are only making one alteration at a time so that you can tell which change was most influential.

Improve your conversion rate


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