LinkedIn Hashtags: Do They Work?

LinkedIn, the world’s premier professional networking platform, shares a lot in common with what we usually think of as social media platforms. You can write posts that include photos and videos. You can share content. And you can use hashtags. This is all in addition to what makes them “professional” – the ability to list your job history, skills, awards and more. And of course, you can find and apply for jobs using LinkedIn, or find potential employees for any open positions at your own company.  

There are tons of different ways to use LinkedIn. In this post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to LinkedIn hashtags, from understanding their significance to effectively incorporating them into your LinkedIn strategy. We don’t normally associate LinkedIn with hashtags, but you can, and indeed should, use them on the platform.


What’s a LinkedIn Hashtag? 

Hashtags are not exclusive to LinkedIn; they are used across most social media platforms. Their primary purpose is to categorize and organize content so that people interested in certain topics can easily find posts about the topic. Hashtags range from serious issues, such as wars and protests, to lighthearted topics, like new dance moves. 

When you use a hashtag in your LinkedIn posts, you’re essentially contributing to a discussion that is taking place on the platform. Some people may read your post, some may share it, some may reply. Or maybe people won’t see it at all. But you may as well try. If you were in a crowded place and you were the only person to see a fire, you’d probably shout out “Fire” and not remain silent. Think about hashtags like fires. If you have something to say about a topic, hashtags are a way to say something. 


Using hashtags on LinkedIn helps your business grow and brand awareness in multiple ways:


Increased Visibility: 

LinkedIn members often search for and follow hashtags related to their professional careers or professional passions. By using hashtags in your posts, your content can show up in these searches and reach a wider audience.


Enhanced Discoverability: 

Posts with well-thought out hashtags are more discoverable to users who may not be connected with you. This can result in more profile views and connection requests from like-minded professionals. So if you’re looking to hire new people experienced in your field, why not add “#nowhiringxindustry.” 

For example, if you need an accountant who specializes in e-commerce, you could write a  job description, include a link, then end the post with #accountantswanted.


Engagement Boost: 

We talk a lot about Google’s algorithm but LinkedIn has one too. LinkedIn’s algorithm takes into account the use of hashtags when determining the visibility of your posts. Well-selected hashtags mean you’ll place higher when a person searches for that hashtag. This leads to increased engagement on your content, which can lead to more opportunities and connections.


Networking Opportunities:

Every business needs other businesses. So if you were looking for web developers (and didn’t know about us yet), you could explain your needs on LinkedIn, then add the hashtash #webdevelopers. 

Users who are web developers, or are interested in web development, might reach out to you with suggestions on what you can call.

Keep in mind that hashtags are not just about getting likes and comments; they’re also about finding and engaging with people who share your interests. By using relevant hashtags, you can connect with professionals in your field. Companies that work together often accomplish more than they do on their own, while competing with each other.

event networking


Choosing the Right Hashtags:

To make the most of the power of LinkedIn hashtags, you need to select them thoughtfully. Here are some strategies to help you choose the right ones:


Be Specific: 

While using broad hashtags like #business or #marketing may garner some attention, more specific hashtags are better. For example, if you’re in marketing, consider using #ContentMarketing or #SEO instead.


Find Trending Hashtags: 

LinkedIn provides tips on trending hashtags. You can find them on LinkedIn by using the search bar. Start with a hashtag then begin typing keywords related to your industry or topic of interest. LinkedIn will display relevant hashtags along with the number of followers they have.


Competitor Analysis: 

Look at the profiles and posts of your competitors or fellow leaders in positions similar to yours. Take note of the hashtags they use in their posts, and add the same ones to your posts. Just be sure to add your own unique viewpoint to your posts. Add to the conversation. Don’t imitate what others say.


Use Location-Based Hashtags: 

If your business is geographically specific, or you want to connect in the real world with people near you, consider using location-based hashtags, such as #Chicago or #Indiana. These can help you connect with professionals in your area.


Industry-Specific Hashtags: 

Different industries have their own set of hashtags. Research and use these to reach a more targeted audience. For example, if you’re in the legal cannabis industry, hashtags like #CBDinsomnia or #THC might be appropriate.


Maximizing the Impact of LinkedIn Hashtags:

Now that you understand the importance of choosing the right hashtags, let’s explore how to make the best use of them. 


Limit the Number of Hashtags in Each Post:

 While LinkedIn allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in a post, it’s not always beneficial to use them all. Overloading your posts with hashtags can appear spammy and dilute the effectiveness of each one. Aim for a balanced approach, typically between 3 to 10 relevant hashtags per post. Using any more than that comes off as overkill. 


Place Them Strategically: 

Where you place your hashtags matters. You can either include them in the body of your post or in the first comment you reply to. Experiment with both methods to see which works best for your audience.


Engage with Hashtags: 

If you want to talk to someone in real life, you need to talk to them first. So engage with the conversations happening under the hashtags you follow. Comment on posts, like and share relevant content, and connect with professionals who share your interests. Eventually, they’ll notice your efforts and do the same for you. 


Create Your Own Hashtags: 

Establishing your own unique hashtag can help brand your content and make it easily discoverable by your followers. For instance, if you’re a life coach, you could create a hashtag like #LifeSuccessWithYourName.


Analyze and Start Fresh: 

LinkedIn provides analytics for your posts. Review your post performance to see which hashtags are driving the most likes, shares or comments. Based on this data, adjust your hashtag strategy for future posts. When one hashtag gets a lot of attention, use it again and try to use similar ones. 


Common LinkedIn Hashtags:

While the hashtags you use should be specific to your industry and content, here are some common LinkedIn hashtags that can be a good starting point:









#WorkLifeBalance LinkedIn hashtag pictures


What are Hashtags Best Practices?

Like everything, there are some tried and true techniques to follow on LinkedIn. 


Stay Professional: 

LinkedIn is a professional platform, so ensure that your hashtags are relevant to your industry and maintain a professional tone. Now if you work in comedy, your posts can be funny. But if you work in healthcare, that may not work so well. 


Don’t Spam: 

Avoid using irrelevant hashtags just to increase your reach. For example, there are many political causes with strong hashtags, but adding them to a post about your business may not be appropriate. This can backfire and hurt your credibility on the platform.



While hashtags can help increase your visibility, genuine engagement with the people who reply to you is equally important. Respond to comments, messages, and connect with new professionals authentically. Don’t send copy and pasted LinkedIn invitations to everyone with the same message. Take the time to include the person’s name and any connection you may have. 

TikTok has a lot of power in this world, far beyond dances and slime videos. News organizations and private companies use TikTok to explain concepts and increase brand awareness. Likewise, LinkedIn hashtags can expand your sales, improve your job candidate pools, find new B2B connections and increase your presence as a thought leader in your field. By selecting the right hashtags, engaging with relevant conversations, and analyzing your performance, you can harness their power to boost your visibility, connect with like-minded professionals, and propel your career and or business to new heights. 

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