How to Announce Your Promotion on LinkedIn

Did you recently receive a promotion at your company? Congratulations! Now, it’s time to announce your promotion on LinkedIn. It is important to inform not only your colleagues of your promotion, but also the rest of your LinkedIn network. Of course, you want to announce your update in an engaging way that appears excited, but not conceited. In this article, we will tell you how to announce your promotion on LinkedIn, why adding promotions to LinkedIn is important, and more tips for how to post a job announcement on LinkedIn.

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How to Announce Your Promotion on LinkedIn

Promotions are on the rise! If you are one of the lucky ones to receive a promotion, congrats. There are several different ways to announce a new job or a new position on LinkedIn. For example, you can update your existing position, create a new post announcing your promotion, write a blog post and share the link on LinkedIn ‒ the options are unlimited.

Best Time to Announce Your Promotion on LinkedIn

You might be wondering when is the best time to post your promotion post on LinkedIn. It is definitely best to ensure that everyone at your company, including all of your colleagues, already know about your promotion. It is best to wait about a week before you add your promotion publicly on LinkedIn.

Why It Is Important to Create a New Position Post on LinkedIn

You might be wondering if it is really necessary to write a post on LinkedIn about your new promotion. Here are some benefits to posting a job promotion announcement on LinkedIn:

Create More Networking Opportunities

When you update your LinkedIn profile, it gives you the opportunity to expand your network and connect with others who hold the same or similar position in your industry. This can lead to collaboration, mentorship, and other career advancement opportunities. 

Show Off Your Achievements and Skills

LinkedIn isn’t the platform for modesty! It is the perfect platform to announce your job achievements and receive recognition for your hard work. 

Show Up in More Job Searches

Adding a promotion or updating your work experience on LinkedIn greatly increases your visibility in relevant job searches and helps potential future employers find you.

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How to Make a Promotion Post on LinkedIn

Here are the steps for the best way to how to add promotions to LinkedIn:

Update Your Experience Section

The first step is to update your LinkedIn profile with your new job title and duties. It is important to keep your profile updated with your most recent data. This includes updating a new position within the same company if you were promoted or shifted roles. Simply go to “Experience” under your profile and click “Add Position.”

Add Featured Section

You can use the “Featured” section on your LinkedIn profile to share more details about you promotion at the top of your page. Simply find the “Add Profile” section and choose “Recommended” and “Add Featured.” In this section, you can write a post, an article, or a newsletter, if one was written about your promotion. 

Update Your Headline and Summary

Make sure to update your headline and summary to accurately reflect your new position and responsibilities. Your headline should include your new job title. (For an added bonus, add some keywords that recruiters or others in your industry might search for. This will help you rank higher in LinkedIn searches.) 

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Write a Post Announcing Your Promotion

Next, it’s time to craft a post sharing the good news of your promotion with all of your LinkedIn connections! Make sure to express your gratitude, mention your new responsibilities, and express excitement. You can even tag and thank your company, bosses, colleagues, or anyone who helped you reach this point in your career.

Share the News

If your company has announced your promotion on its own LinkedIn page or website, you can share the post with your network on LinkedIn.

Write a Blog Post or Article

If you have your own blog or website, consider writing a post about your promotion. You can include this link in your LinkedIn post to direct your network back to your own website. In the post, you can discuss your thoughts on the transition, provide insights in your career and industry, and more.

Thank Your Connections

Don’t forget to thank any of your connections who reach out to congratulate you on your new promotion. You can do this in the comments of your post, or even reach out to your connections directly and one-on-one through LinkedIn messages. (While there are ways you can automate your responses to these comments with a tool like the Linked Helper, we recommend that you respond organically.) 

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Shortcut for How to Post a Job Promotion on LinkedIn

If you want to skip all those lengthy steps, here are the quick steps you can take to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your promotion: 

  • On your LinkedIn profile, click the “Me” icon
  • Choose “View Profile” 
  • Scroll down to the “Experience” section and choose the pencil icon
  • Each job will have a pencil icon next to it
  • Update your profile with your new job information including your new job title, job description, start date, and more
  • Once you have made the necessary changes, click “Save” and your profile will be updated.

Another option is to add your promotion on LinkedIn as though you are adding an entirely new job. In order to do so, scroll down to your “Experience” section. Then, click the plus sign. Choose “Add Position” and move on to the next step.

How to Make a Post on LinkedIn About New Job 

Perhaps instead of a promotion, you have gotten a new job entirely. There are also ways to announce a new job on LinkedIn

how to make a post on linkedin about new job

Get More LinkedIn Tips

Now, you know how to announce your promotion on LinkedIn. Announcing your promotion is just one way you can use LinkedIn. SEO Design Chicago has plenty more LinkedIn marketing tips you can utilize. 


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