How to Advertise on Linkedin 101 – A Beginners Guide

Linkedin is one of the most popular social networking sites available today, boasting over 500 million users. It is a platform for professionals and job-seekers alike go to connect and grow in their prospective careers. It is also a great social media advertising platform.

In addition to maintaining a LinkedIn page, advertising on Linkedin can be beneficial for job-seekers finding a new career opportunity, and of course, employers searching to find the right candidate for their company. If you want to improve lead generation and brand awareness, you should learn how to post an ad on LinkedIn.

Ways to Advertise on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn offers two different options of advertising to suit your marketing needs. You may choose self-serve LinkedIn ads, or LinkedIn partner solutions. If you choose self-serve, you will have complete control of your campaign and you will determine every aspect of the process. You choose your target audience, your budget, and when you would like your campaigns to begin and end.

If you choose LinkedIn partner solutions, you will be put in contact with experts, who will provide you with further access to premium advertising displays, management of your ads and daily budget.

LinkedIn Self Serve Ads

Linkedin self serve ads are a quick and cost effective way to reach your targeted members. You are given the ability to specify your audience based on many different factors, including age, company or location. These ads are a great way to gain leads without breaking the bank. You control the budget and your desired members, so you will not be wasting time or money reaching out to an irrelevant audience.

Linkedin offers three different ways to do self serve ads:

  1. Sponsored Content – With sponsored content ads, you will have the ability to choose your target audience and have your ad appear on their newsfeed. The ad will first appear on your company page, then it will be promoted to your targeted member’s pages as well. This is a great marketing tool because your ad doesn’t just appear on the sidebar or on the top of the page; it is in their feed and has a greater chance to be viewed.
  2. Text Ads – Text ads are a pay-per-click option that will feature your ad at the top of a member’s page, or in Linkedin messenger. Text ads are great because you can test out multiple different formats to see what gains the most interest from your desired audience. You also will not be charged unless a member actually clicks on your ad. Text and Dynamic Ads run in the LinkedIn feed on the right rail.
  3. Sponsored InMail Ads -These ads are a great way to send personalized messages to your most desired audience. These messages are only sent to Linkedin members that are currently using the platform, so you can rest assured that your ads will reach a relevant audience. InMail ads are based on a cost per send model, and you can determine your audience prior to sending out your ads.

Linkedin Company Pages

Many people wonder whether they need a Linkedin company page in order to utilize advertising services. While you may not necessarily need to set up a Linkedin company page to post ads, it may be beneficial to help expand your audience and gain followers prior to posting ads.

A company page also allows you to pin your most important updates to the top of the page where they will stay until you remove them. Once you have your company page set up, you will be able to test your ads to make sure they are well received by your audience; this can help you save time and money in the future.

Creating your Linkedin Ad

Once you are familiar with the different types of ads, and decide whether you want a company page, you are ready to begin advertising. You will first need to get started with the campaign manager. Linkedin makes this process easy by taking you through each of the following steps:

  • Choose your preferred Linkedin ad format
  • Choose the name of your ad campaign
  • Create the ad you want to publish
  • Select the target audience you wish to reach
  • Specify your campaign dates and bidding options
  • Enter your payment details and review your campaign
  • Manage and optimize your campaign

As you can see, Linkedin ads are one of the greatest ways to increase leads and market your business. Linkedin makes advertising simple and helps you streamline your ads so you are reaching only your desired audience. Advertising on Linkedin puts you in control of your professional life, and future of your business.

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