What Is the Best Time and Day to Post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an often overlooked social media tool that when used effectively, can boost sales and drive brand awareness. You should have a personal LinkedIn page, even if you’re not job hunting and your company should also have a company page. It’s especially important for any B2B business to regularly post to LinkedIn to show potential clients how and why you stand out from the competition. 

However, there are good times and bad times to post on LinkedIn. Why post if no one sees it? Of course, people visit LinkedIn at all times of the day and on every day of the week. But your posts are likely to be seen on certain days and at certain times. Here, we have developed a guide to help you figure out when to post on LinkedIn to get the best results.

best time to post on linkedin

Does LinkedIn Really Matter?

Yes, LinkedIn does matter. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that LinkedIn is only useful for job hunters. It’s a key tool for businesses to prove to possible clients that they are industry experts, have loads of experience, and keep up to date on the latest research. LinkedIn is also important because it usually appears on page one of Google search engine results pages (SERPs) whenever a person searches for a company’s name or the name of a company’s founder.

Your LinkedIn profile will likely appear right underneath or somewhere near your company website, so don’t overlook this wonderful opportunity to build brand awareness, build trust with potential clients, and push down any negative comments about your company onto page two or three of results. 

LinkedIn offers a free plan, or you can pay to upgrade to other plans starting at $39.99 per month. If your goal is just to prove you are an industry expert, a free LinkedIn plan should do the job.

You can also place an ad on LinkedIn. LinkedIn says the ads are worth the cost because 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members are decision-makers at companies. So if they see your ad, and like what they see, they may become a paying client. LinkedIn ads are customizable, so the only people who will see them are those that fit your target customer base. The ads can appear in a user’s news feed, in messages, or on their desktop. Some ads also include a LinkedIn lead generation form. That means that when a customer interacts with certain ads, that person will see a pre-filled form that makes reaching out to you easy. They barely need to type a word, and you’ll get their contact info. Does lead generation get any easier? 

What Should My LinkedIn Profile Include?

Some companies have LinkedIn profiles for their businesses. Others just rely on the chief operating officers’ profiles to showcase what a company does. Other companies do both. A LinkedIn company page has benefits like displaying a company’s logo prominently, listing job openings, and giving multiple people authorization to manage a page. A personal page usually includes a person’s photo and only one person can manage it.

In either or both cases, LinkedIn displays a number of features about a company and allows a company to display authority in an area. It allows people to easily see your years of experience, client reviews, skills, awards, training, and industry connections. You should summarize what your company does right underneath your profile picture. You can also create and share videos on LinkedIn. 

best day to post on linkedin

So When Is the Best Time and Day to Post on LinkedIn?

There are good, better, and best times to post on LinkedIn. Posting anytime is better than never posting at all. So if you are a night owl, go ahead and post at midnight. But you’ll probably get more views and more shares on that post if you post it at a time of day most people are looking at LinkedIn. You also want to keep in mind how people think, and what their workload is throughout the week when thinking about the best time to post.

Hootsuite, a social media management tool, has found that the best time to post on LinkedIn is at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Busy at that time? Don’t worry. You can schedule a post in advance on LinkedIn between an hour and 3 months ahead of your desired posting time. You can also use a service like Hootsuite to schedule all of your social media posts. 

Here are the other best days and times to post on LinkedIn:

  • Monday at 11:00 a.m.
  • Tuesday between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday at noon
  • Thursday at 2:00 p.m. 
  • Friday at 8:00 a.m.

Weekends are generally not the best time to post on LinkedIn, but if you must, do it early. You want to catch people as they scroll in bed or during their morning coffees. 

How Do I Know If My Posts on LinkedIn Are Being Seen By Anyone Regardless of When I Post?

There’s no need to waste your time posting to LinkedIn if no one is seeing your posts or sharing your posts. Fortunately, you can use the platform’s analytics tools to see who is looking at your posts and what they’re doing with your posts. Their built-in analytics tool shows you how many people are visiting your page, how many people have followed you, what your competitors are doing, and if you are getting any leads through your page. 

To find the analytics tool, go to the LinkedIn dashboard in the upper left-hand corner of the desktop version of LinkedIn. Click on analytics. You will then see options to see data about visitors, updates, followers, competitors, leads, and employee advocacy. You can always find a quick summary of what’s happened on your LinkedIn page in the last 30 days on the left-hand side of your homepage. Here’s a little more to know about each data tool.


Visitors are people who come to your page but don’t follow you. You can see when they visit and perhaps post during the times and days they tend to visit. Then hopefully, they can become followers.


Followers subscribe to your feed so that they never miss what you say. If you’ve been seeing an increase in your number of followers, keep doing what you’re doing! Clearly, your posts are resonating with your audience.


Competitors show you what others in your space are doing with their LinkedIn pages. The tool is still in development but it’s worth checking out.

Employee Advocacy 

Employee advocacy shows you how employees at your company who have LinkedIn accounts are engaging with the posts you’ve created. You can encourage your employees to like and share your posts to build your company’s LinkedIn profile. 

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How Analytics Can Help You Figure Out What to Post

Once you get used to monitoring your LinkedIn analytics, you’ll know what and when to post on LinkedIn in the future. When you see that a post has been shared or clicked on or liked, that’s a sign that you should do more posts like that one. It may also be a sign that you posted at the right time of day on the right day. If you see that your post has gotten no likes, no impressions, or hasn’t been shared, think about why your visitors and followers aren’t engaging with the content. It may be that the content wasn’t visual enough. It may be that the content didn’t teach them anything new. It may be that you’re posting during a bad time. 

For ideas on what to post on LinkedIn and when to post on LinkedIn, reach out to us at SEO Design Chicago. We have a content creation team that specializes in producing web content and social media content. Our content team has been proven to help companies build brand awareness, increase web traffic, and generate sales. We’d love to do the same for your business, as well!


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