How Can Aerial Drone Photography Make Your Business Stand Out?

Aerial drone photography is a new and fantastic method to make your business stand out. Everyone knows that custom photography is a no-brainer when it comes to marketing. However, aerial drone photography is the next step for businesses who really want to stand out. Drone photography is an underutilized but hugely beneficial tool in the marketing world. Aerial drones are capable of gathering breathtaking images that on-the-ground or even in-person cameras cannot come close to matching. Drone photography is used in many industries, including real estate, construction, tourism, and more. If you want your business to stand out from the competition, using aerial drone photography and videography can help you get the visuals you need to stun and impress your target audience.

What is a Drone?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), an unmanned aerial vehicle, typically called a drone, is an aircraft controlled by an operator from the ground. Drones are often used to take aerial photographs and videos, sometimes for TV and film, sometimes for marketing materials, and more.

What is Drone Photography?

You are most likely familiar with aerial drone photography and drone videography. Whether you realize it or not, you have probably seen aerial drone photographs and videos before! Drone photography is the capture of photos and videos by an remotely operated autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle – more commonly referred to as a drone.

Drone Production Companies

Can’t I just do it myself, people ask? Sure, in theory you could probably go purchase a drone, get it licensed, and use it yourself to take photos and videos. However, it takes a lot of work – and paperwork. Rather, you can utilize the services of a professional drone production company to help you produce the highest-quality, breathtaking images and videos you need to convert your clients. One of the best drone production companies we have worked with is Drone Media Chicago. Drone Media Chicago, founded in 2014, delivers the best drone photos and videos not just in Chicago, but worldwide.

What Industries Utilize Drone Photography and Drone Videography?

There are a variety of uses for aerial drone photography. If you are looking for stunning images or video of any kind, aerial drone photography can provide unmatched visuals for a website, TV commercial, or any kind of marketing materials. There is no better way to show off a property or major event than with drone photos! Here are a few examples of industries that regularly use the services of drone production companies: 

  • Residential and commercial real estate companies
  • TV and film productions
  • Architects, developers, and construction companies
  • Travel and tourism commissions 
  • News agencies 
  • Hotels, resorts, and theme parks 
  • Outdoor festivals and events
  • Sporting events 
  • Farming
  • Wildlife photography and videography
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How is Drone Photography Used to Help Businesses Stand Out?

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Identify Your Business 

If you have a large business, for example, a winery, photos or videos taken by a drone can really show off the scale of your business in a way that photos taken from the ground simply cannot. These photos and videos can be used in your social media, marketing materials, and more.

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Showcase Your Event

Aerial drone photography can also be used to take photos and videos of live outdoor events, like festivals. For example, you can take a drone video of people having fun at a corporate event and then use it in your advertisements and marketing materials for the following years’ events. (If you are so inclined, you can even use a drone photographer to capture photos and videos of your wedding!)

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Demonstrate Progress on a Project

You can also utilize aerial drone photography and videography to capture the progress of a development or project. For example, if you are building a brand-new high rise in downtown Chicago, you can periodically capture images and video from a drone to document the progress of the project. This is helpful for progress updates, but also for sentimental and historic value of capturing history being made!

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Show Off a Property

If you are in real estate and selling a large property, aerial drone photography, or even better, videography, could be the key to making the huge sale. There is no better way to show off a large, luxurious property than with an overhead video showing it off!

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For Tourism Purposes

Another common use of drone photography and videography is to promote tourism in a certain location. There is nothing like a video taken from a drone to show off a gorgeous beach and ocean for an advertisement to encourage people to visit an island!

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News Coverage

Drones are an excellent way to obtain footage of disaster areas and other newsworthy events for news agencies. They are much smaller and less noisy than a news helicopter, yet can obtain excellent footage.

Pros of Using Aerial Drone Photography for Your Business

There are several benefits to utilizing aerial drone photography and video for your business. Here are some pros of using a drone:


Because of their small size, drones are able to fly into areas and capture footage that may not have been accessible before. Drones are very versatile.


Though you may be concerned about the price of drone photography and videography, many customers find that it is not as expensive as they thought. In fact, drone photography is almost always cheaper than using airplane or helicopter photography, and can produce higher-quality shots.


Drones are able to capture images on a scale that photographers on the ground cannot. Photos and videos taken by a drone are truly breathtaking images on a large scale.

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Full HD-Quality

Some people are concerned that a drone cannot produce high-quality images. However, the opposite is true. Drones are capable of producing full HD-quality photos that will impress even the toughest clients.

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Minimal Interference

Drones are extremely quiet and small, which means that they cause minimal interference on a work site, or even out in nature. Drones are commonly used for wildlife photography and videography because they are quiet, don’t disturb animals, and can go into areas that might not be as safe for people.

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Statistics about Drone Photography

  • According to the FAA, the two top commercial uses for drones are for aerial photography (34%) and real estate (26%). 
  • Real estate listings with aerial shots sold 68% quicker than listings with regular, standard photos. 
  • The number of commercial drones is expected to double by 2024, according to the FAA. This is clear evidence that drone photography is an exploding industry!

More Benefits of Hiring a Drone Photographer:

  • Drone photography highlights not just the features of a property or event, but of an entire neighborhood
  • Drones provide scenic, gorgeous photos and videos
  • Photos and videos from a drone help provide professional-looking content for websites, marketing materials, commercials, and more 
  • Captures competitive, hard-to-find angles of any subject
  • Attracts the attention of potential customers and clients
  • Helps you outrank your competition in a myriad of ways!
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Drone Photography in Chicago

If you are looking for drone photography and/or videography in your area to help your business stand out online, look no further. Contact SEO Design Chicago or Drone Media Chicago today to get the most impressive, breathtaking images for your company.

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