How Can Sports Photography Take Your Game to the Next Level?

Sports photography is more than just taking photos of athletics. Sports photography captures the intensity of the game in a fleeting moment. Custom sports photography from SEO Design Chicago can help you immortalize these powerful instances in creative and visual ways. Take your game to the next level with our in-house photography team led by Steven Barston. SEO Design Chicago offers more than just the best action shots in sports photography. We also offer high-quality photographs that capture the pure emotion of sport as well as graphical photographs that tell a story through tiny details. The team at SEO Design Chicago provides the best sports photography for your marketing needs—from game-winning action to team portraits to merchandising photographs—SEO Design Chicago handles it all.

What is Sports Photography?

Sports photography captures sports, games, exercises, and other activities. Sports photography covers a wide range from daily life photography to photojournalism.

Types of Sports Photography

  • Vernacular (daily life photography)
  • Amateur sports photography
  • Professional sports photography, including NBA photography, MLB photography, WNBA photography, NHL photography, and NFL photography
Deron Williams NBA Sports Photography

Sports Photography Portfolio

Sports photography brings drama through striking images. Capture all the action in perfect timing. Whether you want to relive the game or commemorate players in portraits, SEO Design Chicago offers the best sports photography in Chicago and LA. Let us help you create a sports photography portfolio today.

What Industries Use Sports Photography?

Sports photography is often used in media. Sports and athletic photographs are a great supplement to the editorial coverage that newspapers and magazines provide. Sports photography also helps to market athletic brands and promote different sports within the sports industry such as NBA, MLB, WNBA, NHL, and NFL.

Russell Westbrook NBA

How CAN sports Photography make your TEAM a winner?

Tyson Chandler

Portrait Photography

Capture the essence, personality, and attitude of the athletes with SEO Design Chicago’s sports portrait photography. Athlete photography is a great way to market your sports team or design memorabilia.

Crazy Eyed Killa MMA Ripfire Photography

Emotion Photography

It’s the thrill after a game-winning shot. It’s the blow of having a teammate taken out of the game. Whatever emotions the game stirs up, SEO Design Chicago’s sports photographers are there to record them.

Arron Afflalo NBA Sports Photograph

Graphical Photography

With graphical photography, SEO Design Chicago’s professional photographers tell a story through details and small moments. From the player’s helmets pointed at the coach to a challenge flag laying at an athlete’s feet, these artistic shots are a powerful way to tell the story of sports.

Floyd Mayweather Photos

Close-Up Photography

Evocative shots of blood, sweat, and tears tell the story behind the winning game. Close-up photography from SEO Design Chicago draws attention to the moments worth highlighting.

Tyler Zeller NBA Sports

Editorial Photography

Showcase amazing displays of athletic skill and tell sports stories with editorial photography. SEO Design Chicago’s sports editorial photography is the perfect complement for newspaper stories or sports magazines.

Jerryd Bayless

Action Photography

Jump shots. Goalie saves. Finish line crosses. With SEO Design Chicago’s action photography, you’ll remember every exciting moment of the game.

pros of sports photography

There are several benefits of using SEO Design Chicago’s sports photography.


Capture your love of sports in stunning photographs. SEO Design Chicago’s professional sports photographers are passionate about portraying your love of the game. 


Sports photography can be challenging given the constant movement and potential for inclement weather, but with SEO Design Chicago’s professionals, your sports photographs will capture the action clearly every time.


From telling a story to advertisements, SEO Design Chicago’s sports photography is a powerful marketing strategy for professional sports teams.

Rashad Mccants NBA


The professionals at SEO Design Chicago know sports and they know that you only have one chance to catch those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Enjoy those moments for years to come with our high-quality photographs.

Paul Pierce NBA Sports Photograph


The professional sports photographers at SEO Design Chicago will provide you with professional results. Let us use our years of experience to create memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Cole Alderich NBA Sports Photo
Kevin Love
Jerryd Bayless NBA Sports Photography
Kevin Love NBA Sports Photography

Facts about Sports Photography

  • Sports photography became popular in the early 20th century. At this time, shutter speed and lens quality improved so cameras could take clearer images of objects and people in motion.
  • The first issue of Sports Illustrated was released in 1954. Now sports fans could read about their favorite sports and athletes.
  • Sports photographers need to have detailed knowledge of the sport they’re photographing so they can capture pivotal moments.

More Benefits of Hiring a Professional Sports Photographer:

  • Our talented sports photographers will capture the heroic moments in a blink of an eye.
  • Our professional sports photographers have the equipment and experience needed to get high-quality images no matter what.
  • Our in-house photography team has over 20 years of experience in sports photography.
Marcus Drew James Sports Photography

Sports Photographers in Chicago

If you are looking for sports photography and/or videography in Chicago or nationwide to help your business stand out online, look no further. Contact SEO Design Chicago today to get the most impressive, breathtaking images for your company.

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