How Can Fashion Photography Make Your Brand Stand Out?

Fashion photography is the perfect way to set your brand apart from the others. Custom photography is key for successfully marketing your brand and your products, particularly if you’re in the apparel or beauty industry. Why settle for standard photography when you can take your business to the next level with the best fashion photography?

SEO Design Chicago offers the best fashion photographers in Chicago with our in house photography team led by Steven Barston. Fashion photography is used in editorials to tell stories, to sell apparel in catalogs and on websites, and to promote fashion brands.

Fashion photography is crucial to creating product appeal and increasing your marketing efforts. SEO Design Chicago is a top fashion photographer and can help you create a fashion photography portfolio.If you’re in the Chicago or LA area, SEO Design Chicago provides fashion photography for industries such as media, hospitality, retail, fortune 500, and manufacturing. We can help you with your high fashion, street fashion, editorial fashion, or catalog photography.

What Types of Photos Sell Fashion?

Fashion photography includes different subsets of fashion genres. The type of photos you choose to use depends on the overall goal of your marketing strategy. Fashion photography ranges from high fashion to catalogs to advertising. Unleash your creative vision with SEO Design Chicago’s fashion photography.

What is Fashion Photography?

SEO Design Chicago’s fashion photography covers topics such as runway shows, brand catalogs, advertising, editorials, and model portfolios. The diversity of SEO Design Chicago’s fashion photography means you’ll find the perfect style to fit your needs.

Photography for Emerging Fashion Designers

Fashion Photography Portfolio

The diversity of fashion photography provides a unique set of challenges when it comes to getting photographs that are creative and high-quality. To market your products effectively, you’ll need a professional fashion photographer who specializes in your specific genre. SEO Design Chicago offers the best fashion photography in Chicago and LA.

What Industries Use Fashion Photography?

There are countless uses for fashion photography. Fashion photography is perfect for marketing apparel and beauty products. Fashion photography also focuses on glamour and portraits as well. Fashion photography is all about branding. These photographs attract viewers and create an identity that surrounds your products and your brand. Fashion photography is a fantastic way to advertise clothing and apparel such as tee shirts, dresses, and lingerie. It also works great for advertising beauty products and accessories. It is effective for retail, hospitality, and media.

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Fashion Photography Chicago

Look Book Photography

Use SEO Design Chicago’s fashion photography to create a Look Book to display your fashion designer’s new items in context.

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Editorial Fashion Photography

Provide a narrative for your brand with SEO Design Chicago’s lifestyle fashion photography. Relate to your viewers and inspire them to own your products.

Fashion Photography Services

Glamour Photography

Highlight elegance with Chicago glamour photography. Our fashion photographers will capture stunning beauty.

Content Creation for Instagram

Street Fashion Photography

Our Chicago fashion photographers and LA fashion photographers will capture your products in the real world and show how people use your products or wear your brand.

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Advertising Fashion Photography

Design an ad campaign that delivers your brand’s message. Keep it simple or add intricacy to your style. Our top fashion photographers will provide the best fashion photography for your needs.

Chicago Fashion Photography

Catalog Fashion Photography

Show off your apparel and other products with beautifully designed photographs by SEO Design Chicago. Our clothing photographers provide high-quality photographs for catalogs.

Benefits of fashion photography

There are several benefits of using SEO Design Chicago’s fashion photography for your business.

Stylish Branding

SEO Design Chicago’s fashion photography is eye-catching! We can help you create a visual representation of your brand. 


Fashion photography is an art form. Display the beauty of your model and the stylist’s creativity in a stunning aesthetic courtesy of SEO Design Chicago.


Whether you are telling a story or advertising products, using fashion photography from SEO Design Chicago is an effective marketing strategy.

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SEO Design Chicago’s fashion photography gives you a consistent, clean, professional look for your brand.

Kronos Hair Beauty Photography


Fashion photography can elevate your business. With professional fashion photographs from SEO Design Chicago, you have high-quality images that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

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Statistics about Fashion Photography

  • The most common industries that use fashion photography are retail, fortune 500 companies, hospitality, media, and manufacturing.
  • 4 types of fashion photography are catalog photography, high fashion photography, street fashion photography, and editorial fashion photography.
  • The earliest known fashion photographs date back to the 1850s in the court of Napoleon III.

More Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fashion Photographer:

  • Our Chicago fashion photographers and LA fashion photographers will take your brand presence to the next level.
  • Our fashion photography professionals will craft your photographs to make them shine.
  • The premium photography from our top fashion photographers can increase your sales.
  • Over 20 years experience shooting fashion photography completed by our in house team.
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Fashion Photographers in Chicago

If you are looking for fashion or beauty photography and/or videography in Chicago or nationwide to help your business stand out online, look no further. Contact SEO Design Chicago today to get the most impressive, breathtaking images for your company.

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