Why is Music Photography Important? 

Don’t under appreciate music photography! Of course you want your audience to listen to your music, but before they can do that, they need to know who you are. Music photography can help you promote your talent and increase your fan base. You can share professional concert photographs and tour photography across social media. Music photography also complements any press you receive. SEO Design Chicago’s music photographers, led by Steven Barston, will create striking visuals of your band.

What is Music Photography?

Music photographers take professional photographs of singers, bands, and artists while they are on and offstage. Music photography helps artists promote their talent and grow their fan base.

Types of Music Photography

Music photography takes place on and off the stage. These photographs capture the entire musical experience.

  • Concert and live band photography
  • Festival photography
  • Tour photography
  • Studio and portrait photography
  • Marketing and promotional photography
  • Electronic press kit photography
  • Record label photography
  • Album photography
  • Behind-the-scenes music videos
Meiko 944 Magazine Photography

Music and Band Photography Portfolios

Whether you want band photography or you’re a classical pianist in need of high-quality images, SEO Design Chicago can help you build your portfolio of music photographs. We can provide you with the best music photographers in Chicago and LA. Let us create your iconic band photos today!

5 Reasons Musicians Need Pro Photography

Photographs are the first thing that people look at before they even hear your music. SEO Design Chicago can help musicians promote their talents with high-quality music photography. Here are 5 reasons musicians need professional photographs.

  1. Professional music photography can help you build your brand and become an instantly recognizable face.
  2. Professional photographs of musicians in action are key marketing material. Make your music come alive with concert photography and live band photography.
  3. Highlight yourself as a professional musician with professional photographs. Those grainy photos on your phone won’t do you any favors in the competitive music industry.
  4. Stand out online with professional music photography. In today’s image-saturated internet, SEO Design Chicago’s professional music photographers can take your social media to the next level.
  5. SEO Design Chicago’s professional music photographers can expertly capture you and your music style without any unflattering images.
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How CAN Music Photography Help YOUR band STAND OUT?

Alkaline Trio Alternative Press Magazine Photography

Identify Your Brand 

Professional photos from SEO Design Chicago can help you develop your brand. Share the real you with your fans and express the essence of your music in photography.

JeffTweedy Wilco Guitar World

Promote Events

Use SEO Design Chicago’s professional music photographs to promote your concerts, festivals, and tours.

Travis Barker Blink 182 Music Photography

Sell More Merch

Show off your merchandise in style with SEO Design Chicago’s array of photography.

Dan Estrin Hoobastank Guitar World

Increase Social Media Following

Social media is all about the visuals! Attract the attention of more followers with striking photographs from SEO Design Chicago.

Richard Patrick Filter Alterative Press Music

Create Album Art

Music photography from SEO Design Chicago creates stunning, eye-catching album art.

Blake Sennett Rilo Kiley Guitar World Music Photos

Get Better Press Coverage

Encourage the press to provide more coverage of your music by providing high-quality, professional photographs to accompany their articles.

DJ Quik Scratch Magazine Music Photography
Ashley Roberts Pussycat Dolls Photos
Kendrick Lamar Complex Magazine Music
Stephanie Quayle Country Music Photography
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Benefits of use Professional music photography

SEO Design Chicago’s professional music photographers will create iconic band photos.


Professional music photos from SEO Design Chicago can be used for a variety of purposes from marketing your band to selling merchandise.


SEO Design Chicago’s professional music photographers will handle the photography process from start to finish. They’ll shoot your photos and process them to provide you with the highest quality images.

High Quality

Establish yourself as a professional musician with professional photographs. SEO Design Chicago’s music photos will elevate your electronic press kits, merchandise, and social media.

Pharrell 944 Magazine Music Photography


SEO Design Chicago will create music photographs that reflect your personality and the ideal image you have for yourself and your brand.

Chris Whitley Photograph


No more stock photos needed! SEO Design Chicago will create unique and engaging photographs that encapsulate your musical identity.

Marco Music Photography

A Brief History of Music Photography

  • Concert photography became popular during the era of Rock & Roll, particularly during the height of popularity of bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Paul Natkin, one of Chicago’s famous music photographers, debuted in 1975. He captured the beginning of many rock legends’ careers including Ozzy Osbourne, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince.
  • In the 1980s, musicians hired photographs to follow them around every day. This personal photography provided fans with a glimpse in musicians’ personal lives.
  • Today, music photography has taken the internet by storm. With social media, musicians can share their passion for music with fans all over the world.

Hire SEO Design Chicago’s Pros

  • Our in-house photography team has over 20 years experience in the music photography industry.
  • Music photos from SEO Design Chicago can improve your professional portfolio.
  • SEO Design Chicago provides stunning photographs that will attract attention from the press and future fans.
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Music Photographers in Chicago

If you are looking for music photography and/or videography in Chicago, LA, or nationwide to help your business stand out online, look no further. Contact SEO Design Chicago today to get the most impressive, breathtaking images for your company.

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