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Imagine that you’ve got an idea for a brand new product you’re sure will send the community in an almost adrenaline-fueled “Hurrah!” You’ve done your research to find out if there’s a need for it in the market, drawn up sketches and plans, gone into prototyping it, sourced out materials and partners, then determined its total cost for retail. Congratulations! You’ve successfully gone through all the red tape to get the ball rolling. All that’s left would be to commercialize the product, right? Well, your work isn’t quite done though, now is it? 

There’s a process behind launching that product as well. You would want your product to have the best opportunity for news coverage possible. You want more people to be inclined to want to hear (or in this case, read) about it. That is where constructing a press release will become your greatest ally, friend, and wingman, all rolled into a 1-3 page document of factual information regarding your product. This article will walk you through just what a press release is, why it’s used, why it’s important to you, and what you need to do for your product to be kicked off successfully. 

what is a press release

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is an official statement by a business that is given to the press for public knowledge. It is advised and to your advantage that your press release ends short and straight to the point. Think of it as a lede to a newspaper article; including the who, what, when, where, and why in the first paragraph. It divulges the most important information to the public. 

Knowing how to write a press release is a powerful asset public relations uses to report what’s really happening in an industry. Its purpose is to explain clearly and concisely what a company has in store for its targeted community. It is, after all, in its own way a marketing strategy.

You must reach out to the appropriate media channels that will be willing to cover your press release. This requires that you network and connect to those willing to report on your content. One of the best ways to do this is to take part in good faith interactions. You must prioritize genuine interactions, emphasis on “genuine” as the end goal shouldn’t be the reason, but based on the interaction itself. 

Why Are Press Releases Used?

It is a good practice for any upcoming business to utilize press releases. Why? It is above all else, a communication tool that tells people what is going on in your business and why they need to pay attention to it. 

Businesses use this as a way to introduce a new product, a new service, announce or renounce a partnership, spur anticipation, or even get ahead of a company’s public view amidst a crisis. It could even be used to release new research, awards, a change in location, or proposals initiated by an organization. 

One of the goals of a press release is to build bridges, not burn them. Journalists and publishers are busy and you shouldn’t waste their time by being disingenuous. If your press document is uninspired on top of being disrespectful, they most likely wouldn’t bother. The information you send out is to be objective. It is not an advertisement, but a formal analysis.

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Why Is a Press Release Good for Your Business?

When you are successful in delivering a proper press release, its use can improve your SEO. Just as utilizing specific keywords can improve your website’s prominence on SERPs, it could be used for others to find your website. After your product goes public, anyone will be able to find information on it.

Your press release could specify a target audience, which shows your customers’ ability to connect with them, or simply be posted with anchor texts similar to articles like the one you are reading now. This in turn could reach other online businesses through said anchor texts. Even backlinks from other companies after having established a mutual interest in your company could improve your SEO as well.

Another reason a press release is good is how effective it is at branding your business’s image. What a person is looking for from a consumer perspective can’t easily be defined by their want or their need. People are far more complex than that, especially concerning the entire collective globe. On that scale, many psychographics are required to truly grasp the dichotomy that is the human race. 

A business’s press release is a good-faith interaction with the customer. If done correctly, it shows the customer you’re willing to be as open as you can. It is the consumer trusting that the company will be open with the product. It establishes goodwill in hope that the company will be privy to their needs and wants, even if they have no idea what that is. 

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How to Write a Press Release

Form, structure, and legibility are all important for a well-written press release. That is why it is integral for you to take the time to understand the press release format so you can utilize the press release template. The common structure for how to write a press release is as follows:

  • Headline: Also known as the attention grabber! This is where you should insert your keywords. Most title tags and H1 keywords are placed here for optimal reach. It should be short and follow, who, what, when, where, and why?
  • Press contact: The whole point of a press release is to hopefully gain attention. It defeats the purpose if you don’t include your contact information. Be sure to include it so media platforms can reach out to you. 
  • City, state, location: Let them know where your business is located.
  • Body copy: When following structure, press release templates may use the inverted pyramid as a way to get your point across succinctly. Including a quote from the CEO, or someone closely involved in the field will add to the validity of your press release.
  • Boilerplate: This is also known as the mission statement. It defines what your company is about. In order for people to see if your brand is something they want to subscribe to, they should have the chance to see it in its entirety. This goes at the end of your press release and rounds out your document.

However, before you start all of those fantastic basics you should and will learn, the one that gets your press release off the ground is content. Your writing of a press release can not happen if you do not have anything noteworthy to write about. 

What Is Deemed Noteworthy?

Noteworthy can qualify as anything that’s trending, a new event, promotion, or the aforementioned new product, essentially keeping in mind what might be important to the customer. However, be careful when following trends. People can tell what the purpose of a post is, especially if there have been repeated occurrences of that company. It could come off as you only following clicks and not seeking ways to provide for the customer. 

One way to prevent this would be to improve your brand voice. People can tell if a post is genuine. Researching your audience is an important step to finding your selling point. With this information, coming to an understanding of what they appreciate the most would be easier and be fantastic before starting a press release. 

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SEO Design Chicago and Your Press Release

You are one step closer to mastering how to write a press release. SEO Design Chicago provides the necessary departments, skills, and of course, talented individuals who will pave the way towards either a grand opening to information on new research. It may seem like a tedious task to connect on a closer level with your audience given the 1-3 pages needed to explain your entire company’s deal, but it can be done. Those at SEO Design Chicago are the bridges between your company and your community. 


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