Why Local SEO Is Important for Wedding Planners

Have you ever had to plan a wedding? For those who have, you know how stressful and time-consuming it can be. This is why many people choose to hire a wedding planner, which reduces the stress and burden of planning. 

We know what wedding planners do, but have you ever thought about how they find clients? There are many ways wedding planners can market their services. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an excellent way to market your wedding planning services. SEO is a marketing tactic that helps your content appear higher in someone’s search results. Using keywords, it groups together certain content on the web. When a user’s search matches the keywords you use in your post, your results will pop up.

Local SEO in particular, which refers to search engine optimization in your area, is likely the best way for you to find new clients and market your services as a wedding planner. After all, weddings are generally in-person.

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Wedding and Event Planner SEO

As stated above, SEO, whether it be local or online, uses keywords. It is super important to use your keywords throughout your content, as this is the best way to employ SEO. In fact, SEO will not work unless you are mentioning your keywords. 

But what are wedding and event planner SEO keywords? Any word that has to do with weddings or event planning can be used as a keyword, as long as it is repeated. For example, words like “wedding venue,” “concert hall,” “hotel,” “wedding,” or “ballroom” can be helpful to optimize a user’s search. 

Employing the use of wedding and event planner SEO through the use of keywords will boost traffic to your online services.

Local Wedding and Event Planner SEO

SEO is helpful online, however, it can also be used in a local context. In fact, local SEO is very important for wedding and event planners. Local SEO is search engine optimization that focuses on the area you service. This is especially important for wedding and event planners who are planning in-person events. 

There are tons of ways you can use local SEO to boost foot traffic to your business. For example, you can combine the keywords listed above with keywords associated with your location. The terms “near me” and “in my area” are a great start, but you also want your keywords to be location-specific. 

We can use Austin as an example. In fact, at SEO Design Chicago, we have a team of writers who do SEO work in Austin. Local SEO in Austin will look like the keywords listed above combined with the words “Austin” or “Travis County” to localize their SEO content and appear in the search results of people in the area. 

One great way you can incorporate SEO keywords into your content is to write a blog. A blog is a dynamic way of creating diverse content for anyone on the web to read. In a local context, a blog is also great for marketing because people in your area can follow your blog, creating a local in-person community. A blog shows that you care about your industry so much that you’re writing extra content about it, in addition to doing the event and wedding planning that’s already your job.

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Wedding Planner Marketing Ideas

In addition to a blog, other forms of content creation are essential for the employment of SEO, and your further business growth. Other forms of content include videos, images, text posts, and shorts. This is where social media comes in.

Social media is an excellent way to market any service, but for wedding planners, this is extra true. Social media is a hub for wedding-related research and inspiration, so it’s a great place to advertise your services and create content. Creating a strong online presence helps with brand awareness, which is especially helpful in a local context. Think about it this way: if you establish yourself online, people will look to you as their go-to wedding planner!

There are many social media platforms for you to choose from. Instagram has the highest engagement, so your use of this app is a must. On Instagram, not only can you post pictures and videos, but you can also post captions using hashtags as keywords. In addition to Instagram, you can also use TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can utilize keywords in these posts, as well. Since local SEO is important for wedding planners, remember to use those location-specific keywords, too!


Blogging is a valuable resource for wedding planner marketing. The wedding industry is constantly changing and expanding. One day, a certain style of dress could be in fashion, and the next it’s another one. As a wedding planner, you want to show people that you’re on top of current fashion and wedding news. In this way, blogging will build your credibility as a wedding planner by making you seem extra credible and qualified for the work you do. 

Website Design

As well as good content creation, a good website design is essential to marketing your business. But, what does a good website look like?  A good website should be comprehensive, easy to navigate, and have ample information about you, your services, and contact information along with lots of other copy about weddings and event planning. It should also have an attractive design and a logo! You can also include testimonials on your website, which is a great opportunity for future clients to read about your services. 

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Local, In-Person Marketing

There is a large amount of wedding planner marketing that can be done in-person along with online. For example, wedding and event planners can take out advertisements locally in newspapers, placemats, billboards, and more. You can make a television commercial or radio jingle, too. 

You can also partner with local vendors like hotels and event halls to be their go-to designated wedding planner for people who want to use their space. Additionally, engaging in some public relations work wouldn’t hurt, as this is a great move for networking your business.

A really important part of wedding planner marketing is to go to wedding shows and expos. These events allow wedding planners to showcase their skills and experience. It is a great opportunity to market your services in the areas you work in. It is also an excellent time to network with other planners, meet new clients, and make connections in the industry. 

Here Comes the SEO

Let’s face it, wedding planning is super stressful, and anyone who does it as a job is a superstar. And your job is also serious. Weddings can be fun and romantic and cute, but they are also the most important day of people’s lives. Because of this, wedding planners have to know how to make their services work logistically, but also in a caring nature that looks out for the best interest of the couple getting married. 

Not only this, but all weddings are different, and so are all couples. In fact, each wedding you plan could be a totally different event. That’s why it is important to market your services as diverse and varied, showing future clients that you can provide wedding planning services to anyone – including them. Marketing your services to a specific audience will make it clear that you have the power to satisfy each individual client.  

Additionally, SEO can help you market your services, find new clients, and expand your business as a whole. Local SEO in particular is an excellent way to market in your community and expand your area of service. The utilization of keywords on social media posts, in advertisements, and in blog posts are also essential for SEO, as you need these key terms to match users’ searches on the internet. 

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SEO Design Chicago and Wedding Planners

Local SEO is important for wedding and event planners, and here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you market these services! We provide lots of services that can be helpful for wedding planners. For example, we can help you with local and online SEO and web design. In fact, we can help you dominate local search rankings, create business listings, and Google My Business and Bing Local pages for your services. 

Additionally, we can also help you create content on social media, like pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing, Facebook advertising, and Instagram marketing. Social media is an incredibly useful tool for not only just planning a wedding but also for finding new clients and marketing your services. We can help you create content on these platforms as well as other types of content creation, such as blogging. 


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