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Creating and curating unique content for your website all on your own is very time-consuming and difficult. Good SEO requires content marketing. Even if you are one of the best content writers, the amount of new content required on a daily basis for high traffic websites means you’ll most likely need to hire an SEO web content writer to help pick up the slack.

Hiring an SEO copywriter may be an essential digital marketing investment for those who wish to increase their organic traffic. Locating a quality, affordable SEO content writer can be difficult, so what should you look out for?

What to Look for in the Best Content Writer

You only have so long to catch readers’ attention, so you need a website content writer that is engaging right from the start. This means you will need a unique content writer. Readers who don’t feel engaged won’t read past the first few lines. In fact, 50% of readers won’t read the entire article. So, what are the key points to look out for:

  • Well-written content that is free from typos and grammatical errors.
  • Engaging content that doesn’t read like a textbook.
  • Easy to scan articles which make excellent use of header tags.
  • Content writers who have a following, which ultimately will bring traffic to your website.

How to Write a Job Description to Hire the Best Content Writer

While most people try to keep their job descriptions as broad as possible to garner the most interest, it is actually better to be more specific. By getting specific you will weed out a lot of the unqualified content writers who will just waste your time.

The Job Title

First impressions are important and for a job description that’s the title. The title is what gets a content writer to either click on your ad or move on, so it’s okay to get specific. Include the specific subject you will have them write for SEO on and don’t be afraid to put in how experienced you want your content writer to be.

The Job Description

Here is where you’ll want to spell out exactly what you expect from your content writer. Don’t worry about how many weekly articles you are expecting and instead focus on the qualifications and experience you need.

Also, make sure to include what you expect to get out of the content they write. For example, are you having them write content to bring traffic to the site or do you want content that will help improve your site’s ranking in Google search or other search engines? Those lead to very different types of articles and blog posts, so make sure to spell out your expectations for their articles.

Don’t forget to ask for links to examples of their recent work.

How to Filter Out Blanket Replies and Bots

As a good way to filter out content writers who are applying to every job with a blanket response or bots, you should include a subject requirement within the job description. For example, asking them to reply with a specific subject line. Doing this will give you a quick way to filter out applicants who aren’t worth looking into.


Instead of posting how much you are willing to pay for SEO content writing, ask them to include their rates in their reply. You don’t want to lock yourself into specific rates right off the bat, especially since you may be willing to pay more for a content writer with a huge social media following than one who doesn’t have a large following.

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