You Can Now Add a ‘Book Online’ Button to Your Google Local Results

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Google tested the waters with online booking by adding the feature to a limited number of local panel results. Apparently, the test was successful, and Google has begun to roll out the ‘Book Online’ button for more local businesses starting this week.

At SEO Design Chicago, we are very excited to see this feature be rolled out for everyone. We had the opportunity to play around with the new online booking feature for Google over the past several months, and we’re looking forward to setting the new Google feature up for our clients.

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Google Business Bookings

Activating the reserve now button makes it easier for local customers to book your services. Reserve with Google allows you to optimize your booking page for food orders, book appointments for service businesses, or increase the odds of users participating in online ordering.

How to Sign Up for the New ‘Book Now’ Feature on Google

If you prefer to set up Google’s new booking feature for yourself, here are the instructions. To sign up for the new ‘Book Now’ button, log into your Google My Business account, and if you see a new button on your console called “sign up for bookings,” then you can sign up for the new bookings feature right away. The “sign up for bookings” button is located next to the “accept bookings on Google” section. The ‘Book Online’ feature hasn’t been rolled out for everyone yet, so if you don’t see it, you will need to wait until it becomes available for you.

After clicking on the “sign up for bookings” button, you will need to choose your booking provider. Google has a selection of preselected ones to choose from which include:

  • Mind Body
  • Pike 13
  • Salon Runner
  • My Time
  • Set More
  • Shore
  • Super Salon Software
  • Yocale
  • Genbook
  • Wellness Living
  • Appointy
  • Booksy
  • Rosy

Find the booking providers your business works with and choose them from the list. Google will quickly guide you through the setup process, and within a few days, you’ll start seeing bookings from the new Google feature.

Have SEO Design Chicago Optimize Your Google Local Results With the New ‘Book Online’ Button

At SEO Design Chicago, we can take care of setting up all aspects of how you show up on Google. We’ll take care of setting up and managing your Google local presence and enroll you in the new ‘Book Online’ feature. Once we set up your Google My Business account and the ‘Book Online’ feature, we’ll continue managing your account on a monthly basis to ensure you are taking advantage of everything Google has to offer for your business.

We’ll provide you with reports breaking down how your ‘Book Online’ feature is doing. You’ll be able to see your bookings, how much you’ve made on each booking, and how much you’ve made over time.

End the Year With a Bang With SEO Design Chicago

By choosing to have SEO Design Chicago manage your online presence, you’ll be able to end the year with a bang. At SEO Design Chicago, we’ll make sure you’re showing up how and where you want on Google and other search engines. We’ll also make sure you are signed up for Google’s new online booking feature as soon as you’re able to. We can also manage your Google Ads account, any social media accounts you have, and your website.

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