Android Studio Tutorial: How to Create an App

Are you ready to create your own Android app? This article will give you an Android Studio tutorial so you can use the software to start creating your own Android app today! We’ll also give you some tips for how to create and market your app.

how to make an android app

Android Studio Tutorial

This articles serves as an Android Studio tutorial. Android Studio is the official IDE for Android application. If you are an Android user, Android Studio is a great program you can use to build apps for Android phones, tablets, wear, TV, and audio. Over 120 million people in the United States own an Android device. If you have an Android yourself, you might be wondering how do apps work, what is Android Studio? how are they made, am I able to create an android app? The answer is yes, you are able to create an Android app, and Android Studio is very helpful in doing so. In this article I am going to address Android programming, how to make an app, and the different steps to making an android app.

Android Programming

Android programming can be broken down into three main languages: Java, Kotlin, and C++. I am sure many of you are familiar with Java and maybe the other two as well, but I am going to break down each of these three languages. 


Java is a cross-platform object-oriented programming language. It was released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Java is used in a lot of modern day technology. It is currently used to run social media applications, games, audio/video applications, and more. What is great about Java is that it can run on any machine that has a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java derives it syntax from C so the foundation it provides allows you to understand other languages with greater ease. 


Kotlin is an open-source statically typed programming language. Kotlin’s language targets the 

Android, JVM, JavaScript, and Native. Kotlin is also free and available to anyone who wants to use it. It is unique as it uses both functional and object-oriented language. Kotlin is also extremely concise. Kotlin is also interoperable with Java. You can call Kotlin code form Java and Java code from Kotlin.


C++  is a cross-platform language that can be used in the creation of high performance applications. It was actually created as an extension to C language. C++ gives a clear structure to programs and allows code to be reused. This ultimately helps to lower development costs. C++ can be found today in operating systems, embedded systems, and Graphical User Interfaces.

how to make an app

How to Make an App

The idea of making an app might seem extremely complex, but it is relatively simple. We are constantly moving in and out of apps on the daily on our smartphones without even thinking about the magic behind how it was made. You might use games apps, social media platform apps, exercise apps, cooking apps; whatever it may be, it was carefully designed and created to satisfy you and the millions of other users who have the app downloaded. I am going to give a comprehensive guide on how to make an effective app. 

Generate an App Idea

If you already have an idea of what type of app you want to make, then great. However, most people struggle with creating a unique and identifiable app that will satisfy a high volume of users. One way to decide what type of app you want is to think about apps you currently use and like. Identify what aspects of the app are appealing, and then implement those aspects with a twist.

For example, If you like how your cooking app allows you to save other people’s recipes, come up with a new way to organize these recipes. Maybe you can save other people’s recipes and have the app categorize them into different categories such as: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, etc. This way you can find the recipes with ease when you need them.

Next, you can create an app that solves problems you face in general or with other apps. If you frequently experience a problem, chances are other people are as well. This way you can resolve the  issue that bothers you while helping out others. Start by writing down things that bother you about current apps and brainstorm how you would go about fixing them. Voila, you have a successful app idea. 

android programming

Conduct Market Research

Conducting research is a great way to find out about similar competitors in the marketplace. Are they solving the issue that your app solves? You might find that yes, they do indeed address the issue your app exists to tackles. It is important to remember, there is always room for improvements and ways to modify an app that is more pleasing and easier to use. You want to uncover how well the need is being met by the current apps.

Often, creators stop updating apps, leaving them susceptible to lost users to competitors who do stay innovative. You can scroll through reviews on similar apps and note what users like and what they would like to see improved. You can include these positive features within your app, while also including other features that address the improvements. But, you will also want to be mindful of the publisher of the app and once again, when it was last updated. In other words, carefully design your app to capitalize on where other apps are falling short and need updating. This will give you a huge advantage.

Determine Features and Graphic Design

This is the best part of creating an app. In this stage, you get to determine what your dream app encompasses. What is the perfect version of your app? Begin by writing down on paper what your users will be able to do and how the app will satisfy them. Make a list that includes the different actions users can make and how you are going to make it possible. You can decide that you want users to create an account that they personalize and can interact with other users. This stage is all up to you.

Next, designing an app is a crucial step. Just like the layout and format of a website is crucial, the same goes for an app. You want to ensure that color, font, graphics, etc. all remain consistent and compliment one another. You might want to consider the importance of contrast and using colors that are easy to read. There are a few different ways you can design an app that include:

  • Hiring a professional designer
  • Utilizing pre-made templates
  • Seeking out a partner with design experience
  • Learning how to design an app yourself

All four of these are viable options, it really just depends on the amount of time you have, and how comfortable you are with being creative.

Submit Your App to the App Store

Submitting your app is the most exciting part of the process, because it means you have your meat and potatoes done. Before submitting your work, make sure your app meets all of the guidelines and standards that the app store requires. Apple, for example, has an Apple certification team that will likely scrutinize every part of your app to ensure it complies with their guidelines. You will have to wait for a reply, and within 2-4 days your app will either be approved or rejected.

Market Your App

In this stage you will want to create a marketing plan that will be successful in reaching your target market. This can be achieved in several different ways. First, is running a paid ad campaign. You can pay companies to display an interactive add that shows what your app can do. The best way to advertise is to get featured in the App Store. This will give your app a ton of exposure for no cost. The last thing you can do find influencers to help you market your app. You can determine what influencers attract your target market and pay them to show themselves using it on social media. This is an effective way to get your name out there, however, it is very costly.

android studio tutorial

Android Studio Tutorial: How to Make an Android App

There are many app development websites you can use to create your Android app. Android Studio is going to be very helpful in this process. The first step is to create a “Hello, World!” project, using Android Studio and run it. The next step is creating an interface that transmits input to display it on a new screen. You do need to understand two fundamental concepts when using Android Studio and making an Android app which are: Apps provide multiple entry points and adapt to different devices. If you understand these, making an app with Android Studio is much easier.

Provide Multiple Entry Points

Android apps contain multiple different components that. An activity provides a user interface, known as a UI. The main activity starts when a user taps on your app to open it. You have the power to direct the user to and from different activities that you specify. 

Adapt to Different Devices

Different devices require different features. Android enables you to provide these different resources to different devices. You are able to create custom layouts that fit various screen sizes so users are able to view all information with ease. You can also specify the different types of hardware different devices have so apps can recognize these. Audio and camera are just a couple. 

how to create an android app

Start Creating Your Own App Today with Android Studio

If you are an Android user and are a business owner, making an Android app will be very beneficial in identifying new clients and reaching out to current clients. Hopefully, our Android Studio tutorial helped you get ready to make your own app. It can help make your business more interactive and help you connect better with your customers. If you need help creating an Android app or anything that involves maximizing your digital marketing plan, contact SEO Design Chicago where a team of experts will help your business flourish. We specialize in application development.

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