Top 7 Tricks to Improve Your Website

If you want to expand your business, reach a wider audience, and generate more sales to your products and services, improving your website is one of the most valuable ways to achieve that. On top of your website design and user experience, the way you market your website can heavily influence the traffic you receive and the resulting conversion rate. In this article, you will learn seven tricks to improve your website, from the way your market your website to improving your Google search ranking and your website SEO. 

top 7 tricks to improve my website

Tips for Marketing and Improving Your Website

Marketing your website is key to gaining new customers and expanding your audience. When you market your website strategically, you can drive engagement and traffic. Here are some tips to help you market your website.

Create high-quality content with blogging and guest blogging

Creating and sharing original content is one of the best ways to grow traffic and improve the search rank for your website. On-page content development helps bring in new visitors to your site and sets you apart from your competitors. Your blog posts should talk about your products or services while incorporating relevant keywords and search terms. Your content should also include backlinks to external sources, as well as internally within your website. Content is key for improving your website SEO. Your content should also include calls to action. 

In addition to creating content for your own website, guest blogging can also be valuable. When you write for other prominent blogs and websites and provide insight into your niche, you can drive more traffic to your own website. You can include a biography at the end of your blog post that links to your website, which can draw in new visitors from other sources that might have wider audiences than your own.

On the other hand, you can also invite other experts in your field to write content for your blog as well. Especially if they have high name recognition, their content can add value to your site. They can also provide a different perspective into your products or services. With this type of guest blogging, your website can build a strong reputation within your industry that will ultimately increase the traffic you get.

improving your website

Be active on social media

Social media is a great avenue to communicate with your customers and bring them to your website. The first step is to provide compelling reasons for people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter and Instagram so you can have a solid foundation of followers. On each of these platforms, you should regularly share content that attracts people to your website and gets them to visit your blogs. It’s important that people interact with your brand, whether that is on your website or through social media. You can use each platform to guide others toward your other profiles, such as highlighting social media posts on your website or linking your website in your posts.

Social media is a good way to remind your customers why they stopped by your website in the first place. You can drive traffic to your website with a strategic social media plan. If you need help generating ideas for social media content, you can reach out to our content specialists. 

Send engaging emails and newsletters

Email marketing is another great tool to market your website. Once you give people a strong reason to subscribe, you then have to work on making sure they don’t unsubscribe. This consists of continually sending your subscribers great content, such as new blogs, sales, insider information, product reveals, or giveaways. You can use these emails or newsletters to remind them about what is great about your website and why they should visit it again, whether that is to read some new content or buy a new product since the last time they visited.  

marketing your website

How to Improve Google Search Ranking

Google looks at many factors when ranking your website in search results, such as your website safety and security, loading speed, and social signals. The better your search ranking, the higher your website will appear on the search results page. The higher your website appears, the more traffic you will generate on your site. That’s why it’s important that you improve your Google search ranking, which you can do with these simple tips.

Add backlinks and fix broken links

Backlinks are a key part of off-page SEO. Google and other search engines look at the use of inbound and outbound links on your website as an indicator of the strength and authority of your site. If you have incoming links to your site from high-authority domains, this can significantly improve your search ranking. The inclusion of quality links is also a great way to establish your website as a credible and trustworthy source while also boosting web traffic.

However, you should regularly check your website to make sure you don’t have any broken links on your pages. Broken links not only hurt your search ranking, but they also diminish your user experience. Tools such as BrokenLinkCheck can help you quickly identify and fix any dead hyperlinks on your website. If you need help developing a link building strategy, our SEO experts can help you optimize the links on your website.

Use meta tags

Meta tags are snippets of HTML text that describes the content of your website. These meta tags exist in the code and don’t appear on the website itself, and they make it easier for search engines to identify the content on your web page. In addition to providing more details about your website to search engines, meta tags can also display important information to your audience. There are many different types of meta tags for SEO that you can create, such as the meta title, meta description, meta robots, meta charset, meta viewpoint, and meta refresh redirect. You should have a strong grasp on these types of meta tags so you can optimize them and use them to help boost your search rankings.

how to improve Google search ranking

How to Improve Website SEO

Your website SEO results in higher search rankings, which is why improving your website on-page and off-page SEO is critical. When you implement basic SEO strategies, you increase the chances of your website being visited, which results in more traffic and hopefully sales conversions. Here are some tips for how you can improve website SEO.

Improve the user experience on your website

The performance of your website is based on many factors, such as your website traffic, time spent on your website, and website speed. These factors are all related to the user experience, which is why it is important to optimize the user experience on your website. If your website is easy to navigate and use, you will get more traffic to your website, people will stay longer on your site, and they will visit more pages. When you improve page speed, you also help your conversion rank, which affects your website ranking. All of this will contribute to a higher ranking on search engines, which helps when improving your website.

Additionally, if people have a pleasant experience on your website, they are more inclined to return. Your website should create a nice atmosphere and experience so that people are not only inclined to visit and stay, but they will convert that memorable experience into sales on your site.

Optimize your images

Image optimization helps Google identify the images on your site, which can improve your search ranking. Any and all images included on your website should be optimized. For one thing, optimizing images is an easy way to increase your website speed, which improves the user experience. You want to reduce the size of your file without influencing the quality of the image. Your website images should be compressed so that your images load quickly. Almost 50 percent of consumers won’t wait three seconds for an e-commerce site to load. If images take too long to load, many customers will probably leave rather than wait for the image to load, so image load time is critical for keeping people on your site.

You also want to include descriptive filenames that are in plain language yet rich with keywords. Search engines go through your image file names, so optimizing your images will directly improve your search ranking as well. On top of that, you need to optimize the alt text of your images. Alt text is the text that displays when a browser cannot properly render them. Including relevant keywords in your alt text can add SEO value to your website. Alt text on your images can help your products show up better in Google image and web search.

how to improve website seo

Improving your website can result in better marketing, higher Google search ranking, and optimized website SEO. If you need help creating a plan to improve your website, our experts at SEO Design Chicago are here to assist you and make your website better.

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