What are Dynamic Landing Pages? 

First of all, what is a landing page? A landing page is a page you click through to and “land on” from a Google ad or search query. Every business can benefit from utilizing landing pages. Dynamic landing pages are landing pages that show different content to different users based on certain characteristics or behavior. A dynamic landing page will ultimately show a searcher a landing page that is as close as possible to what they searched for. 

For example, a dynamic landing page might change depending on whether or not someone is a previous customer of your business. It might also display different information to someone depending on their location or what keywords they used that helped them find your business. 

Benefits of Dynamic Landing Pages

There are several benefits to using dynamic landing pages for your business. First of all, a dynamic landing page gives you the opportunity to customize your content for specific users. Second, consumers these days are smarter than ever. That means you will have to work harder than ever to get (and keep) their attention. One way to do so? By creating a dynamic landing page that speaks to each individual consumer. A dynamic landing page is more likely to convert more potential customers than a static landing page. 

Analyze Your Data

If you are already utilizing landing pages for your business (either static or dynamic), the first step of optimization is to analyze how your landing pages are doing. There might be answers in the data to help you optimize your pages further. For example, are most people clicking through to your landing page on desktop or mobile? Is your landing page optimized for each option? 

Optimize Your Text

The first place your reader will look is your headline. Make sure it contains keywords that will appeal to your reader. Speak directly to them. The body of your landing page should contain text that urges the reader to convert. Finally, optimize your call to action at the end of your page.


Best Practices for Dynamic Landing Pages

There are some best practices that everyone should follow when creating a dynamic landing page. It’s important to follow these practices in order to build a successful page.

Write a Great Headline

The goal of your dynamic landing page’s headline is to convince your audience to keep reading. So, your headline needs to be catchy and not only grab, but also keep, their attention.

What is the Best Landing Page Builder?

There are several options available online for the best landing page builders to help you design and create your own dynamic landing pages. However, it is recommended that you utilize the professionals at a design agency like SEO Design Chicago in order to create the perfect dynamic landing pages for your business. Some of the best landing page builders are Unbounce, Instapage, Clickfunnels, and Landing. Even though these landing page builders are available to you, they do require a bit of technical knowledge. 

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How Do I Create a Dynamic Landing Page? 

Let’s go over the steps to help you create your own dynamic landing page.


What is a Static Landing Page?

A static landing page, on the other hand, is a landing page that shows the same content – headline, photo, text, and contact information – for everyone who clicks through. Whether a static landing page, geo-targeted landing page, or a dynamic landing page is best for your business, SEO Design Chicago can help you create either!

Does ActiveCampaign Have Landing Pages? 

Yes, ActiveCampaign has landing pages. You can use ActiveCampaign to create landing pages for your business.

How Do Businesses Use Landing Pages?

There are several different ways that businesses like yours can use landing pages to drive traffic to your website: 

    • A business can use a landing page in every PPC ad to lead people to its website to find out more about its products, services, or business. 
    • A landing page can be used to drive people to your events. 
    • Some businesses use landing pages to enroll people in their email newsletter. 
    • Other businesses use a landing page to promote a new product that just launched. 
    • A landing page can be used to promote a free new eBook. 
    • It can be used to give away a free printable or scannable guest pass to an event in your store or restaurant. 
    • A landing page can be used as a personalized destination in the resource box from a contributed article in your local newspaper or magazine. 
    • Landing pages can be used to offer Facebook users a printable coupon. 
    • A landing page can be used to personalize your social media profile links.

Contact SEO Design Chicago for Help with Your Dynamic Landing Pages

Now that you know everything there is to know about dynamic landing pages, contact SEO Design Chicago today for help creating your own dynamic landing pages for your business today! We know that you’re busy building and running your business. Let us do the hard work of marketing your business and creating high-quality, professional dynamic landing pages for you!