Where Can I Get Website Testing?

Whether you are a small business owner or you run a larger corporation, it is crucial to your future success to have a working website. You are less likely to have a successful company without a smooth-running webpage due to the online hassle it causes for customers. Whether your site is running slow or your consumers are having trouble navigating or accessing your page, you should always be aware of how functional your website is. It is very easy to lose sales or traffic to your site due to imperfections on your site, which is why website testing is so important. 

Now, when it comes to testing a webpage, you could do it yourself or hire an external company that specializes in this service. Whether you’re a local business or international, SEO Design Chicago is here to help refurbish your webpage or to help you create one from the ground up. Either way, we will make sure your website is fully functional for any visitors.

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The Importance of Testing a Website

For every business owner, it is important that you are routinely checking your websites to keep an eye on how well they are running. Not having a website that is up to ideal standards or that doesn’t function well may affect sales and foot traffic. Typically, you will test your website prior to its release, however, you can get your website tested at any time. When you do this, you will be primarily looking for the speed of the site, any bugs or viruses, as well as anything that could affect the webpage’s performance. 

Types of Website Testing

No matter what type of website you have, you should be doing consistent webpage testing. You should never overlook the importance of routinely checking your site for errors or areas for improvement.

Functionality and Features

This should be the first aspect that you look for when considering building or updating your current webpage. When you are told to check the functionality of a webpage, you are typically looking at the features and the most basic aspects of the site to ensure everything is working properly. You will typically begin with database testing, security, and usability testing. This essentially allows you to both check to make sure you have a secure site as well as to track problem spots within the site. 

Usability testing is one of the more important components when testing your website. You are essentially building a list or finding areas that could use some improvement when revising or maintaining your website in the future. You’ll want to analyze whether those problems are actually large issues worth looking into, or as simple as ensuring all the buttons and tabs work correctly.

Interface Testing

This form of testing is designed to reassure the user that they can have an easy experience with the webpage and that there are no major bumps in the road. You will essentially verify whether the user experience aligns with the end user goal. The website testers ensure that the end goal for each action on the website is being executed the way it was intended. 

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How Much Does Website Testing Cost?

There are ways to learn how to become a website tester and the ability to test your website on your own, however, that will take time and other resources. By working with a company like SEO Design Chicago, you can prevent the need for large expenses to pay for later on. If you choose to do website testing on your own, you may save more money but you will also have a higher risk of cutting corners or forgetting something that costs you in the long run. 

Becoming a Website Tester

In order to become a website tester, you first need to understand what they do on a day-to-day basis. Typically, you act like a normal user, consider the design format, and observe how user-friendly the website is. You typically are looking to provide feedback on the site’s performance and report it back to the business it belongs to. 

In order to become a website tester, ideally you have familiarity and comfort working with content inventory and Javascript as well as experience with testing. A website tester typically doesn’t need a degree, but having a degree in computer science can give you more familiarity with the tools you will be utilizing. To control your own site and perform routine testing on your site, you do not need any qualifications, just a basic understanding. If you do not want to hire from outside, you can test websites on your own, as long as you know what you are looking for. 

How Often Do You Need Website Testing?

Most companies recommend routine web testing every couple of months, depending on the site. If you know your site has a lot of updates, products, or foot traffic, then you should have your site tested far more often than not. Typically, we see this among e-commerce sites rather than blogs. The more traffic and attention your site is seeing, the more maintenance that may be required. This process takes a while sometimes and having an external source doing the testing will take a lot of pressure off you and allow you time to focus on more pressing matters. 

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Website Testing From SEO Design Chicago

Since your website is often the first impression people have of your business, regular website testing is extremely important. If you want to hire a reliable company to perform this website testing for you, SEO Design Chicago is an excellent choice. We can provide you with a variety of services both in person and remotely to get your site running like never before. 


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