Ways to Promote a Nonprofit Organization

There are many ways to promote a nonprofit organization. Marketing your nonprofit organization is critical to increase awareness. SEO Design Chicago can answer any questions that might arise as you begin marketing your nonprofit, including how to advertise a nonprofit organization. This article will explain some nonprofit marketing tips and how to establish a social media presence. 

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Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Like any business, marketing is a tool nonprofits can use to gain more awareness and exposure. Knowing how to advertise a nonprofit organization is invaluable. In today’s online world, it has become easier to reach a wide range of people. As you get started with marketing your nonprofit organization website, there are several nonprofit strategy tips to keep in mind.

Know Your Organization

Have you ever been interested in a company because of its products, but when someone asks you more about the company itself, you become speechless? When you represent a nonprofit organization, you need to know what it is about. Even though you might know what your nonprofit is about, it might not be as apparent to your audience as you think. As you establish your website and communicate with users, act as though they’re new as a way to communicate what you’re about clearly.

Know Your Audience

Before creating a website for your nonprofit, make sure you have determined your audience. Who are the people who make up your audience? Ask your audience what they think your nonprofit is about. You can use Google Analytics on your website to see what type of audience you are attracting in contrast with your desired audience. 

Tell Your Story

As you create your nonprofit website and consider how to advertise a nonprofit organization, keep your nonprofit’s mission statement in mind and share it with your reader. They want to know who you are and what you stand for. What your nonprofit is about will influence what kind of mission statement you have. Once you determine what your story is, get feedback to ensure you’re portraying what your nonprofit stands for.

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Know Your Budget

Keep track of your expenses. This will help you see how much money is at your disposal for your website maintenance and marketing.

Create a Website

When creating your nonprofit website, make sure it’s accessible on multiple devices (not only a phone or computer, but a range of different devices, such tablets, phones, and desktop computers, to name a few.) This includes making your website easy to navigate and universal with size, resolution, and layout so the reader doesn’t have a difficult time. If you have questions about creating a website or updating it, SEO Design Chicago has trained professionals who can help you with your website needs. In fact, SEO Design Chicago has experience creating a new WordPress website for a nonprofit with spectacular results.

Regularly Test Out Your Website

Your nonprofit website might be well-organized and easy to find. However, without constant maintenance, your audience might get confused or have questions. Make sure you regularly check for problems or updates that need to be addressed. This will help ensure that you don’t lose donors or contributors.   

Know What Materials to Use 

There are many tools to use to make your nonprofit website successful. A few of these include newsletters, social media links, and emails. Knowing how to advertise a nonprofit organization or using advertising services from a reputable SEO company is truly invaluable. Play around with different tools to ensure your audience is interacting with your website. 

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Create a Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to reach out to your nonprofit’s audience. From your website, ensure there is a way for your audience to subscribe to your newsletter. This is also called email marketing. A newsletter can be useful as it can be a way to keep communication alive with your audience and let you learn more about who your audience is. Once you create a newsletter, you’ll need to establish how often you’re going to send it out. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience, but at the same time, you want your audience to see that you haven’t disappeared. A good frequency for email marketing is about once a week or once every couple of weeks. However, how often you send a newsletter out will depend on your specific nonprofit and audience. Experiment with how often you send your newsletter out. 

Build a Recurring Donation Program

Part of marketing your nonprofit includes a way to receive funding. Building an online recurring donation program can enable your nonprofit to collect donations online. Although it can be complex, there are several resources out there that can help you get started.

Include Calls to Action

Ask your audience to respond. This is a great way to get your audience involved. When you include well-written calls to action, your nonprofit can progress and bring about results as you learn more about who your audience is and what they care about.  

Use Social Media

Social media is a hot spot for marketing in the twenty-first century. You want to make your presence known on social media but don’t overdo it. Choose a few platforms that align with your audience and goals. After all, each social platform tends to attract a certain demographic. For example, Instagram tends to attract a younger audience compared to Facebook. Once you establish a social media presence, be sure to maintain your profiles consistently. 

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Social Media for Nonprofits

Creating an online presence, especially through social media platforms, is important in today’s world for your nonprofit. There are many benefits of using social media for your nonprofit. If you’re not familiar with the various social media platforms to know which ones are best for marketing your nonprofit, there are several tips to increase your social media awareness. 

Use Facebook’s “Donate Now” Button

Facebook provides a “Donate Now” option for qualifying organizations. It creates an easy and secure way for your audience to give to your nonprofit. It is a convenient and visible way for your users. 

Use Other Facebook Nonprofit Tools

In addition to the donate now button, there are several other tools that Facebook provides. These include pledge match donations, fundraising tools for supporters, and donation reporting features.

Know the Social Media Options

Social media options are constantly changing. There are some social media platforms that are better for your specific nonprofit or that are used more than others. For example, YouTube has gained popularity in the last decade and can give you thousands of users. You can also look into using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to get started on your social media presence. Each account can give you a wide range of people.

Learn How to Use LinkedIn for Your Nonprofit

When many people think of LinkedIn, they think of a website for jobs. However, LinkedIn can be used for your nonprofit as well. Through LinkedIn, your nonprofit can establish credibility, add connections, and increase donor support.

Have and Maintain an Instagram Account

If you’re trying to reach a younger audience with your nonprofit, Instagram can be a great tool. After creating an Instagram account, make sure you continue to post, focusing on visuals, such as eye-catching photos and videos. Be sure to include your nonprofit’s story and what makes it different from other nonprofits. Make your posts are also informative and unique.  

Create a Blog

After you create your social media accounts, you can link them to your website and blog and vice versa. A blog is a great way to provide information to your users. You can write on various topics to get your audience engaged. Because your audience members have different interests and backgrounds, your blog should portray that your nonprofit isn’t the only thing that matters.

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Make Your Social Presence Known

Provide links to all of your social media accounts from your website’s homepage. This helps your users locate your social presence easily.

Add Visuals on Your Social Media

When you add graphics, your nonprofit increases the visual appeal. Instead of adding commonly used free stock photos, use personalized visuals. Adding unique visuals applies to your social media accounts, blog, and website. This helps your audience know that you are unique and shows them what you’re doing.

Use Video 

In addition to visuals, include videos on your social media platforms. Video is a great way to appeal to emotion, especially for your nonprofit. Both images and videos are great persuasion tools. One benefit to using videos for your nonprofit social media accounts is a video can be easily and quickly viewed, enabling more users to see it. They are also more pleasing to the eyes on social media. 

Regularly Update

Make sure you constantly post and comment. You don’t want to post once and be done. Create a posting schedule so you are constantly keeping your social media presence alive. Experiment with different posting times. If an audience member comments, make sure you don’t keep them hanging. 

As you get started on your nonprofit’s presence through social media, consistently update your accounts, and show your audience that you’re a unique nonprofit.

Ready to Get Started on Your Nonprofit Website?

Now that you know the basics of creating your nonprofit website and gaining a social media presence, you are ready to get started. For more information or help with your nonprofit website and stage presence, SEO Design Chicago’s team of trained professionals can help. Contact SEO Design Chicago today! 

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