Best Nonprofit Website Builders in Chicago

If you’re a nonprofit in Chicago looking for the best nonprofit website builders in Chicago to build a new nonprofit website for you, or to rebuild your existing nonprofit website, look no further. SEO Design Chicago has the expertise to help you build the best possible website for your nonprofit. We also have a proven track record of helping a local nonprofit reconstruct their website to make them more successful. Learn more about the best website builders for nonprofits! In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about website builders for nonprofit organizations, hosting providers for your nonprofit site, nonprofit web design, and more.

Nonprofit website building

Best Nonprofit Website Builders

Perhaps you are starting a 501c3 and need help with your project. We love working with any individuals that help others with nonprofit education, community involvement, and environmental concerns. If you’re a nonprofit looking to build a website, No problem! Your skill set may include fundraising, networking and coordinating, but not include coding and content creation. In that case, you may want to look into hiring a web design agency like SEO Design Chicago to help you with all your website building needs. We have the best website builders for nonprofit organizations.

Benefits to Hiring a Website Builder for Nonprofit Organizations

You might be wondering; do I really need to go through all the effort of hiring website builders? At SEO Design Chicago, we have proven experience creating successful websites for nonprofits. While you might be able to create a free nonprofit website on your own, you likely will not see the results that you would hope for.

What do we mean by that? Let’s break down the numbers. We helped one nonprofit redesign their website and their social media platforms. Their previous website was not very easy for their users to navigate, and it wasn’t attracting much web traffic. Guess what happened once we got involved and helped them redesign their site? The nonprofit saw a 225 percent year-over-year increase in first time donations, and an 85 percent increase in volunteer hours donated. We can take a look at your existing website; help you identify any issues and help you decide if it’s worth keeping your current site or scrapping it and starting over entirely.

Another benefit to hiring a website design agency to help you build your website is we can also offer you a variety of other services to help your nonprofit website attain its goals, like increasing site visitors. For example, we offer services like nonprofit advertising (for example, on Facebook or PPC), nonprofit content creation, nonprofit web developing, nonprofit SEO services, and nonprofit consulting.

These are all services you may never have realized your nonprofit needs but can provide an excellent return on your investment. If you’re wondering why your current website isn’t performing well for you, a combination of some of the above services might be the answer to your problems.

Did you know that more than 75 percent of nonprofits are already utilizing web design agencies to help them build and run their websites? If you choose to hire a website design agency like SEO Design Chicago to build your nonprofit website, we can help you achieve your goals, whether they include gaining more volunteers, more visibility for your nonprofit, raising more donations, or all of the above, we can help you.

Nonprofit web design

Nonprofit Website Design

If you do choose to design your nonprofit website for yourself, good for you! Here are some nonprofit website design tips from the experts at SEO Design Chicago to help you get started designing your website.

Make a Game Plan

The first step is to plan out what you want your website to accomplish and what kind of what content you want on your website. This will also be a good step toward helping you decide which website host to choose for your website to live on. (More on that below.)

Create Your Sitemap

The next important step in building your website is to think about how you want your visitors to navigate their way through your site and organize it accordingly by building a sitemap

Content Creation

The next step is arguably the most important step for any website – creating your content. You want your content to reflect the values and goals of your nonprofit, feature your nonprofit’s board and possibly its donors, and possibly even buttons for contacting the nonprofit directly and making donations online. You’ll want to include several calls to action, like “donate now” and “call us today.”

Incorporate SEO 

As you’re creating your content, you’ll want to utilize SEO best practices to make sure your nonprofit attracts plenty of visitors. You can do this by incorporating plenty of keywords related to your nonprofit’s content and making sure your site runs quickly and efficiently for users.

Design Your Site 

Now it’s finally time to actually get to the designing! You can get creative with it and add plenty of visuals and graphics to your content to really illustrate your points. You’ll want to match the tone of your content and your mission to the visuals, but also keep it eye-catching to keep visitors to your website interested. Every website these days should also be optimized for mobile, since most people are using their phones to look at the internet than ever before.

Run a Test

Before your nonprofit website goes live, make sure to run a test to make sure there aren’t any bugs or major mistakes.

Maintain Your Website

Now your website is live! Congratulations. You may think all the hard work is over, but that unfortunately couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’ll want to regularly maintain and update your website to keep it ranking well on search engines and to keep your users engaged. So continue it’s important to keep creating new content and posting it on a regular basis.

Keep an Eye on How You’re Doing 

It’s important to use tools like Google Analytics to make sure your website is performing well and attracting web traffic. Making sure you’re regularly checking reports on how your site doing means you’ll catch any problems early on and can fix them.

If these steps are all a little confusing or seem like a lot of work, don’t worry. These are all steps that a website builder like SEO Design Chicago can perform for you and take the workload off of you so you can focus on the more important work of running your nonprofit!

Nonprofit web hosting

Nonprofit Website Hosting

Next, you’ll want to think about which website host to choose for where your website will live online. There are a variety of hosting services available, including free web hosting options.

Nonprofit Website Host Definition

Nonprofit website hosts are do-it-yourself platforms to help you create a website for your nonprofit on your own, even if you don’t have any website designing experience. A good nonprofit website builder will have options to include things like online member registration, an event calendar, the ever-important donation pages, a news page, a blog, a directory, and links to social media and contact options.

Qualities of a Good Nonprofit Website Host

What are the differences between a regular website host and a nonprofit website host, you may ask? As a nonprofit, your website will have certain necessary functions that not every basic blog on the internet has. A good nonprofit website host will have options to include things like online member registration, an event calendar, the ever-important donation pages, a news page, a blog, a directory, and links to your nonprofit’s social media pages.

So, let’s discuss some options for which online service you might want to use to build your nonprofit website. Here are some of the best options we’ve found for nonprofits to use to build their websites:

Nonprofit Website Hosting Options

There are several web hosting services available, including free hosting services, for nonprofit websites.


Duda is not the fanciest option for website hosting that exists, but you might find that the price will be right for you. It has a good balance between being functional and easy for users to maneuver. Duda also has a great reputation for fixing problems that may arise. Duda might be the best option for you if you’re looking to build a simple site that also has an ecommerce option


Chances are you’ve already heard of GoDaddy from their commercials. One of the pros of using GoDaddy as your website host is it has more than 300 templates to choose from. So if you feel like getting creative with your website, you’ll have plenty of options. It also comes loaded with several visual options, which is a plus if you’re not interested in creating your own.


WordPress is one of the most popular website hosts that exists, and for good reason. (Fun fact: WordPress is the website we use for our own website!) WordPress actually hosts more than 27 percent of the internet. It has tons of options and is very easy for beginner website builders to navigate.


Another great option for hosting nonprofit websites is Squarespace. Squarespace also has lots of template options and is relatively easy for beginners to website building to use.

The options we’ve listed above are all great options for building your nonprofit website. However, if you want to have the best possible looking and functioning website for your nonprofit, you should consider hiring a website design agency like SEO Design Chicago.

SEO Design Chicago is the Best Website Builder for Your Nonprofit Organization

If you are looking for a website design agency to help you build the perfect website for your nonprofit organization, please contact us today at SEO Design Chicago. We have a team of the best website builders for nonprofits. Our team can  also help you redesign your current nonprofit site. We can also help you with several other web agency services to meet your nonprofit’s goals.


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