What Is Local SEO?

What is local SEO? It’s natural to ask, “What is local SEO?” as well as other questions, such as, “What is local SEO marketing?” “What is local SEO optimization?” and “What is a local SEO company?” In answer to “What is local SEO?” local SEO is Local Search Engine Optimization, which allows your website and content to be found at the top of any web search and grants the best visual results for consumers. It helps your business or product be seen the most in Google searches by optimizing for local searches.

Local SEO is your company’s best bet to be at the top of the search engine results page and be seen first by the consumer searching for your kind of product or service by optimizing for local searches. Your business will benefit from learning the answers to “What is local SEO optimization?” “What is local SEO marketing?” and “What is a local SEO company?” as local search engine optimization attracts the right target audience to your products and services and helps you be more relevant in local searches. 

This article will show you how local search engine optimization will create more traffic to your website with the use of keywords, citations, backlinks, ratings, and reviews. It will also show you how to draw in the right consumers looking to benefit from your business.

Local SEO Companies

How Does Local SEO Work? 

Local Search Engine Optimization, or local SEO, is how Google and other search engines give the most relevant search results to the consumer by optimizing for local searches. SEO services help businesses promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them online. Businesses benefit from local SEO by getting their web page to the top of those searches. But what is local SEO marketing, and what is local SEO optimization specifically?

By using specific keywords, your business can rank higher in the search results and be displayed more prominently to consumers. For example, if you are a dentist and you specialize in pain-free, comfortable dentistry, you should use keywords such as “pain-free” and “comfortable” in the description of your business. That will help get your website to the top of most Google searches.

Businesses with a physical address or storefront can greatly benefit from local SEO. Using keywords in relevance to the location of your business will help consumers find you in proximity to where they live, especially if they optimize the words “near me.” 

Google Three-Pack

You want your business to show up in the coveted Google Three-Pack. The Google Three-Pack is the first three businesses that show up at the top of Google’s first search page. Ask these questions when trying to find the right keywords. How close is your business to the searcher? How relevant to the search query are your products and services? What do other consumers say about your products and services?

Craigslist is a great source when looking for local keyword ideas. Use their serves section, go to the location you are in, and then enter a keyword. Local search engine optimization is crucial for getting your business noticed first by your customers on the web.

How Local SEO Works

Search for Local SEO Services

Google and other search engines are constantly changing and evolving. Due to that, it can take a while to get everything just right for your searches. Narrowing things down to a local SEO rather than a broader one will help your business achieve its goal of high visibility in searches. It will also lead to more direct contact with consumers and more foot traffic to your company. Listed in the next sections are a few services offered through local SEO.

Website ‘Localization’

‘Localization’ is essentially just a fancy word for including the name of the city or general area organically within and throughout your website. Your customers will be able to find you faster when these words appear naturally. More activity leads to more traffic on Google, especially by getting involved with local community events. You can also feature blogs or articles on your company website for your audience to find more information. Website localization narrows down the search and creates more visits to your site through local SEO. 

Citation Building

It is one thing to use strong keywords to bring people to your web page. However, citation building furthers the credibility of your business within the community. Define your presence on citation sites and business directories. It will legitimize your company even more than just having a website on one search engine, and it will help your search ratings.  

Claiming Your Google My Business Listing

When first introducing local SEO to your business, keep in mind that Google will be the place where the majority of your consumers are looking for SEO Services. However, only 44% of businesses on Google have claimed their listing. Claiming your Google My Business page will be crucial to keeping your site at the top of the Google search page. It must always be accurate and up to date.

Managing Reviews and Ratings

One other factor to be successfully found in searches through the use of local SEO will be how you showcase your quality of services. This will come from honest feedback provided by your customers. When reviews are posted to your site, it sends signals back to search engines saying that your webpage and services are useful and trusted. Reviews basically further back up your business to those who are looking for the highest quality services. 

Getting Quality, Relevant Backlinks

Backlinks that are naturally obtained from established web pages will also help search engines recognize your site as a trusted source of information, and it encourages that relevance higher in a local search algorithm. Also, local search and business listing directories lead to more direct contact and foot traffic than website visits.

Other places to find some of these backlinks are in local newspapers, business associations, bloggers, and citations to improve your search visibility.

Local SEO

Successful Local SEO Solutions

Local customers are turning to the internet to find local businesses. No one searches printed flyers to find out who can fix their roof–the age of print is dying if not already six feet under. We’re not complaining about the sustainability of it, but we must be ahead of the times. 

Being at the top of local searches is really the only way to see success in your business. It is the most prominent way new customers see your site at the top of search engine results pages. Doing everything to apply local SEO in your business is going to show true acceleration in growth. There is also little wasted exposure and a very quick turnaround on investment. What companies utilize will be worth the amount of new business created with local SEO. 

When you’re ready for successful local SEO solutions, it’s important to take the next step and learn “What is a local SEO company?” SEO Design Chicago can achieve the solutions you’ve been looking for. Our roster of services includes application development, social media marketing, execution of search engine optimization, and digital campaign strategy. Local SEO can be something that jumpstarts a whole new way that consumers see your company. It will allow your business to succeed and grow.

More clicks on your website equates to more business. It is possible to start dominating local searches and being in Google’s Three Pack. Local SEO through SEO Design Chicago can be a place to start.

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Find the Best Local SEO Companies 

When people search for a business, they do not search for a specific company name or place. They search locally to find a place that is close, affordable, and that has more good reviews than bad, of course. Local search marketing is highly targeted and must be timed just right

Using a company that specializes in Local SEO strategy will go beyond social media advertising and focus directly on the proximity of its client. In turn, it ensures the accuracy of the search, and local customers have a better user experience and can easily find you and your website.

SEO Design Chicago offers a Free Local SEO analysis. SEO Design Chicago will also put in the keyword research to increase your page’s rankings to be found closer to the consumers searching for your services. We will create the business listings and build the citations for your company to give you the best results. In return, you will be recognized on more than just Google and social media. 

The easy part is for your company to continue offering quality services and be the best at what you do. SEO Design Chicago is the best at what we do.

Local SEO Services

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Nowadays, people naturally depend on the internet to find absolutely everything.

We even have a tiny computer in our hands on all times that is always connected to the internet so we can have constant access to the solutions we’re looking for. Studies show that mobile internet surfing is higher now at 51%, compared to computer desktop use at 42%. 

Your website needs to be just as accessible as the internet itself. Local SEO creates the most efficient traffic to your site and business. Local SEO solutions invest in learning the local aspects in a narrower search, creating the best results. Search engine optimization will give your customers the ability to find you quickly. 

Google and other search engines are always changing. Local SEO companies and solutions are constantly changing as well. Your business is also forever growing and changing. This usually reflects success, if those changes are towards growth. Take advantage of SEO Design Chicago’s Local SEO services today and help your business thrive. 

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