What Is Facebook Business Content Creation?

You see Facebook business content creation on your news feed every day. Ever wonder why big companies like Nike and Apple have such a huge online presence? That’s because these businesses put a lot of time and effort into their content creation on platforms like Facebook.

So what exactly is content creation? It is simply expressing material, such as thoughts and ideas, through digital media. Whenever you post a picture or status on your timeline, that is considered content creation. Content creation has become more important for business pages on Facebook because of major changes to your news feed. Therefore, good content creation is essential to helping your Facebook business grow.

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Facebook Content Creation Strategy for Business

When trying to decide what content you should create for your Facebook business, it is always good to come up with a strategy. One thing to keep in mind when creating content on a Facebook business page is to make your posts engaging for your customers. In other words, your goal should be to get a lot of likes and comments on your posts. Why do Nike and Apple have millions of likes on their Facebook pages? It’s because of the high engagement rate on everything they post. Nike and Apple invest a lot of time, money, and effort into creating good content for their Facebook business page. They understand the importance of connecting with their current and potential new customers through social media.

Over the last 10 years, digital media marketing on Facebook has changed due to the amount of features it has added. Therefore, creating content for Facebook businesses just got a bit more interesting with new strategic ways to build its social media presence. Besides the new Facebook features for content creation, there are still strategies businesses use that have stayed the same. Here are effective but simple ways to increase customer engagement on your posts and ultimately create a successful Facebook business page to help your company grow.

Facebook Business Content Creation

Using a good profile picture and cover image

Your Facebook business page design is important. A picture can paint a thousand words, but your company logo can gain the attention of a thousand Facebook users. Think about it, why do you only upload the best portrait or selfie as a profile picture? Because it’s the first thing friends see and you will more likely gain a lot of likes, comments, and interest in your Facebook profile. Since your profile picture is the very first thing customers see, using an eye-catching photo of your business logo can attract a lot of attention. And you should never have a blank profile picture. Another thing that can gain the initial attention of customers is using an attractive Facebook cover photo. Because the cover photo uses the most space on your page, using a high-quality image can spark more interest in visitors.

Adding important information in your ‘About’ section

This section is actually the most important for your Facebook business page because this how your visitors learn about your company. What’s great about this section is that it leaves a lot of room for creative freedom. However, it is also important to make sure that the content you use gives a good sense of what your company is about. Some essential things you should have in your ‘About’ section include a description of the company, mission statement and important information such as your hours and location. If you would like to go the extra mile, having a background story about your company can go a long way into creating engagement amongst your visitors. Ultimately, having a descriptive but brief ‘About’ section will be effective in gaining visitor engagement on Facebook business pages.

Adding a call-to-action button

Make sure to use a call to action (CTA) button Another advantage of having a Facebook business page is being able to use the call-to-action feature. These features include the “book now” and “sign up” button which ultimately gives visitors more accessibility to your website. Why is this beneficial to you? Because this helps your own company website gain more web traffic or clicks. The reason why web traffic is important in digital media marketing is because the more clicks your website gets, the higher your company shows up on Google search results. This is the beauty of having a bigger online presence. Giving visitors access to your website with a CTA button can do immense favors for the growth of your company.

Creating posts for your page

Sometimes only having a Facebook business page isn’t enough to keep visitors engaged, so this is where content creation comes into play. You might need some Facebook post ideas. Surveys show that 23% of customers follow companies on social media to be updated on new products, promotions, and/or sales. Another reason why customers follow their favorite companies is to feel closer to them. Despite the ‘About’ section being used for general information and giving visitors an idea about your business, it’s also important to let visitors know what you represent through status updates, photos, videos, and links. It is important to create effective and engaging posts. When you post high-quality content on your page, followers are more likely to like, comment, and share it which will gain more advertisement for your business. Post videos and other

Engaging with your customers and visitors

What good is a high engagement rate amongst your customer and page visitors when your business isn’t engaging with them itself? Being active in engaging with your customers not only shows that you’re transparent, but that you also value customer feedback and are always looking for ways to improve your services. Don’t just post on Facebook – engage with your Facebook audience!

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Benefits of Facebook Content Creation for Businesses

Content creation on Facebook benefits millions of businesses by opening the door to new customers while keeping current ones loyal. There are over 2 billion active users on Facebook. Without a doubt, Facebook rules the internet amongst social media platforms. Why? Because of the amount of people who use it daily and are constantly interacting with each other.

Therefore, the opportunity for business outreach to Facebook users is big and continues to grow. Because of the large number of users on Facebook, it remains the best platform to help gain web traffic and clicks for your business’s website.

Why do Nike and Apple continue to be successful companies on a global scale? It’s not only because of their products, but because of the time, money, and effort they put into keeping their products relevant all over digital media outlets.

An easier way to remember this is to imagine Facebook as a bridge to a larger digital marketing presence on Google and the rest of the internet. However, it is important to note that the majority of users are millennials and Gen Xers. Ultimately, knowing your audience and catering your content creation correctly will benefit your business and customers.

Another benefit of creating content for your business on Facebook is that the platform already has features for creating and organizing all of your content. Facebook makes it an easy, all-in-one experience for you.

Even though not all businesses can be the next Nike or Apple, the freedom of the internet gives a lot of leeway and tools for being a good digital marketer. The amount of resources and never ending help from the world wide web should be enough for the average internet user to become an expert content creator, right? Not quite. There’s a reason why social media management has become a separate department in companies. Or, it’s sought out in companies that specialize in digital marketing.

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Benefits of Hiring a Content Creator For Facebook

The hard truth is that content creation takes a lot of time and effort to perfect. When you are running a business, you have other things to worry about. Managing your company’s social media presence can easily become last on the list of priorities. With technology evolving and the world becoming more dependent on it, digital marketing has become a huge factor in keeping your business running.

The world now relies on digital media outlets, especially the internet. It is where we get all our information from and buy our products. Even though not all businesses can be the next Nike or Apple, social media management services can provide world class content creation that will make it seem like it came straight from Nike’s marketing team.

It’s important to remember that a high engagement rate with positive feedback from visitors constitutes good content. Sometimes you just need a little help from experts to help build your business’s presence online.

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Facebook Content Creation for Businesses at SEO Design Chicago

So how do you find the best digital marketing company that will yield the best results? You can start by looking at their website and social media pages.  Especially check out their Facebook business page.

A good digital marketing company will show how effective their services are by having a strong digital media presence. Take note on the type of content and how often they post. For your Facebook business needs, reach out to SEO Design Chicago for top quality social media content!


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