How Dentists Get More Clients by Blogging

Everyone needs dentistry at one point in their life. Dentists aren’t going away any time soon, especially since dentistry is one of the top jobs in the United States. Keeping this in mind, dental businesses are bound to have competition. 

Patients often stay with dentists they know and trust. But how do dentists find more patients? And how do they keep the regular ones coming back? With dentist marketing and the optimization of SEO through blogging, you can make your dental business rise above its competitors.

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Dentist Marketing

Dental marketing will allow your business to have more patients and keep your appointments booked. With the rise of technology, the marketing industry has grown widely popular with more ways to put your business out there. You have to take advantage of dentist advertising opportunities because without them, your business will fall behind. 

Even if you have the best dental business with the most experienced staff, you need to have a marketing plan. You can’t rely only on word-of-mouth through customers. If you do, then how will you reach the new people in town looking for a dentist? How will you attract a person who travels a lot and is in need of dental care? You’ll need to have professional marketing strategies which start with having an online presence.  

Having an Online Presence

Having an online presence is the first step to making your business reach a wider audience. Once you have established your dental business online, you can incorporate marketing strategies. Here are some ways you can put your dental business out there:

Using Social Media

Social media is a great way to market to your patients. It will give you the opportunity to reach people more easily as well as provide pictures of friendly faces. Dentists have a fear factor about them that is hard for some people to shake, but social media provides an opportunity for you to crush that stereotype. Give your potential clients a warm welcome to your business by going the extra mile with photos, videos, and fun posts with dental wordplay!

Great social media platforms for dentists are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Building a Website

Your website is the core of your business. It’s where you can provide information, book appointments, and make your business its own. The more content you have on your website, the better. More content means more chances for patients to find you since you can optimize dentist advertising strategies within your content. Make sure to always be updating your site and adding new content.

How can you always be adding new content? What if you run out of information, events, or ideas? A good way to keep your business blooming is to have a dental blog. 

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In order to rank highly on search engines, you’ll want to post regularly so that you are consistently creating more content. A way to do this is by blogging. Blogging for dentists will allow your website to stay relevant and constantly be updated, which will keep your staff on top of their game and hold you accountable for checking your site.

Ranking highly on search engines is called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a popular marketing tool important for businesses because it allows your company to be recognized more easily. Blogging will help with SEO by giving you more opportunities to use keywords that people will search for. It will also help provide you a space to use internal links, which are links that lead the reader to other parts of your website. Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their site. 

The Importance of Blogging for Dentists

Blogging helps with SEO, but it is important for dentists specifically. Blogging is crucial for dental SEO because it creates a voice for your company. Since people often have horror stories from dentists, it is important to create a space for your company to feel safe and friendly. While this can be done through posts on social media, it can also be done through words. Blogs can be informative, but also fun! 

Dentist blogs also allow for a place of trust. With different blogs, you can show that you know what you are doing by explaining your practice. This will make your site appear more credible and professional. And especially in the dental industry, you are going to want to be trustworthy to your clients. Use blogs to create a safe space. 

Create your voice and convince your readers that your business isn’t a scary place. Make sure to come up with a variety of topics to draw your clients in.

Topic Ideas for Dentist Blogs

It can be difficult to figure out what to blog about when it comes to dentist blogs. When writer’s block sinks in, it feels like a new idea will never pop up. When you can’t seem to think of anything new to write about, try to look at your blog from an audience’s perspective. What would you hope to find on a dental blog? Would you want something informative? What about something fun? What would a returning customer look for? How about a new one that has never seen your business? Ask yourself these questions and go from there. 

Bounce off of blogs you have already written. Can you make a series out of something? What will keep your dentist blogs going? There are never too many ideas.

If you are still looking for inspiration, here are some dentist blog ideas

  • Dental information/awareness
  • Staff introductions, moments, quotes, or interviews
  • Explanation of procedures
  • Dental tips for good hygiene 
  • Different cases you have dealt with
  • Interviews with patients
  • Schedules and possible events

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How to Write Dentist Blogs

After practice, writing blogs will get easier. You will eventually get into a routine and figure out what is and isn’t working. If the task becomes too much weight on your shoulders, try hiring a writing team or interns to write dentist blogs for you. 

Know Your Audience and Voice

The fact that you know your audience should be reflected in the voice you use when writing blogs. Your audience is full of patients who are reading the dentist’s blog to learn more about your practice. You have to use a voice that makes complicated procedures sound simple. You know what you are doing, but your patients will have no idea. Try explaining a dental operation to your readers like you’re explaining to a child how to count. Use easy-to-follow language so that no one gets lost in complex wording. Don’t get too lost in your dental vocabulary.

Schedule Your Dentist Blogs

Organizing your blog releases in advance will help hold your writers accountable. Having a schedule means building a blog content calendar. This might sound daunting, but it can be done in many ways. 

If you prefer planning digitally, simply make a spreadsheet on Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, or you can use a content calendar app. You could also add your blog schedule to your Google Calendar. If you would rather have a physical calendar for planning, draw out a calendar using a whiteboard or planner notebook. You could even print out a content calendar template. Do whatever appeals to you the most. It might be beneficial to have both a physical and digital calendar, just to be sure.

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