How to Become Internet Famous Overnight

The internet can be very fast-paced. You can go from having a couple hundred followers to thousands overnight. The question of how to become internet famous overnight is one asked by many people in today’s day and age. 

If you are asking yourself how you can become internet famous overnight, this article will help you do so. For most people, it takes years of hard work to become internet famous. However, there are certain tips that might help you increase your following quickly. We cannot guarantee that you will become famous overnight by following these tips, but they will help increase your chances.

1 – Determine Your Niche  

If you are wondering how to become internet famous, the first thing you should do is determine your niche. Ask yourself what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Use your strengths to your advantage. If you are knowledgeable or passionate about a certain topic, try to focus on that. If you still are struggling to think of something, you can always choose an area or topic you want to learn more about. 

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Some popular topics that you could focus on are makeup, traveling, fitness, video game streaming, daily vlogs, and food recipes. These are only a few ideas of content you can create. There are many more content options available. 

After you determine your niche, you can focus on your content creation. There are countless options for your content creation. You can create vlogs, blogs, pictures, videos, and so much more. There are many creative ways to share your content on social media. For example, if you want to share a recipe, there are creative ways to do it. Instead of simply posting the recipe in writing, you can create a video of you making the recipe. It is helpful to think outside of the box and be unique when it comes to content creation. 

2 – Decide on Your Social Media Platforms

After you have determined your niche, you need to decide which social media platform to use. As social media has grown in popularity, so has the number of social media platforms available. There are many platforms you can utilize. Eight of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Linkedin.  

The number of platforms you use is ultimately up to you. You can post to just one platform or you can utilize multiple. Ideally, you want to choose one to post the majority of your content and use the others as complements. 

For example, if you are posting beauty tutorials on YouTube you can use Instagram and TikTok to promote them with shorter clips. Do not try to be on every social media platform available. If you try to, it will be very time-consuming and can actually lead to a decline in the quality of your content.  If you want to become internet famous overnight, it is important to remember quality over quantity. 

When deciding what platforms you should use, you need to think about your target audience. Demographics of social media platforms can vary greatly. Therefore, you want to match the demographics of your target audience with those of social media platforms. This will help you to find the social media platform that will be the most effective. More tips to be successful on social media include outlining your goals, creating interactive content, and optimizing your account. 

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3 – Be Yourself

In your pursuit of trying to become internet famous, you need to remember to stay true to yourself. Do not change who you are for the internet. Be yourself. This can be difficult to remember on the internet since most people conform to society to fit in. A lot of the time it is easier to conform than to stand out. If you want to become internet famous, you want to stand out; you want to be unique. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.   

4 – Engage With Your Fans

A crucial step to get famous on social media is to engage with your fans. You should make it a priority to respond to their comments and questions. This will allow you to build a connection with your fans, which can result in an increase in the size of your fanbase. Additionally, you want make sure you remember to thank your fans for their support. 

5 – Post Consistently 

In order to build a fan base, it is necessary to post often. You want your content to be appearing frequently on your fans’ social media feeds. It may be helpful to develop a social media calendar. This will help you keep track of your posts and even schedule them in advance. Additionally, if you only post on certain days of the week, your followers will know what days to expect new content.

If you are someone who forgets to post, you can use services to schedule your posts. HootSuite, Buffer, and OnlyWire are three of many sites that help you manage your social media accounts. All three of these sites offer automatic social media posting services. They will share your posts to all of your social media feeds.

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6 – Keep Your Brand Consistent 

If you are asking how to get internet famous, a useful tip is to keep your brand consistent. If you choose to join multiple social media platforms, you should be consistent on all of them. Choose usernames that are the same or very similar. This will make it easy for users to find you on different social media platforms. 

Another way to ensure brand consistency is to share the same type of content on all your social media profiles. Your followers on Instagram should not think anything different about you than your YouTube followers. 

Along with that, you want to use similar aesthetics for all of your social media profiles. You can do this by using similar user profile pictures and header images on your social media platforms.  You can also decide on a specific color scheme to use on all of your platforms.

7 – Stay Up-to-Date on Social Media Trends

When trying to come internet famous, it is helpful to remain updated with current conversations and trends on social media. If there is an important conversation occurring on the internet, you want to be aware of it. You don’t always need to participate in the conversation, but you want to know it is happening. The internet is always creating new trends. Trends are almost like a revolving door. As soon as one ends, another is there to replace it. It can be helpful to participate in certain trends that fit your brand and content. It is a good way to gain exposure to people you otherwise wouldn’t reach.

Along with participating in the trends, you want to try to get ahead of them. Keep an eye out and try to participate in new forming trends. This is a key factor in how to become internet famous overnight. If people see you at the forefront of trends, they will want to follow you.

8 – Stay Focused on Your Goals

When asking how to get famous on social media, you need to know it can be a timely process. It takes time to grow your subscribers and followers. You need to remain persistent. Do not give up if you are not instantly famous. 

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9 – Use the Right Hashtags 

One way to answer the question of how to get internet famous is to use hashtags. Hashtags will help draw attention to your social media posts by increasing their reach. They allow users to find and connect with content they are interested in. When you click on a certain hashtag, you can find other posts that use the same hashtag. Use hashtags that match the content of your post. For example, if you are a beauty blogger you can use the hashtags #makeup or #tutorial. 

If you are wanting to become famous on TikTok, it is important to include the trending hashtags in your caption. On this platform, it is okay if the hashtag does not relate to the content of your post. Using trending hashtags on TikTok will increase your chance of being on users’ For You Page. 

Lastly, do not overuse hashtags. It is important to find the correct amount of hashtags to use. This varies depending on what social media platform you are using. Along with the amount of hashtags varying, so does the effectiveness of hashtags. Some platforms may show that using five hashtags is more effective than using one. It is useful to find which social media platforms’ hashtags are most effective.

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