How to Become TikTok Famous

While they are both about social media related to video contents, the idea of “TikTok famous” has far surpassed the one of “YouTube famous.” With over 500 million active accounts on TikTok, this app has successfully taken over the attention of the younger generation. With millions of creators on the app, is it hard to stand out among the general public and become popular on TikTok. Yet there are many influencers that become famous through this app, thus leading to the question of: How do you become famous on TikTok? 


What Content Should You Create?

With so many creators and viewers on TikTok, is it easy for your content to get overshadowed by others. Over 41% of the users on TikTok are teenagers, meaning they have a short attention span and are fascinated by the crazier and original contents of TikTok.

However, that does not mean you go crazy trying to make content from all types of genres! One of the most important things about being a popular TikTokers is to find your niche and audience. Some of the most famous TikTokers stick to a particular style of content that relate to their profession or personality. Most of the videos they post demonstrate their skills (Charlie D’Amelio who is a famous dancer on TikTok) leading them to become very popular in their category.

By doing this, you are attracting followers who are interested in your content and become more engaging as well. This is how you get followers on TikTok. Slowly, you develop a fan base and will gain the attention of more users.

On the other hand, you need to understand that it is okay to try new things. This might bring more users to your account, but you can also lose followers depending on how inconsistent your posts are.

How Often Do I Post?

There are many social media platforms that can make you famous. But, what sets TikTok apart from everyone else is that you are encouraged to post as much as possible. You can never have “too much” content on TikTok considering there are millions of different posts. One of the important things about trying to be popular on TikTok is to make your presence known. Using a social media strategy helps you plan out when to post videos. Having plans allows you to become more organized in posting and planning videos.

While it is good to constantly post, you do not want to make it seem like you are spamming your audience. Even if your videos are not reaching many people, it is still important to establish yourself on the app by constantly posting. Creating content is one of the key components of trying to be TikTok famous.

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Trends, Challenges, and Hashtags

Ever since TikTok became popular, “TikTok trends” have blown up on the internet. These TikTok trends can be popular dances, songs, or subjects. These trends have allowed many creators to gain fame and followers. So if you want to be famous on TikTok, you just have to follow these trends! Trends on TikTok appear more on For You Pages and feeds of users compared to other contents.

When you create trending TikToks or hop on the “hype train”, your video has a bigger possibility of going viral. This can gain you more fame and followers. Additionally, just creating videos with trending songs is also important. Audio is important in TikTok videos, so if more people know the song the more they will interact with you.

Another important way to get exposure is to participate in TikTok challenges. A TikTok challenge is similar to a trend in the way that it expands audience engagement. Since challenges dominate trending videos, it is important to participate if you want to become TikTok famous. First, you should study what the challenge is and get inspired by other popular influencers. Putting a unique spin on challenges shows your creativity and gets more participation. 

Like most other kinds of social media, TikTok has many hashtags you can use. It is important to choose the right hashtags because it needs to relate to your video. There is no point in having #singing when your video is a makeup tutorial! Looking at what other famous TikTokers use as their hashtag can get you inspired for your videos.

Speaking of hashtags, it is also really important to use trending hashtags when needed. Even if the hashtags are not too related to our video, they can increase your audience and reach. Most importantly, try not to overuse hashtags because they can appear messy and take focus off your actual topic.

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Duets and Collaboration

A unique feature of TikTok is the ability to duet with other creators’ videos. By doing this, TikTok creates a side-by-side view of your video and the one you are trying to duet. This is really helpful if you have zero connections to influencers and want to gain followers quickly. A duet can be a reaction video, continuation of a challenge, or to voice your opinions. The more popular and engaging the video you duet, the more likely people are going to watch it. Also, if a bigger and more famous influencer remixes your video or reacts to it, dueting that video will greatly increase your exposure to that TikToker’s following. 

Other than dueting, the fastest way to gain followers and viewers is to collaborate with other larger, famous TikTokers. However, it is okay to start small with TikTokers that only have around 1,000 followers. This way, you are building connections slowly. You might ask, why is collaboration important? That is because, being friends with other influencers and appearing in their video easily exposes you to their followers. This works both ways, so you both benefit from more exposure and potentially more followers. Followers and connecting with the community are all important steps to become TikTok famous.

Interacting with Followers

Once you have a small following, it is essential to keep their loyalty and involvement. Some of the most popular TikTokers always make sure to interact with their fans. One of the best ways to do this is to respond to comments underneath your videos. Responding to comments shows that you are relatable and reliable to your followers. It shows you read what your followers are commenting and manages your reputation as someone that cares for others. Also, interactions with your fans can allow you to retain more supporters since they really understand your personality. 

Another feature TikTok has to interact with your followers is to have a livestream. Livestreams are talking to your followers in real time and engaging and any questions they have. This is an exciting way to have your connections be more personalized. You can plan the livestream weeks beforehand or hop onto TikTok randomly to surprise your supporters. The more famous you are, the more your followers care about interacting with you and livestreams are the perfect way to do that!

Another way of interacting with users on TikTok is to optimize your account to intrigue more people that relate to you. Optimizing your account means to have a memorable username, nice profile picture, and a caption that speaks to many users. Furthermore, adding hashtags in your bio can actually make it more searchable and rank higher. Famous TikTokers tend to keep the same usernames so that people can remember them easily. Nonetheless, like everything else, you should never go overboard with hashtags and constantly change your profile. You want people to easily find you, so constantly changing them will only confuse others.

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Being a TikTok Influencer

Once you have a decent amount of following, you are considered a TikTok Influencer! That makes you one more step closer to becoming TikTok famous. Mostly importantly, being an influencer means you have a strong relationship with your niche audience. There are also different types of influencers that you are considered based on your followers and how TikTok famous you are.

The most common types of influencers you can be as a popular TikToker is Macro (100,000 – 1 million followers), Mirco (1,000 – 10,000 followers), and Nano (1,000 followers or less) Influencers. Of course the more followers you have, the more popular you are on TikTok, so the ultimate goal for any TikToker is to be a Mega Influencer. While Mega Influencers are mainly celebrities, if you have a big enough following, you can be paid millions of dollars for a single video. Once you are a mega influencer, you are officially TikTok famous, verified, and one of the most popular creators on the platform. 

Your Time to Shine

Being popular on social media is now the newest trend to become famous. Many people try to succeed on these apps, but only a selected few actually do. TikTok has become one of the biggest social media platforms with over 2 million downloads and monthly users of over 800 million. It’s no surprise that being TikTok famous is the new direction people want to go in. Since there are so many people pursuing this dream, it does not hurt for you to try as well! Posting 15 second videos everyday with content that you enjoy cannot be a burden at all!

Plus, you do not need millions of followers to be popular on the app, so there is nothing stopping you from trying. TikTok is a creative platform for you to share your interest and being famous along the way cannot hurt anyone, so take advantage of the app!

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