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Social Media Content Creation

This article will discuss the benefits of different social media platforms and social media content creation. It also helps you to decide on the best social media content creation options available.

The Importance of Social Media Platforms

Social Media content creation

Posting. Tweeting. Clicking. Liking. Purchasing. Scrolling. These nearly effortless actions define today’s connections, interactions, business exchanges, and relationships. The act of maneuvering through a variety of social media platforms has become secondhand nature to the majority of societies worldwide. In fact, 3.8 billion people worldwide actively use these digital platforms daily. More than half the world’s population turns to social media for entertainment, mesmerizing content, and the ability to purchase products.

Truthfully speaking, digital marketing through the utilization of social media platforms has taken over the advertising industry. If your company is seeking to increase brand awareness, grow sales, and gain a wider consumer base, then social media content creation is the one-stop shop for yinou. Although using social media as a viewer is rather easy, navigating through the mechanics of promotion can become rather tricky. Instead of wasting unnecessary time, look to the content consultants to save you the technological headache. To explore digital content tips and tricks, turn to the experts at SEO Design Chicago.

Focus on the Prominent Platforms

Social Media content platforms

Many aspects come into play when determining which social media platforms to divert the majority of attention towards. It is important to understand the advantages, disadvantages and consumer demographics linking different features to a successful platform. Unlike situations where more is better, a simple design among a few platforms will advance your brand awareness. Below we will focus on 5 of the best and most widely used social media platforms. For more information on the top platforms, look into The Best Social Media Platforms for Business: Your Ultimate Guide.

1. Facebook 

Advantages: Ability to interact with customers, increased audience potential, strong analytics, and potential to target through advertisements.

Disadvantages: High-cost advertisements, requires constant commitment, and unpredictable page suspensions.

Consumer Demographics: Generation X and Millennials, aged 22-53. These types of consumers turn to Facebook to build relationships, post about day-to-day activities, “stalk” their peers, and release self-images.

2. Instagram

Advantages: More attractive to the younger generations, mobile friendly, wider audience base, and easily integrable.

Disadvantages: Low engagement with advertisements (easy to click through), only pertains to certain business brands, content heavy, and requires a strict posting schedule to maintain presence.

Consumer Demographics: Generation Z, ages 5-25. This platform is most popular among the younger generations to share personal photos, promote products, and follow the latest celebrity and company trends.

3. Twitter

Advantages: Focus is placed on statements rather than the images, a higher advertisement success rate than Facebook, easy engagement with followers, and low effort use and operation.

Disadvantages: Overwhelming amount of noise to compete with, fake and unreliable accounts, and low rates of purchasing from Twitter ads compared to other platforms.

Consumer Demographics: Millennials are the most active on Twitter, ages 25-38. Viewers turn to Twitter for latest news updates. Also to rapid fire inner emotions and feelings, and to check in on the content of their followers. 

4. LinkedIn

Advantages: Great networking capabilities, ideal for content related to administrative business, copious amount of active users, free to sign-up, and effective for talent recruitment.

Disadvantages: Singles out eCommerce companies, reduced personal touch compared to other platforms, and substantially less interactive clicks.

Consumer Demographics: Millennial and Generation X, between the ages 18-64. LinkedIn is largely used to network, develop your professional career, and job search. 

5. YouTube

Advantages: Free to create content, simple to use, few regulations and censorship over content, and capability to display more brand personality.

Disadvantages: Longer production times compared to other forms of advertising, high competition of visual and digital aspects, and the extra steps taken to promote the actual video.

Consumer Demographics: Most generations use YouTube, with the target subgroups being Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X. Viewers turn to YouTube for DIY videos, entertainment purposes, and to de-stress. 

Different Content for Different Platforms

Similar to putting on different attires for different occasions, it is pivotal to put different forms of content onto each individual social media platform. I mean, would you wear a tuxedo to a football game? The answer being, no. Likewise, crafting a heavily worded essay for YouTube would digress your online presence game plan. Below we will uncover the general items to post. Also, discussed is how to go about different presentations of your content depending on each platform. If you want to gain a broader knowledge of how to release content, check out the overview on Social Media Content Creation.

Attractive Content to Post About

Best Social Media content

The key to posting on different platforms is to narrow in on the interests and wants of consumers. To really grip the attention of consumers, your content needs to be catchy, personal, strategic, and fresh. Although that seems like a daunting task to include content that revolves around those previous listed adjectives, we will walk you through some of the best things to post about.

Images/Videos Posts

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners, which demonstrates the importance of high quality digital content. In fact, most viewers skim through the general text and focus on the eye-catching images within. Including photos and/or videos into your social media strategies will attract and engage your audience. Purposefully incorporating visualizations that tell stories, appeal to the eye, and are able to interact with viewers will perform the best throughout your social media platforms.

Customer Feedback

Not only is collecting customer feedback important to your brand, but actually displaying this feedback will further show the importance of your customers to your business. Personal recommendations are the top driving reasons for purchase decisions. To dive more into this statistic, check out the article Recommendations are What Drives Your Business. Remember to Ask For Them.

Personal Stories Posts

Interesting and funny stories can be used to spice up the digital marketing era and resonate with a younger audience. Integrating informative content through personal stories will attract consumers through individual intimacy. By showing the potential audience a more personal side of your brand, you are cultivating consumer relationships, which will hopefully spread to their social circles as well.

Informative Blurbs

When posting about new products and services your company has to offer, it is important to be brief and informative to properly educate the audience. Consumers will tune out to lengthy content, reducing the ability to teach about your services and creating an overall lack of interest.

One Notable Tool to Aid With Your Media Creation: Facebook Post Scheduler 

One of the more prominent tools that’ll keep you on top of posting, is a feature involved within the Facebook platform. Utilizing this tool will save you time, release consistent content, and allow you to engage with more customers. Through your Facebook business page, you are able to schedule the release of posts down to minute. By saving scheduled posts and maintaining this regiment, customers are engaged by your up-to-date content and new posts.

Why Turn to A Content Creation Social Media Company?

Social Media content creation agency

While the act of unlocking your phone and logging into your personal social media accounts to swipe the day away is rather easy, the task of running these accounts can be time-consuming, confusing, and daunting. Building your online brand image from the ground up, shouldn’t be an afterthought or overlooked activity. 

Turning to a company that will solely focus on the development of your social media content, proves to be a cost-effective alternative and a huge time-saver. Social media content creation services will cater content to different platform needs and optimize your target audience. Leave it to the experts to engage with your customers in a meaningful way and focus on each potential demographic. If you’re searching for the right company to do these tasks for you, look no further…SEO Design Chicago can run these accounts for you. To read about the services they offer, check out their post on Social Media Content Creation.

These companies can not only strengthen your social media presence, but also provide statistical reports to back their claims. Through the reported traffic measurements and increased success rates, you will be able to see the immense efforts put into the process. Many companies run social media accounts blindly. SEO Design Chicago will engage with the intended audience and explore your company’s goals. 

Investing In Social Media Ads

Setting aside a minor budget for advertisements will further increase your search engine results, attract potential customers, and heighten your sales revenue. Utilizing the right content creation team, will eliminate the need to endlessly fuel your advertising budget. Certain platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, are becoming more and more advertisement heavy, so splurging a little more on these platforms will help you reach your target audience faster. Although purchasing advertisements aren’t necessary to the growth of your online presence, doing so will most definitely accelerate traffic to your social media pages. 

Social media content creation is a vital way to position your company into the noise of clicking, streaming, posting, tweeting, and scrolling. But, to make sure your brand image doesn’t get lost in said noise, explore the services that social media content creation companies have to offer. Reach out today to SEO Design Chicago to find the best solutions for your content creation needs!

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