Top Ways for Businesses to Get Relevant Links

Don’t feel like reading this whole article. Then we’ll keep it short –  yes. Backlinks, or words that are highlighted on a webpage and link to another website, matter a ton still when it comes to where Google places a website in their search engine results pages (SERP). Bing also ranks web pages with a lot of backlinks above those that don’t have as many.

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A recent huge study (this is an example of a backlink) found that:

Web pages with a lot of backlinks rank above pages that don’t have as many backlinks. In fact, the #1 result in Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions number two through ten. 


What is a backlink? 

You may wonder why you’d want to direct people to another website. On the one hand, it’s true that the longer people stay on your site, before leaving for another one, the more likely it is they’ll do something. That something is a conversion. Conversions include buying something, inquiring about services, or reading another page on your website. 

However, you can’t fight what the internet is – a collection of websites. People will always “surf” the web. They’re definitely going to leave your site at some point. 

So you may as well embrace it. Don’t direct people to your competition, but do direct them to “good backlinks.” Having a lot of good backlinks – like links to studies, websites of experts, or social media content related to your industry – tells Google and Bing, “The owner of this webpage knows a lot about their industry.” 

Google considers websites with a lot of backlinks more authoritative. And Google rewards sites that prove authority and expertise by ranking them higher in SERP. 

So go ahead, link to other sites as long as they aren’t your competition. In fact, we’ll direct you to a site that proves backlinks matter so you can read more. And we don’t mind doing so because the site we’re sending you to isn’t one of our competitors. It’s the Google Blog that explains why they value sites with backlinks. 


Why You Also Want to Get Other Websites Linking to Yours

You also want to do what you can to get other websites to link to your website. This benefits your site, and theirs, because Google will give both extra points and rank you both higher in SERP.

Now you can’t force the owner of another site to link to yours. But there are certain ways to get other sites to link to yours. Those techniques are something we study and have mastered for many clients. 

And you don’t need a ton of other sites to link to your site. You just need to get the right websites to do so. 

Search engines like Google are aware of companies that engage in questionable  practices to get other sites to link to theirs. They have developed algorithms to flag those websites and remove them from search results.

Here are a few things you can do to start getting the right websites to link to yours. And if you don’t have the time to do this on your own (it does take time), we can handle it for you.


1. Connect with Influencers

The Kardashians aren’t the only influencers out there. There are social media influencers for every industry – from gardening to fitness to gaming supplies. Influencers spend a lot of time promoting (or dissing but usually promoting) products on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and their own websites. 

Slime? Yoga? Shoes? Purses? Landscaping? There’s an influencer out there for your field.

You just need to find the influencer and reach out to them. This one takes time but has a huge payoff if the relationship works successfully. 

This isn’t just about getting the influencer to mention you and link to you but also to create a connection with a potential business partner. Influencers often will tie their brand into yours, for a cut of the profits. 

Influencers are always looking for new and unique content to share with their followers through social networks, magazines, newspapers, and any other medium they have available. Help them out by sending them your product, press releases, reviews from real customers, and just DMs to say hi.

Here’s an example. You sell shoelaces that relate to seasons, like pumpkin shoelaces you sell around Halloween. Reach out to one of the many influencers who showcase the pros and cons of sneakers. Reach out to the person via DM and ask for their address. If they reply, great. If they don’t, look them up on Send them – via snail mail – your shoelaces. They need to create content. Betcha they make a video, which they share on social media, lacing your threads into a pair of sneakers. They’ll mention your brand in the video, and ideally link to you in the caption. Monitor their account to see if they do. Follow up to say “Thanks” although they’ll likely thank you first.

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2. Sponsor a Local YouTuber or Social Media Influencer

Smart influencers will play for ads that appear before a YouTube video plays in their local area. For example, bloggers and vloggers in L.A. will pay for ads for customers who are searching in the L.A. area. These people can help you promote your business locally. Give them something valuable in return, especially if you have a brick and mortar location or a specific service area. 

Example: Send a message to that guy in your town who streams himself playing guitar. Send him some of the removable stickers you sell. He can make a video playing guitar and showing how your stickers can be added and removed to his guitar without damaging it. Voila! You have a few diehard guitar sticker locals visiting your store. 


3. Ask for Your Manufacturer or Suppliers to Post Links to You in Exchange for the Same

There’s probably some B2B aspect of your business. You’ll both benefit if you link to one another on your websites. If you are a store owner, your manufacturer might want to link to sites where consumers can find their products. Offer to post links to their website on yours, in return for the same. 

Example: If you are the only retailer for a certain type of product in your area, tell that company where you are, and send them your site. Ask them to list your store in their “store locator” database.  Tell them you’ll link to their site in a product description on your site. That way, you each earn a backlink. 


4. Build Relationships With Businesses that Compliment Your Customers

You know your market and you are aware of what else is out there. Find other businesses that complement what you do and help each other out. You don’t need to work with competitors, but you can work with nearby businesses, especially those who are in similar niches.  Most businesses are willing to provide a link in return for the same. 

Example: You are a hair salon. There’s a nail salon nearby. Suggest you both add a section to your websites titled something like “While You’re Near Us, Check Out Our Friends.” You can list all the businesses in your neighborhood, but hyperlink to those who link back to you.

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5. Help the Environment and Get a Link in the Process

If you do anything environmentally friendly in your business, and you likely do, there will be organizations out there who will link to your site to tell the public that you’re a business that does the plant proud. You might be surprised by the number of clients this could get you.

Example: Your business, whatever it is, accepts used computers and other technology, which you then – free of charge – take to a recycling company that accepts such products. There are dozens of nonprofits that list used computer drop off sites. They’ll link to your store. And when people come to drop off their computer, they may just buy something too.


6. Work With a School or PTO

Google pays extra attention to educational (.edu) websites because they know they won’t link to just any site. PTOs often have .org sites, which are for non-profits. Again, Google values their “votes of confidence” when they hyperlink to other businesses. So if you donate time or money or sponsor a school or PTO event, and they link to you on their website, Google will see that and really think, “This business must be good.”  Plus, you’re actually doing something good. 

Example: If you are a realtor, donate a prize or some money to a PTO event. In return for your generosity, they’ll likely feature you on their website and social media. In fact, donors often ask for publicity in exchange for donations. 


7. Get Listed on Your City’s or Community Association’s Website

Take a look at upcoming happenings and events in your area. Offer to work in conjunction with the organizers. When the city or business association promotes the event  on their website, they may link to yours. 

Example: If you own a hardware store, and there’s a neighborhood Halloween event, add your name to the list of businesses who will be passing out treats to kids. 


Let the Pros Handle This

There is no one-and-done way to earn a good link. And you have to keep at it. If you don’t have the time or energy, we can work on a backlink strategy for you.  

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