Digital Marketing for Industrial Businesses

If you are an industrial business, you may be wondering if and why you need to worry about digital marketing. After all, you do something highly specialized, related to industrial machinery, tools, lumber production, construction, waste management, manufactured housing, and cement and metal fabrication. 

You don’t sell stuff or provide services people can just get through Amazon, after all.


That’s true, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have competition. You do. A

And selling goods and services in your space is no different than a company which sells shoes. You need to compete with other companies that do similar things. 

At SEO Design Chicago, we work with many companies in industrial industries. We’re specialists in industrial digital marketing strategies that drive quality traffic to your website, resulting in high quality leads. 

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Our industrial digital marketing services include:


Industrial Website Design, Redesign and Development:

Forget social media for a second. Websites are the starting point of all sales. People check your website before calling, ordering or even thinking about your goods or services. We use an integrated approach, backed by research, and contains high quality content that is structured with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. We also are experts in  paid search strategies like Google Ads. 


Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

Known as PPC, paid search, or search engine marketing, allows businesses to purchase ads that bring content to the top of a search engine results page (SERP).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

If a potential client doesn’t know your business name, they can’t possibly buy your goods or services. Often, people will find your company if they enter search terms into Google or Bing related to what you sell or offer. Those search terms lead to ads, followed by a list of websites. People trust what Google lists on page one of SERP. The way to get your company to appear on this page, for free (that’s why it’s called organic traffic) using SEO best practices. SEO is a set of rules that include targeting keywords or phrases potential customers use when searching for industrial products and services.

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3D Catalog Integration:

If you’re in the industrial space, you probably sell or offer high-tech goods and services. Words and even images aren’t enough to sell your products. That’s why we know how to create and embed advanced videos, photos and 3D modeling to better educate potential customers.


Conversion Optimization:

Selling shouldn’t be your only goal when someone visits your site, especially if what you sell is pricey. We help companies find other goals, or conversion goals, like form fills, click-to-calls, and other desired actions that lead to actions (or conversions). We also make it easy for you to follow up on these actions so you can capture a sale eventually. 


In-Depth Analytics:

Many companies only track visitors to your website. That’s not enough. While we provide this metric, we primarily focus on what matters most—user behavior, form tracking, call tracking, and other data like when your customers visit your site, what makes them leave your site, and where your users are located. This helps you educate your own employees about who your customer base truly is, and what they truly want. This also helps you redesign your site so that people don’t leave, or get stuck, on certain pages.  

Now, we want to answer some questions you may have. 


What’s the difference between digital marketing for industrial companies and digital marketing for other companies?

The difference between the marketing of industrial products and nonindustrial products is that industrial businesses are highly specialized. That means you really need to invest more time and thought into the research of keywords. That said, you have to remember that some potential buyers are new to the field. So you need to think like someone with loads of experience in your industry, and someone new to it. We use Google keyword research tools and paid tools like AHrefs to narrow down the best search terms. We then advise you on how much to create content structured around these keywords (or we’ll do the content creation for you) and how much to bid on for certain keywords (or if you should take another, less expensive route). 

Industrial businesses need to have stuff online that is in-depth about specifications, requirements, and processes. Zoomed in photos isn’t enough. 3D modeling, that’s interactive, is the route you should take. The more advanced the content is, the higher the chance you’ll rank better in Google. You should offer quotes for these configurations online. Just be sure to include language that they aren’t binding quotes. Additionally, the overall industrial digital marketing strategy, analytics, and criteria for success must consider a longer sales cycle. No one is going to buy something expensive after one visit to your site. 


What digital marketing services do industrial companies need?

Industrial companies need a well-designed website with helpful content. You also need 24-hour sales help because you may have people in different time zones. You don’t need live help – but you  need a chatbot to take leads.  SEO Design Chicago will help you set up these tools. A chat bot can answer as many customer questions quickly – like when your office is open. But for more advanced stuff, you need an advanced chatbot. We also make sure every page is SEO friendly. We make sure any PPC strategies are advanced.  


Why is SEO important for industrial companies?

Industrial businesses need a search engine optimization plan that ranks high in their specialized and technical products into the search results of potential customers. 

Many users are more likely to visit a website they see more than once on a search result page, especially if it’s a slow purchase process. Even if you are using paid search, appearing in organic search results gives you added power and a chance to provide more information about your business. This type of industrial web marketing is done through content. It’s not just about appearing in the normal results sections. You want to appear in the “people may ask” area, and in Google maps. We know how to make the most use of the Google My Business tools to make sure you appear everywhere you can. 

There are over 200 ranking factors  that Google uses to figure out where to rank content. They keep their recipe a secret, but we’ve cracked some codes. We, unlike Google, don’t keep our findings secret. That’s why we offer training, and ongoing consultation is part of our services. 


Here are some things we’ve done for other industrial businesses. 

We work with tons of industrial companies to boost their online presence. 

For example, a cabinet company faces stiff competition online. We helped a company boost their online traffic, increase conversions and ultimately, boost their sales. 

Their results included:

  • A website, showcasing the client’s products and services
  • 55% increase in new customer sales from online
  • Increased local SEO efforts to reach audiences in their area of operation

In another situation, a national SaaS provider needed an increase in branding. They also had poor traffic to their website. They needed an SEO Strategy along with a branding program that would make them more recognizable to potential clients. We did all this and here’s what happened: 

  • They got a new WordPress website that was search engine optimized and better reflected the professional nature of the client
  • They launched a new digital ad campaign that increased web traffic and brand recognition
  • The client’s website was able to show up in multiple top search results leading to them become one of the leaders in their industry       

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Why is Paid Search important for industrial businesses?

Paid Search (also known as PPC, Pay Per Click, or search engine marketing) is an important part of industrial digital marketing strategy because it allows you to target the online users looking for the products or services you offer. Sure, you have to pay for the ads, but they outperform ads on all other platforms, from radio to tv to social media. 

Paid ads aren’t just the “sponsored” ads that appear at the top of SERP. Paid ads also appear under shopping, next to one’s Gmail correspondence and other websites that are part of Google’s display network – those are certain websites that niche audiences visit.

Who has niche audiences? Industrial businesses. This is where industrial  businesses can shine and pick up quality traffic. Anyone who visits a niche search engine site is likely a very interested potential client. 

At SEO Design Chicago, we specialize in making sure your industrial products and services are at the top of specific search results your customers use. Reach out for a free SEO page analysis and we’ll start there.

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