What Should I Blog About?

Here’s the big question that all new bloggers encounter: What to blog about? Blogging is an essential part of any business’s website. Blogging can provide topics that help connect you and your customers. It provides insights on what your company values and what your company is all about. Simply put, blogging is a piece of writing, photography or other media that is self published and posted online for others to see. It fosters readers’ ability to engage in conversation and interact with the author as well as other readers.

Knowing what to blog about is difficult to answer. Blogs look different for each and every person. The topic being discussed can help drive the format of the blog. If you are wondering what to blog about, take a step back and consider the industry your business is in and what would be most attractive for readers who come across your blog. There is no right answer to what to blog about, but there are a few ways to know how you should set up your blog to ensure your readers are being satisfied to the best of your ability.

This article is going to help you understand what your blog should be about, the process of deciding what to blog about, and what to start a blog about.

what to blog about

Know your Audience

Again, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to blogging. Blogging can be about anything you find interesting that you think will suit your readers. When you blog, you need to appeal to your readers. Consider what they will find interesting and what will keep them intrigued. Also, keep in mind what your company stands for and what they represent. If you keep these in mind, knowing what your blog should be about should be a breeze.

Decide a Blog Topic

Deciding what to blog about is just a few simple steps. You see, blogging is all about finding a popular topic and creating great content that will reach a high volume of readers. There are a few ways that can help you decide what to blog about and social media is going to be your best friend at providing current trends and ideas.

what to blog about


Pinterest provides a category of trending topics. These topics are identified as trending because many people are searching them or saving them. Topics could include something like outdoors, or fun activities to do during the pandemic. This is a great opportunity for you to capitalize on and incorporate in your blog. After browsing through Pinterest and identifying a topic you think might be a good match for your readers, plug the trending idea into Google trends and see what it looks like. If it is trending on Google as well, it is definitely a good topic to blog about.

When people are searching keywords related to this particular topic, they are more likely to come across your website, if it is using these same keywords and main topic. This is a part of SEO (which I will discuss later in the article). Pinterest is a great resource that can help you in deciding what to blog about within your website.


Instagram can also help you figure out what to blog. It is widely known for its “Instagram influencers” , which, just like the name suggests, influence other people on the app. Influencers post just-in fashion, food preferences, and more.

Let’s say you are a woman’s retailing business. You can see what the latest fashion trends are, and the clothing celebrities are wearing that is setting the tone for the fashion industry. This will not only help you decide what to blog about, but it can also determine what kind of clothes you should be selling to stay competitive with other retailers. If the color mint green is becoming popular again, you can write a blog on this new color everyone is wearing in 2020.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is also widely known for its use of influencers. Influencers post about anything and everything on the app. Something as simple as a new makeup line is a great topic to blog about. Make your blog readable and help increase sales with the product you are describing.

For example, two famous sisters on the app, Charli and Dixie D’amelio, collaborated with popular makeup brand Morphe to launch their own line. This makeup line was launched in Ulta stores nationwide. Therefore, this would be a great opportunity for Ulta to blog about. Again, it is not only a great or trending topic that would achieve some great exposure, but it would also increase revenue for the company.

what to blog about


SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the ability of companies to increase their quantity and quality of website traffic through organic search engine results. Quality of traffic refers to how and why customers get to your website. You want customers to get there based on the products they are looking for and want them to align with what you offer. Once you find the right customers, you want as many of these to come to your website as possible.

Organic search engine results are results that show up without being paid for (not ads). Companies can pay search engines money to make their result the first one that shows up. SEO directly relates to blogging because it helps increase what is referred to as your Google ranking. The higher your ranking is, the higher your website will show up when similar keywords to your website are being searched.

Search engine optimization is important for your company because organic search results receive more clicks than paid advertisements do, so you are essentially earning more traffic and spending less money. Search engine optimization also creates a sense of unity. Customers are able to identify your brand with keywords they searched. 

what to blog about

Optimize your Blog Posts with Search Engine Optimization

Being able to optimize your blog posts to make them search engine-friendly is imperative. There is so much marketing potential that can be capitalized through blogging that many people do not realize. 


Identify keywords that are valuable and relate to your topic. The placement of these keywords matter, so you use them regularly and distribute them throughout your post. The best places to include your keywords are title, heading, subheadings, introductory sentences, concluding paragraph, etc.

Utilize Links 

When describing a topic, identify a credible website that further discusses your point. The website might also add a link directly back to your website as courtesy. This way, readers are more likely to also visit your website from the other website and vice versa. 

Advertise via Social Media

Most businesses are already active on social media platforms. Social media is a great medium to advertise your blog posts as it will often result in an increase in traffic volume to your website. Additionally, social media can help identify new customers who have never heard of your brand before their friend shared it with them. 

what to blog about


Before you start a blog, you need to do research. Discover what is new in the world and what kinds of things people are interested in. Given that it is the holiday season, people are doing a lot of baking (especially considering the pandemic). This might be a great opportunity to determine what kinds of goods people are wanting to bake. Again, use your social media platforms to get an idea as to what is trending. Are Santa-shaped cookies popular right now? If so, you have your next topic.

You also want to make sure your content aligns with the products or services your company offers. If you own a dentist’s office, modify the cookie recipe to one that contains less sugar and is “dentist approved.” You can still find a way to write about any subject as long as you taper it to the needs and concerns of your clients or customers. Knowing what to start a blog about is the trickiest part. After you get started, the rest should come natural.

Blogging and Your Company

Blogging is an essential part of every business. It helps enhance your website and your digital presence. For all of your blogging needs contact SEO Design Chicago today to meet with a team of experts who can help take your blogging from good to great!

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