What a Google Ads Management Service Does

Since 2013, we’ve been a third-party search marketing agency for dozens of companies. We are experts in Google Ads management. These services include extensive research, keyword analysis, ad creation, monitoring, and continuous optimization of your ads so that they perform better according to your goals. In fact, one of our clients saw a 378% increase in organic search results and a 231% increase in online ads after we took over their Google Ad accounts. 

We can do the same things for you– increasing conversions while making sure you’re not wasting time or money on Google ads that don’t work. To get more familiar with what a Google Ads management service does, keep reading. 

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What Sets SEO Design Chicago Above the Others?

At SEO Design Chicago, we manage your Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) account. This starts by researching keywords that currently drive users to your site. Then we research what your competitors are doing in terms of keywords to get traffic to their site. Finally, we create ads, with a team of content producers, so that your ads perform better than your competitors.   

Google Ads are a must for any business, but they can be a waste of money if you don’t know how to create them effectively. By investing in Google Ads, you can help eager people find your site, even if they wouldn’t necessarily find it through traditional (organic) search engine optimization techniques. 

Staying on top of changes to Google Ads is a full-time job. Unless you want it to be your full-time job in addition to what you already do, you should turn the task over to a third-party vendor. And we’re vendors with a proven track record of success. Here is an insight into our process.

Keyword Research and Competitor Ads Analysis

Finding the right keywords to bid on is the foundation of Google Ads management success.  Some keywords cost a lot of money, so we ask you ahead of time what you’re willing to pay. We’ll research keywords and the competition to create a Google Ads campaign that achieves whatever goals you have – increased web traffic, more sales, more leads, or whatever you want. 

Campaign Creation and Ad Copy Creation

Next, we’ll set up your Ads campaign, create ad copy, and set up the proper settings. Google Ads has a lot of layers, so if you want to make sure your ads are working, you need to know a lot about the options. This includes what you want to pay for – like impressions or clicks. You have to learn how to set geographic locations and if you want your ad to appear on Google partner sites. Unless you want to learn all of this on your own, we’ll be saving you time and money. 

Monthly Reports and Meetings to Discuss Results

Finally, each month, we’ll provide you with a data-driven report of what was done with your ads. We’ll talk to you about if you want to change goals and ads for the coming month. 

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Check Out Our Google Ads Management Case Studies and Client Examples

Over the last decade, we’ve managed hundreds of paid search campaigns that have led to proven results for clients in a wide variety of industries. These are a few we’re particularly proud of.

Cabinet Company 

There are tons of cabinet companies out there, so competition on bidding for words in Google Ads is fierce. This client needed a way to have great Google Ads without blowing their advertising budget. We provided this client with a Google Ads campaign that was tailored to potential customers during prime deck season. Within three months, they saw a 315% increase in traffic from digital ads.

Real Estate Company

A Chicago real estate company that has high-end rentals had a lot of units to fill during the pandemic, a time when most people didn’t want to move or have a lot of money to spare. So, they had to make sure their ads were reaching the right group of people. We were able to target audiences who were in the right location and price range of this client’s property, maximizing interest and effect. Within three months, they saw a 214% increase in online leads

ATM Company

A national ATM installer and distributor had been using paid search with poor results in the past. We revamped their Google Ads campaign, using new keywords and ad copy. They had a 145% increase in phone inquiries year over year. 

What Should Google Ad Management Services Do?

Although we’d like you to, you don’t have to choose us as your third-party Google Ad service management provider. If you plan on going somewhere else, make sure that the company you choose provides the following services 

Paid Campaign Analysis and Ongoing Reaction to Findings

We analyze historical data from Google Analytics to find what ads typically perform well. We will then change bidding amounts, keyword focus, ad text, and platforms to address the place where you’re not seeing ROI. Our goal is to drive as many leads and sales as possible per ad dollar spent.

Conversion Tracking and ROI Analysis

Reports from your Google Ads management service should show which keywords are creating leads, content interaction, website visits, or sales and which are not. When ads aren’t translating into conversions, they should change things up. 

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Search Network Advertising

Your ads can appear just on Google, or on Google Ad Partners. Ad partners cost extra and even though it’s not much, why spend a dime if it’s not worth it? The company you hire should monitor your search network advertising progress to make sure your ads are appearing in the right places. 

Ad A/B Testing

How many different ways are there to say “We sell the best shoes at the best prices.” A lot. Seriously. The service you use should test users on multiple ad variations to see what gets the best click-through and conversion rates. 

Monthly Maintenance

All aspects of your account – which can include other things like SEO optimization, social media management, and migrations – will be reviewed each month to determine what areas can be improved and ensure the campaign is running smoothly. 

How Do Google Ads Work?

Google is the number one search engine people go to when looking for information. There’s a series of steps you should take to make sure your business shows up, including listing your business in Google’s Business Console. But you also should invest in Google Ads. When people need something, they don’t turn on their TV to watch commercials to see what to buy. They go to Google. With the right Google Ad strategy, people will see your ads first and make their way to your website. 

We use Google Ads to reach your customers at the right time – exactly when they search for what they need. Using the various keyword research tools and tactics within Google Ads, we can attract visitors who don’t know you and remind past site visitors of what you do and sell.

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How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Google Ads are usually based on a cost-per-click model, meaning you pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads. Each keyword in an ad has a different cost-per-click price, depending on how popular that keyword is and what other websites are willing to spend. Google Ads runs off of a bidding model, kind of like an auction. It means if you’re willing to pay more than someone else, your ad will usually be above theirs. Because of this, the keywords that are most popular or work best for businesses to get sales cost the most. Expensive keywords related to law and real estate are the most costly. 

The best part of Google Ads, compared to TV or radio ads, is that what you spend is completely up to you. And you only pay per click. So essentially, you’re setting the price on your ad campaign, instead of a company telling you what you absolutely must pay to appear on their platform. 

Save Money With an Effective Ads Campaign Manager like SEO Design Chicago

Poorly planned and executed Google Ad campaigns are extremely common. They often occur when businesses feel they can handle Google Ads on their own. They often end up spending more than they should to achieve their goals. Some of the main reasons for unnecessarily expensive ad campaigns include:

  • Bidding on the wrong keywords that people don’t actually use when searching
  • Sending visitors to landing pages on your website that aren’t related to the content in the ad
  • Displaying ads at the wrong time of day
  • Only using text ads and not Google Shopping – images are more powerful
  • Inexperience when it comes to adjusting your ad campaign after analyzing Google Analytics data related to your ad

Usually, SEO Design Chicago is able to at least double leads or sales when we take over a Google Ads campaign, You usually won’t be spending more money, meaning that what you spend in wasted Google Ad dollars will likely cover what you pay us. At SEO Design Chicago, we’ll take you through a Google Ads audit that will show you the areas in which your campaign is not working. Reach out to us to chat about how to get started.


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