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Online Restaurant Ordering Software

Online Ordering for Restaurants Software

Since March 2020 and the coronavirus outbreak, the restaurant industry has been transformed into one where food takeout, curbside pickup and restaurant delivery options are vital.

Some restaurants may decide to use services like Grubhub, Doordash and Caviar for takeout and delivery. For businesses that have a strong client base such as smaller restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries or confectionaries, they may need to build or update their websites to enable service like curbside pickup, to go orders or deliveries.

SEO Design Chicago is here to immediately assist you in building out a payment system that works specifically for your business.

Small Business Software Solutions

Small businesses are demanding features that they did not need as much in the past.

  • Ability to sell items for Curbside Pickup

  • Integration to different payment platforms through existing websites

  • Delivery and pickup platforms other than Grubhub or similar food delivery services

We are offering low cost solutions to help your small business continue to make money during these times. We have a whole staff of developers and work with all sorts of websites. We can help you build or update your existing site to make it easier for customers to order takeout from you.

We can either create new pages with enhanced functionality and payment options, or update your existing site to offer all of your menu or specific  items for takeout, delivery or curbside pickup.

We can also integrate credit card payments with PayPal Here, apple-pay, and payment solutions like Stripe or Square for your website that will allow you to receive payment for items you sell no matter how they are being sold, delivered or pick-up. This functionality can be incorporated into your existing website or can be created for a brand new site. 

Restaurant Online Ordering

Demand is increasing for restaurant delivery, food and coffee takeout, and curbside pickup. However, not all establishments are currently prepared to take advantage of this influx of opportunity. Smaller restaurants that may have relied solely on dine in eating will have to become more creative in their business model during the foreseeable future. These small businesses are what make the industry thrive and their customers need for them to adapt. 

For example, a favorite local coffee shop is a great dine-in establishment. They are obviously not doing well with the closures of restaurants and cafes in the area. They needed a different model for curbside pickups like a Starbucks. 

Coffee Shop Online Ordering

We are able to update your website quickly and inexpensively to add an online ordering and takeout section. Customers can quickly and easily click a few buttons on their phone and have their latte paid for and ready to be picked up quickly. It is these sorts of adaptations that will need to happen for many small businesses to remain afloat.

Local Restaurant SEO

Local SEO for Restaurants

In order to be successful it will be extremely important to be found easily by your new customers. This means that you will need to be found in local directories. Your presence on Google also needs to be perfect. This would include your address, contact information, hours of service, and so forth.
Most importantly will be the need to be found in local searches. One of the most common search terms for food ordering is “takeout near me”. You need your neighbors to know about your business and to come to you. As long as you are providing a good product with good service, there is no reason to lose any profit to another restaurant. 

Local Restaurant SEO

Coffee Shops Ordering

People continue to enjoy drinking their daily coffee. In fact, over 65% of people have coffee daily. Many local cafes and coffee shops are going to face closures in the near future unless they are able to adapt to the changes that have been taking place. Large coffee chains like Starbucks already have a takeout ordering feature on their website and mobile app. Smaller independent cafes will need to follow suit and SEO Design Chicago can help with that. Our developers can add a credit card or a PayPal payment processing system for your coffee shop or cafe.

Bakery Ordering

Online Bakery Ordering

Bakeries have and will continue to play a critical and vital role in our communities. They are as well going to need to find an avenue for maintaining customers during the coronavirus pandemic. People have and will continue to rely on their services for cakes on a daily basis for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations; not to mention everyday breads. As long as bakeries are able to adjust their websites and update their payment methods, they will be able to remain viable and profitable. 

Small Restaurant Ordering

Small restaurants are in a tough position with the ban on dine-in eating. Many restaurants have relied upon delivery services for their revenue stream. However, several restaurants do not associate with the large delivery corporations for a myriad of reasons. Having an attractive restaurant menu is important to your success. 
However, with a few slight changes to your website, you could be taking online takeout orders and payments right away. This would allow your business to continue to compete and provide revenue.

Candy Shop/Confectionary Ordering

Confectionery and Candy Shops will continue to serve a need within the community. As people are desiring rich flavors, they will turn to these candy and sweet shops. Having a website that not only displays all of the products will be vitally important, but having a payment processing section to allow people to purchase and takeout their items will be tantamount to success as well. 

Candy Store Online Ordering

WordPress Restaurant Website Updates

SEO Design Chicago has years of experience working with WordPress websites. We can quickly and efficiently update or create a new WordPress website to include takeout ordering and credit card/PayPal processing. Most restaurant websites can easily be adapted in a short period of time to add these features. 

Shopify Restaurant Website Updates

Shopify restaurant websites are great for adding or adjusting any food takeout pages. SEO Design Chicago has created and updated countless Shopify websites and we can easily do the same for yours. We want you to be able to offer all of your products to your customers and let them continue to buy from you.

Website updates

Weebly Restaurant Website Updates

Weebly is a common restaurant platform that has some great themes available for restaurants. It may lack some natural integration for your menus and online ordering. That is where SEO Design Chicago can help you. We can create the pages you need to allow for your customers to be able to not only order from you, but also make a payment all in one transaction. 

Wix Restaurant Website Updates

Wix websites can be great to display your food items and describe your restaurant. They offer many different templates that allow for some great presentations. Wix also lets your restaurant receive orders from individuals and allows them to pay on your site. Let SEO Design Chicago help to create or update your online ordering platform in order to increase your business. 

GoDaddy Restaurant Website Updates

GoDaddy Website Update

The GoDaddy platform has restaurant designs that allow for some great restaurant features. Some of the templates have the ability to showcase your menus. However, online ordering and payment processing is not always so easy. In order to remain competitive in this current environment, a quality website improvement may likely be needed. Reach out and have your current site updated so that you can sell your delicious food to anyone that stops by your website. 

SquareSpace Restaurant Website Updates

Squarespace Website Ordering

Squarespace can be used to create a fantastic display of your food items. IT will look great and is easily customizable. However, it doesn’t normally have a native section for food takeout. It can integrate with delivery companies. However, small restaurants looking to create their own takeout section will need some assistance. 

Online Ordering Software 

Don’t let the coronavirus stop your business. Let SEO Design Chicago help your website with takeout orders. Our developers are skilled using any number of platforms and we can help you create a great updated website that will allow your new and existing customers to order takeout from your restaurant. We have prioritized our development team to help our small restaurant customers first. Reach out today and we will help your restaurant to have your new and existing customers ordering from you!

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