How Do Blogs Help With Construction SEO

Are you the owner of a construction company? Are you looking to boost your business? Well, look no further. In this article, we will discuss how construction companies get more clients by blogging!

Blogging is an excellent way to employ the use of search engine optimization or SEO. SEO uses keywords to group together search results on the web. When a user searches for something with the same keywords that you include in your content, your page shows up higher in their search results. 

Keep reading if you want to learn more about how blogging could help improve your construction company’s reach and profits.

blogging for construction companies

Construction Keywords

Construction companies can benefit greatly from blogging, and this starts with the use of keywords. Since SEO is based on the use of keywords, it is essential to employ specific construction keywords in all of your postings online, but especially in blogs. 

Keywords can include many topics related to construction, not just construction itself. For instance, the keywords “construction” or “building” can be employed to market your services in a blog. Not only this, but words and phrases related to the nature of the job itself will also help in marketing your construction company. Words and phrases like “construction jobs,” or “construction worker” will not only help market your services but also help you find employees. 

Construction is an in-person business, so it is also important to focus on local SEO in the use of your keywords. Phrases like “near me” and “in my area” can be tacked onto construction keywords to optimize the search results of people who are looking for construction services. Not only this but using these types of keywords can appeal to people in your area looking for construction jobs. 

It is essential to combine keywords about construction work with location-specific keywords. For example, construction workers in San Francisco will want to use keywords like “San Francisco” or “the Bay Area” in combination with construction keywords in order to appear locally in search results. 

Blogging for Construction Companies

Blogs provide the perfect opportunity to utilize keywords. A blog post is a form of writing, so you can seamlessly incorporate your keywords into any blog post. In fact, construction blogs don’t have to be about one specific topic. Instead, they can be about anything at all related to construction, even if it doesn’t seem like it is relevant. This means that you can write a wide array of content, and you should! A diverse selection of blog posts is a great boost for your brand and provides extra opportunities for SEO to increase traffic to your website and posts. You can write blog posts about how construction work happens, the construction job scene, political issues that affect construction work, and the list goes on. 

A blog will help with brand awareness, too. By blogging, you gain attention, and this attention means that more people will be exploring your content. If you create a wide array of content, people will read it and become more familiar with you are your brand. In this way, people begin to look to you for their local construction needs. 

Since construction work is in-person, local SEO in particular is important for construction companies. Local SEO is the use of SEO to generate traffic to an in-person business, or one centered around a specific location. 

construction marketing

Construction Marketing

Marketing for construction companies builds on what blogs already do; it grows the attention that your construction company receives, and in turn, it boosts traffic to your company. 

Construction marketing is similar to many other industries. Construction companies can take out advertisements online and in-person, the latter of which may be found on billboards, newspapers, magazines, placemats, buses, and more. This type of in-person advertising is important for construction workers because they need real-life clients. 

Marketing for construction companies should be targeted. Most people don’t need the services of a construction company, at least not for big projects. Because of this, construction company owners will want to find their specific demographic to market to. Good clients to consider could be big local corporations or chains, large buildings that need repair, or expansions.

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Social Media for Construction Companies

Social media is an excellent way for construction companies to market their services. Construction companies can certainly get more clients by blogging, and social media is an extension of this. Much of the format of social media is similar to blog posts. For example, on Instagram and Twitter, people can often be found writing captions to their posts, which act as short-form blog posts. These posts provide the same opportunity to use keywords, which are often put as hashtags, which is at the heart of SEO. 

What Platforms to Use

There are tons of social media platforms that construction companies should consider using. Instagram has the highest engagement out of all social media apps, so this one is essential to use. Instagram is great because it gives you the opportunity to show your projects in images or videos. 

Much like architecture, a large part of the construction industry is the aesthetic and style the client wants to portray in the structures they create. Clients want to see the work that your company creates. In this way, Instagram is a great host for client testimonials and pictures of previous works you have done. Client testimonials are really important for construction companies because you want someone supporting your business and saying good things about your services! 

There are plenty of other social media sites for construction companies to use. TikTok and YouTube are great for the visual element associated with the industry. In fact, since they use videos, this provides a great opportunity to showcase the work your company has done in a more detailed way. In essence, you can record videos of your work–not just show still pictures!

Facebook and LinkedIn are also great platforms to use because they are great for networking. Networking is important for the construction industry, as this is how your company gets more attention, and eventually, more clients. LinkedIn especially provides the chance for you to share your credentials and professional experience, both of which make you more reputable to future clients.  

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Construction Websites

If you have a blog for your construction company, it should go without saying that you first had a website! It is essential that construction websites be comprehensive. This way, future clients can find all the necessary information they need before employing you. 

A good construction website will have an “about us” page, easy-to-find contact information, location details, and client testimonials. These all build credibility and help construction companies get more clients, much like blogging does. Your website should be attractive, organized, cohesive, and have a logo. Although these details may seem trivial, all of them combined create a strong online presence for your and your company. These tactics will help future clients trust you are your services more. 

Of course, it is essential that your website has a page dedicated to your blog. You should aim to put new content out as much as possible. The more content you create, the more opportunity there is for SEO to be at play!

Construct Your Blog Today!

Blogging is an essential part of construction marketing for many reasons. For instance, writing a blog creates the opportunity to use construction keywords, which in turn help your page show up in more people’s searches online. 

Blogging also creates a sense of responsibility and care for your company. Since writing a blog takes time and effort, people will appreciate the content you put out regarding construction. With more people noticing the extra work you put in, you will soon gain more clients out of respect and appreciation.

Here at SEO Design Chicago, we can help you market your construction services. Using blog writing and SEO along with web design strategies, we can help your company expand its reach online and gain more clients. Check out our website for more details on how we can be of service to you!


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