The Importance of SEO for Contractors

These days, it can be difficult for people to find contractors in their area when they need a hand in their house. Luckily, local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics make it easier for local customers to find your contracting business online. Local SEO for contractors can boost the ranking of your website as well as increase the number of clients that walk through your door.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the solution to outranking your competitors in local search engine results. The higher your contracting business is ranked on local search engine result pages, the more potential clients come to visit your facility. 

Local SEO for contractors uses the same strategies of traditional search engine optimization while also focusing on the geographic location of your target audience. Tactics include using relevant keywords, link building, and creating various profiles.

If your goal as a contractor is to get more people from your area into your store, using local search optimization tactics such as creating a Google My Business profile can be super helpful. 

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Google My Business 

Many potential clients are conducting their research online. Setting up a Google My Business account will help people in your area locate your business when searching for contractors nearby. The process of creating a profile is simple once your contracting business has an established website and a physical address.

To verify your business, Google will mail a postcard with a verification code to your contracting business’s physical address. After receiving the verification code, simply log back into your account and enter the access code. 

Your business will become verified and you can begin to fill out different information. Be sure to include:

  • Your contracting business’s address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Your website’s URL
  • Hours of operation

It is also important to include pictures of the outside of your business and photographs showcasing your different employees. Users enjoy seeing photographs of a business and believe they make the business more credible. 

Users also enjoy reading reviews left on your profile. Having a high number of reviews will rank your contracting business even higher. If any negative reviews are left on your profile, ensure to resolve them professionally. This will give your business more credibility when people are reading your business’s reviews. 

Remember the specific information, words, and photos used on your Google My Business profile. These pieces of information will come in handy when creating other local listings, in order to remain consistent with your brand image.

SEO Keywords for Contractors

Finding the right keywords to use in local SEO for contractors is the key to boosting your website’s ranking. For contractors, keywords help the search engine determine your page’s relevance to the user’s questions. Essentially, keywords form the user’s query they want a search engine to answer.

Choosing the right keyword can depend on what kind of contractor you are. Whether you describe yourself as a general contractor or a carpenter will determine which words to use as keywords. Using the correct descriptions will bring the most customers to your website. Writing these keywords should come naturally, as they are words you most often use to describe your business.

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SEO Criteria

When a user is presented with their search results, the most relevant web pages are presented to them, listed in order of relevancy. The vast majority of search traffic goes to the first page of search results, so being sure that your senior living facility is on the first page is important. 

Search engine optimization techniques are used when you desire your website to be ranked highly on these results. SEO techniques help boost the relevancy and credibility of your website, therefore increasing the ranking of the site on the search result pages.

Most of these strategies focus on the search engine results page (SERPs) where all results from a search are displayed. Different search engine optimization methods depend upon what your contracting business desires. Blog posting, high-quality content, and improving your website’s structure are all different techniques for search engine optimization.


The first step is ensuring your contracting business’s website contains the most simple SEO criteria. One of these criteria is to use specialized keywords and different metadata

To get your site to rank well on a search engine, you must have the correct meta title tags and meta description tags. Meta title tags contribute keywords and are the words that appear to be the title of your website on search engine results. Include the words that will hook your audience into wanting to know more about your business, as well as popular descriptions of your industry.

Meta description tags are just as important. These description tags appear under the meta title tags in the search engine result and provide a brief description of your services. Make sure you include a brief description of your contracting services. Any information a customer would want to know off-the-bat is essential to bringing users to your site.  

Finally, be sure to include a call to action. Enticing users to click on your site by using phrases such as “Call Today For A Contractor Tomorrow” can benefit a contractor’s SEO. 

Website Design

The final search engine optimization tactic is making sure your website is user-friendly, as well as making sure to include page headings within your website. 

Headings such as different service categories, an “About Us,” “Contact Us,” or “Services” are essential to your architecture company’s website. This way, users can easily find the information that brought them to your site in the first place. Making sure important information is clearly written and easily accessible will boost the search engine optimization of your contracting business’s website.

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Keyword Examples

Finding the right keywords for your contracting business may seem overwhelming, but is relatively intuitive. 

Begin by brainstorming different phrases or words people may type into their search bar in order to find your business. What different words would they include to describe the work you do? These words will become your keywords. 

Depending on the different work your contracting business does, will determine the different keywords to include. For example, a roofing contractor will use different keywords than a home remodeling company. Ensure to include the location of your business for local search engine optimization. 

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A culmination of search engine optimization and local SEO tactics will take your contracting business very far. Using keywords and designing your website well will rank your business’s website relatively high on the SERPs. 

However, to receive the most amount of clients it is essential to create professional social media accounts. Many users conduct research on social media platforms and online, so ensure you provide information about your business on both. On social media accounts, be sure to use the same tone of voice and visual aesthetic choices.

Best Contractor Social Media Practices

The easiest social media to set up for a contracting business is a Facebook Meta Business Suite account. This account will allow your contracting business to be able to control both your Facebook and Instagram accounts from one place. Meta Business Suite also allows your business to create advertisement campaigns across both platforms. It also allows for one place to manage all of your incoming direct messages. This will allow your contracting business to be able to respond quickly to potential clients and get your message across as easily as possible.

If there is engagement on your profile from users such as comments or mentions, be sure to respond to these. Users also enjoy feeling connected to different brands through reposting or commenting back. Responding directly to concerns in the comments will give more credibility to your brand.

Users conduct research on social media by typing their business’s name into the search bar. Make sure the results coming up when people search your name are consistent with your brand image. Ensure to monitor any mentions about your brand name or negative reviews frequently, so that issues can be resolved efficiently.  

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SEO Design Chicago Can Help

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